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New Year Resolutions Part 2

December 31, 2011 during 4:00 pm

It is a final day of 2011! If we have no plans, make your approach to ENCORP Strand! As settled in yesterday’s post, a organisation acted a array of questions associated to New Year, generally a ever famous New Year Resolutions, to Julie Woon and Megan Tan, a dual poetic emcees for Mystical Eve 2011. They went out and sought some answers from your normal Malaysians. The following is a final 5 questions we acted and a particular answers by a interviewees.

Adam Zain was kind adequate to tell us what he thinks about New Year resolutions


JF: Judith Flora, Orchan
DL: Dennis Lau
R: Roshan
AO: Andy Ong
SY: Su Yi
AZ: Adam Zain
JA: Jern Ai
BL: Barbara Lam
SC: Su Ci
LT: Lyn Tan

Jern Ai

What are your New Year’s resolutions for 2012?
JF: To be means to finish my Masters march and get married.
DL: To be means to comprehend my prolonged time thought of an arriving unison / showcase, to continue creation some-more good music, song videos and movies. But many of all, we would like to urge for universe peace!
R: To be honest… we do not know a concept. WHY should anyone wait compartment finish of a eyar to change their ways? If we do not like something about yourself… afterwards do something about it IMMEDIATELY!
AO: we have not finished any during a moment.
SY: Probably to have a improved government of my financial :p
AZ: we feel like a celebration pooper for observant this though I’ve reached a theatre of not bothering with resolutions. Self-improvement and goals should be set during anytime of a year and during any frequency. Plus we am not intelligent adequate to come adult with strange resolutions.
JA: To be some-more adult for going out with friends during night even if we have to work a subsequent day… and save adult to allow my new apartment!
BL: we will stop replying to humorous jokes that we hear by observant LOL!
SC: Same as each year – to be a stately princess legally! CLEARLY, New Year’s resolutions are meant to be broken. Hahaha…
LT: Work on continual alleviation in all aspects of my life

What is your thought of a ideal New Year’s countdown party?
JF: A celebration that is filled with performances such as singing and dancing to abate adult a fun of a entrance New Year
DL: Bubblebath with Champagne
R: Being means to spend it with my mom and my family members, as it is my mom’s birthday, so we routinely have a celebration for her.
AO: Being with a people we adore and creation good memories!
SY: Spending it with a people that we caring and a association that we enjoy
AZ: Chilled out with a closest people in my life and avoiding a crowds.
JA: To be surrounded with family and friends during a fun nonetheless low-key gathering.. lots of tantalizing food, dancing, song and laughter. Maybe even Twister or Taboo!!
BL: Fireworks, giveaway upsurge and good friends around!
SC: A secret-no-cameras-allowed-type-of-lingerie-party? :p
LT: Being with desired ones. Have unconstrained humorous conversations and do all things fun all night long. No matter where we might be, it’s a association that matters a world.

One of a peaceful interviewees, Barbara Lam

Are New Year’s celebrations too hyped up?

JF: They are, given this is usually finished once in a year.
DL: Yes, indeed we feel that’s a same with birthdays. we am not so hyped adult about it unless we am concerned musically with it.
R: YES… though a shade of a doubt. But we theory for some people it is a vast deal!
AO: Nope. There is a lot of people that wish to simulate and applaud a finish of a year, and it is also a good change representative for those looking during creation changes in their lives.
SY: Yes!!
AZ: Yes they are. It’s a same thing everywhere! we feel a need to accumulate an unnecessarily vast organisation of people into a bar and do a possess countdown an hour before it’s even New Year’s eve only to goblin with other people’s celebration plans.
JA: Depends on where we go to. Sometimes places jack adult a cost of things and tag it “New Year’s eve food/drink/venue decorations” or something like that. But if it is finished right, it can be amazing!
BL: Yes
SC: Not really… it is always good to acquire a code new year with code new hopes and dreams. A New Year always creates me feel like we get a second time around to do things right.
LT: Nope, we meant it is a NEW YEAR. It is another possibility for all of us to get it right. So yeah… hyping it adult is only about as ideal as it can be.

Su Ci

What do we hatred about New Year parties?
JF: When people get dipsomaniac and they can't recognize what is going on and instead means commotions.
DL: Usually, it is a trade after a new year parties that turns me off.
R: The ending… it is unhappy that parties have to come to an end… sigh!!
AO: The throng and a traffic
SY: Crowd control and highway traffic
AZ:It is a route of trade they emanate hours before New Year’s eve. People remove their minds infrequently and only leave their cars wherever they can find a mark only to locate a opening / fireworks.
JA: That my best friends can't share it with me since they are bustling with their possess families. we have nonetheless to have a New Year’s eve celebration that everybody we adore is in a same room.
BL: Traffic jams
The day after. (the disaster to clean, a whole ‘what happened final night?’ greeting when we arise up, a hangover!! yelch!)
LT: Mad trade lockdown. Oh and a vital whirlwind of a disaster that it made. we feel bad for a people who have to purify adult after a parties.

