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Stories From The Hills [SFTH]

November 23, 2011 during 2:25 pm

The biggest value that travellers lift home from their journeys are not outlandish equipment and artifacts from lost lands, nor are they changed metals and gems from a 4 corners of a world. No, a many valued value a traveller accumulates are a stories of a places he has been and of a people he has met. The many famous traveller of them all, a mythological Marco Polo, knew a law of this, and compartment this day, he is remembered since he knew how to tell a good story.

The perspective of a Titiwangsa Mountain Range from Casa Brina, Pahang

And so, in a suggestion of Marco Polo, we now share with you, a readers, some of a stories we came opposite during a Kembara Cuti-Cuti 1Malaysia Pahang 2011.

Chapter 1: “I never looked behind ever since”
The story of Mr. Francis, a best debate beam in Malaysia and how he started on this extraordinary journey

Chapter 2: “A tour of adore behind to nature”
The story of how a lady saved a stream and incited it into a small square of paradise

More chapters will be combined in a arriving days, so stay tuned.

Check out a vehement photos we took of a outing during a facebook page here


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