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Pasir Panjang Recreational Park

“This sensuous recreational park is situated within a 13-hectare timberland haven during Kampung Teluk, a coastal encampment in Port Dickson.”

This sensuous recreational park is situated within a 13ha timberland haven during Kampung Teluk, a coastal encampment in Port Dickson. Situated 28km from Port Dickson city and dual mins expostulate from Pasir Panjang, it is simply permitted from a Seremban-Port Dickson Highway or Pedas-Linggi fee piazza of a scenic North-South Highway.

With amenitiesĀ like parking areas, huts, toilets, walking lane and children’s playground, a recreational park is a favourite family tour spot. It is also obvious earthy training locus as a timberland houses dual OBS-type earthy plea camps, one managed by PDS CampĀ and Resort while a other by a National Youth Leadership Institute (IKBN). These camps are good versed with variuos comforts for earthy training including an barrier course, certainty test, height for abseiling, apparatus for kayaking and boating as good as an administration building and hostels. Thus, it is a renouned training locus for corporate companies, supervision agencies and students from schools and aloft training institutions.

The form of trees and shrubs covering a hills and valleys with roots, branches and depressed leaves carpeting a timberland building creates this timberland a haunt fo inlet lovers. With it’s contentment of flora and fauna, it is no consternation that many normal medicine practitioners can be speckled scouring a woods for medicinal spices and plants.

Trekking by this pleasing forest, we might come accross an aged tomb during a rise of Bukit Kurau. There is also a brook where we will find many shrimp-netters casting their nets that doubles adult as an area is filled with villagers looking for kupang (a kind of cockle, tasty when baked sweet-sour). At high tide, a pleasing perspective of several offshore floating decks can be seen from a forest. These decks, commissioned with wooden stools, are a favourite among anglers.

Nearby this recreational park, we will find food stalls handling late into a night. Located amidst a fishing village, this stalls offer tasty appetizing dishes (grilled or otherwise) of fish, shrimps, crabs and squids uninformed from a sea.

Last noticed – Oct 17, 2011

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