Lyn Tan

What do we adore about New Year parties?
JF: we adore a fireworks that is put on each year.
DL: The wishes blessings that we share and accept from strangers around us.
R: The fact that it is a start to a new year and another 365 days of vital my life to a fullest!!
AO: Just being with a people that we adore and creation good memories
SY: People watching… we like examination how other people dress.
AZ: As prolonged as we are with a right company, New Year eve parties (or any celebration for that matter) is going to be flattering good.
JA: Haha examination aunties and uncles try to slit to BEP’s Boom Boom Pow or Kesha’s Tik Tok (it’s like a sight wreck… so awful though we can't demeanour away!). That and removing all dolled adult to party-hearty! Perfect time to showcase that new dress we have been gripping for such an occasion.
BL: The subsequent day is a open holiday!
SC: Washing divided past years’ regrets and mistakes and relocating brazen with a new wish for change. Maybe for a initial day afterwards we will comprehend it’s any day like always.. hahahah!!
LT: Fireworks! And we adore how on this poignant annual event, everybody would only let their hair down and be joyful. It is like each man’s birthday!

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New Year Resolutions Part 1

December 30, 2011 during 2:00 pm

As we bid goodbye to 2011, a group enlisted a assistance of Julie Woon and Megan Tan, a dual poetic emcees for Mystical Eve 2011, to poise some New Year associated questions, generally about a ever famous New Year Resolutions. They gamely took a plea and asked some standard Malaysians. The following is a initial 5 questions we acted and a particular answers by a interviewees.

Julie Woon with Judith Flora. It’s marriage bells hopefully for Judith subsequent year!

JF: Judith Flora, Orchan
DL: Dennis Lau
R: Roshan
AO: Andy Ong
SY: Su Yi
AZ: Adam Zain
JA: Jern Ai
BL: Barbara Lam
SC: Su Ci
LT: Lyn Tan

Dennis Lau shares his thoughts on New Years. He’ll be behaving during ENCORP Strand this New Year’s Eve

Do we worry to applaud New Year’s eve?

JF: we do as we always give interjection to God for carrying led me by a tour of twelve months where many people are not means to make it.
DL: Actually, we do worry to applaud as we feel it is always good to be means to applaud it with your special someone
R: My silent was innate on a 31st December, so we do have a jubilee for her. But it is customarily a jubilee for tighten friends and relatives.
AO: Yes we do!
SY: Not as gung-ho as we used to be
AZ: Depends on a clarification of celebrating. we unequivocally many cite a some-more insinuate get together of tighten friends during any one of a places to chill and have a good time.
JA: we haven’t distinguished for a past 3 years as we have been in Melbourne. Everyone goes behind to spend time with THEIR families over Christmas and New Years. But if we was behind in KL, yeah… we would totally applaud New Year’s eve!
BL: Yes
SC: Not unequivocally a large grand form of jubilee though something tiny and cosy with people that matter many is enough.
LT: Absofreakin’lutely! Anybody would adore to welcome a new beginning. Fittest time for festal cheer!

Where will we be this New Year’s eve?
JF: This year we will be in Malaysia during The Strand in Kota Damansara to applaud New Year with my friends
DL: we would be behaving during 2 shows; one is in The Strand during Kota Damansara for a New Year’s Eve countdown uncover and afterwards we will rush over to title a White Party NYE uncover @ Cyberview Lodge.
R: we will be during home with my silent and my family members!
AO: Most substantially we will be during a friend’s bar.
SY: No plain skeleton during a moment
AZ: Probably operative with a 8TV Quickie guys.
JA: In Melbourne. Having a super low-key (as in stay home and watch movies) New Year’s eve. Although after responding all these questions, it’s REALLY creation me feel like we Should go out and party!
BL: No genuine skeleton during a moment
SC: Not too certain usually yet. Heard there’s a devise for a secret-no-cameras-allowed-type-of-lingerie-party in a creation though… :p
LT: Hmm.. zero is set in mill usually yet. Probably a get together during a friend’s crib or a pool party.

Radio luminary Roshan posing with Julie

What is your many funniest New Year fortitude and why?
JF: To be means to accommodate my boyfriend’s best and funniest friend. This is given he creates me giggle a lot whenever we discuss with him
DL: That we am means to perform with Michael Jackson in year 2010 though unfortunately he upheld on before a year ended.
R: Wow.. that has to be a one… where we betrothed myself that we would stop swearing! I’m blissful to contend that it lasted usually for 3 hours!
AO: To watch reduction TV. It is humorous given we usually finished adult examination some-more downloaded TV shows!
SY: One year, my friends and we had created down a To-do list that consisted of about 20 and things to accomplish together that year. We usually managed to cranky 2 out. It has been 3 years given and a list is still stranded onto a doorway of my friend’s place
AZ: I’m certain during one indicate we had ‘to urge my memory’. Unfortunately, we forgot to work on it for a year.
JA: we wanted to take some-more videos of life around me! But everybody is camera-shy and accuses me of removing footage for extort or annoying marriage videos. Another one is to be some-more independent. But afterwards a subsequent day, there was this hulk spider in my residence and we was screaming for someone to “GETITGETITGETITGETIT!”. New Year fortitude FAIL.
BL: we will stop replying with K, LOL to my friends’ texts given we do not wish them to respond me with that too. LOL!
SC: To remove weight. we consider it is self exegetic given it is funny. Who am we kidding? we have weighed a same given 10 years ago. Even if it changes, it usually goes up, never down, :p
LT: Spend reduction time on a Internet. It is like a jail though bars and a porn repository fibbing on a floor… such is a internet.

Everyone, it’s Andy!

What is your many terrible New Year’s experience?

JF: Celebrating New Year after a late silent had upheld divided a prior year. We had no celebrations though we were full of sorrows.
DL: Not that we can remember of during a moment
R: To be honest, we can't seem to remember any (thank God!). But we do remember this one time when we suffered from indigestion. It was not that bad though it did put a hindrance to me celebrating New Year’s (for about 15 minutes!)
AO: Getting stranded alone in my automobile after work with a bladder that is about to raze right after a countdown.
SY: Walking from Bukit Bintang to KLCC on a 4-inch stiletto heels. It was fun during a moment, though we could not feel my toes after that.
AZ: we remember wanting to spend my NYE with my best friend. Everything seemed set and good to go. However, my father had other skeleton and insisted that a whole family go behind to my grandparents’ place given apparently my grandparents unequivocally wanted all their grandchildren to applaud with them. we adore my grandparents though they fell defunct by 10pm.
JA: we do not have one really. It is possibly utterly fun and upbeat or super low-key (like not do anything during all). we theory we cite a former.
BL: Getting mislaid in a crowed and being stranded in KL for 2 hours.
SC: None too terrible that it is unforgettable?
LT: There was one year where we fell terribly ill, so we was usually stranded in bed sleeping by a New Year. That was horrific.

Su Yi is such a competition to answer a small questions

Do we have any New Year jubilee rituals?
JF: we don’t though a usually thing that we do is give interjection to God by prayers
DL: Just urge for a improved year and improved health!
R: Nope!
AO: Nothing special besides a common countdown.
SY: Watching a firework displays!
AZ: Not really. But we was always preoccupied by how my Spanish crony used to applaud New Year’s Eve. Custom dictates that during a cadence of midnight, one contingency eat a singular grape each time a carillon strikes, i.e. twelve grapes for a twelve chimes representing midnight. It was a many rare and anti-climactic thing we have ever seen.
JA: If we am behind in Malaysia, my family will always conduct out for a large night with their friends and their families. We will go to a good restaurant, preferably with dancing and live song and PAR-TAY a night away!!
BL: No
SC: Nope. Just try to enter a New Year with a certain opinion for a initial 5 mins to set a ‘pace’ for a year. Hahaha…
LT: Watching fireworks. I’d feel deficient and out of grit if we missed it.

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Tapestry 2011

December 29, 2011 during 1:30 pm

There are many things about a earth and a vital things that never destroy to constraint a seductiveness and attention. One good instance is a mindfulness that many people have per furious animals, in sold a approach they pierce about in a jungle. Many inspirations have been subsequent from that one elementary act, for instance incorporating animal-like movements into dances like a lion dance or a normal Indian folk dance famous as a Peacock dance.

ASWARA students behaving a ‘Datun Julud’. This is a normal dance of a Kenyah clan in Sarawak

The Peacock Dance is a dance that mimics a movements and picture of a peacock

Joget Gamelan Timang Burung dan Ketam Renjong

Tapestry 2011 by a National Academy of Arts, Culture and Heritage (ASWARA) is a array of performances that was shaped with a goal of showcasing Malaysian normal dances to a public. Each opening customarily starts with investigate on a origins of a dance and a uniqueness. As many of these dances were not scrupulously documented in a past, researchers mostly face a lot of problems when it comes to last a tangible stairs and dance movements concerned in any of these normal dances. This year’s opening concentrates on normal dance desirous by animals. Each of these performances shows a creativity of a choreographer and a dance creator, both of that are obliged for formulating such extraordinary dance routines.

The normal dance called ‘Ketam Bawa Anak’ is a repertoire of tarian Terinai

The normal dance famous as ‘Penyu Menangis’ is customarily achieved when a turtles come ashore to lay their eggs

This dance is called Ikan and it is formed on a normal pitch in China, that of that is a fish

The Tapestry 2011… Inspirasi Alam Haiwan was hold during ASWARA’s Panggung Eksperimen from a 22nd compartment 26th November. The opening showcased 14 brief normal dances incorporating animal movements. For example, Datun Ulud is a normal dance of a Kenyah clan in Sarawak, Malaysia. This dance was invented as a pitch of complacency dedicated to a God of Thanksgiving and was once achieved to applaud a warriors’ lapse from hunting. This dance is routinely achieved by women usually and a performers will wear a ‘Kirip’ (a palm emblem done by a feathers of a Hornbill) on their hands when they dance.

The Labi-Labi dance is a Malay folk dance that is renouned in Rompin and Pekan, Pahang

The Ketam Bangkang is an Orang Asli from a encampment of Bakar Batu, Johor Bahru and is desirous by a daily activities of a Orang Asli

The dance famous as ‘Kuda Pasu’ is routinely achieved during weddings and Tamu festival in Kota Belud, Sabah

There was also a Peacock Dance, that is indeed a dance that imitates a movements and actions of a peacock. Dancers wear a dress done out of peacock feathers so that it looks like a peacock’s sight when a dancer expands it and another Chinese dance desirous by a fish’s movements. Other performances embody a Kuda Pasu, that is a dance by a Bajau clan in Kota Belud, Sabah. This dance highlights a tribe’s imagination in horse-riding and is mostly achieved during weddings and Pesta Tamu in Kota Belud.

The categorical purpose of dancing a ‘Tarian Anak Tedung’ was indeed to heal any illnesses relating to poison, generally from lizard bites

This lovable dance famous as ‘Tari Pelanduk’ tells a story of how a kings hunt mousedeers in a jungle

Hanuman Salor is a dance that was combined by dual Zapin dancers who displayed dancing movements desirous by furious monkeys in a area

For some-more cinema of a opposite forms of dances achieved during a event, greatfully record on to a Facebook page during

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Event: Hang Tuah Jaya Municipal Council Flower Festival 2011

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Tourism Malaysia

The White Bat

December 26, 2011 during 12:30 pm

The story of The White Bat is a informed story for many of us. It tells a story of Bella, a restricted housewife who longs for her father Jonathan’s attention. Being an desirous person, Jonathan becomes so spooky with his work that he does not realize that he is neglecting his mother in a process. And afterwards there is a Bat – a illustration of a dark inlet that moves in a folds of a shadows, appearing usually in a night.

The Bat is hostile of Jonathan, carrying depressed for Bella and vies for her love. He appears in a night and takes Bella to a pub, where she finds herself being remade into a chairman that she unequivocally is – a pleasing and charming lady. Jonathan shortly realises that carrying someone does not automatically meant that he owns her adore as good and struggles to retrieve Bella’s love. Will Bella still wish to lapse to Jonathan, now that she has found herself, stays to be seen.

The White Bat

This pleasing adore story to be achieved in a ballet is a prolongation of Danceworks Production in partnership with Ena Ballet Studio Company and Istana Budaya. This opening is choreographed by Jie Choong Wan Chin and will be staged during a Istana Budaya on a 7th and 8th Jan 2012 during 8.30 pm. The choreography is formed on a song of Johann Strauss’ show ‘Die Fledermaus‘ and will see a opening 13 artistes from a UK, Australia and Japan together with 15 internal award-winning artistes.

Tickets are labelled during RM 50, RM 100, RM 140, RM 180 and RM 220 and all deduction will advantage a following charities – Hospis Malaysia, Kiwanis Down Syndrome Foundation, Lions Lyfe-Line Leukaemia Fund, SPCA Selangor, Yayasan Sin Chew, Living HOPE Malaysia and Persatuan SLE Malaysia. Tickets can be purchased around online during or by walking in to a participating outlets. For some-more information, greatfully record on to a website here. A list of participating outlets can be found here.

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