Mystical Eve Interview: Joe Flizzow

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December 24, 2011 during 5:30 pm

The organisation sat down with Joe Flizzow, Malaysian swat artist and before partial of Too Phat recently during a Mystical Eve Countdown Party press conference. He was diversion adequate to share with us his thoughts about New Years. How does it feel to be invited to perform during a Mystical Eve Countdown Party during Encorp Strand?
Joe: we feel blessed… and unequivocally vehement given we feel that there is something special about The Strand. The place looks like it’s built for village formed and family oriented outings, so we wish that we can yield arrange of jubilee for those who are coming. It feels good to be behaving on theatre with Mizz Nina and Pop Shuvit.

Joe Flizzow before of Too Phat competence not trust in resolutions, though he loves to jubilee on New Years! Do we customarily do countdown parties?
Joe: we have been doing New Year’s eve parties for a past 15 years, so we consider I’m flattering gifted in that sense. What are your New Year’s resolutions? Or do we not trust in it?
Joe: Yeah, we do not trust in New Year’s resolutions actually. For me, we feel that we do not have to wait for new year to start something. It could be Mar and if we feel like we wish to collect adult a new sport, we do not have to wait until New Year’s to do it. Though we do not trust in resolutions per se, we do trust in a symbolism of a new year, like a imprinting of a new beginning. It is like we are gripping time, though during a same time we wish to constantly do improved than what we did final year. That for me is what New Year’s is all about. If we pronounce about New Year’s resolutions, that will always be my fortitude each year – that is to do improved than before and do large things in a entrance years. That sounds unequivocally good. So do we have any skeleton in store for a entrance year? Professionally, that is.
Joe:: Oh, we got a lot of large plans. we only expelled a new singular with another singer, Rosa. That strain is climbing adult a charts in Indonesia, so we theory we will be going behind there a lot. Will Malaysian fans get to hear it here?
Joe: It will be expelled here soon. we consider it’s already online, so we guys can check it out there. It is called ‘One Night Lover’, Rosa featuring Joe Flizzow. Indonesia is a large marketplace that we are looking during to dig actually. We have had some success with Indonesia with Too Phat before this, so that is a good thing. Do we cite to perform in English or Bahasa Malaysia?Or we are gentle with a mix?
Joe: Actually English is my initial denunciation for me as we grew adult abroad. My family speaks English during home. we am also equally gentle vocalization in Bahasa Malaysia. In fact, my whole subsequent manuscript is indeed in Bahasa Malaysia and a manuscript is called ‘Untukmu’. You will be astounded given many people know Joe Flizzow as an artist who started out with Too Phat and sang a lot of English songs. Since we pronounced we grew adult abroad, how was New Year’s jubilee for we when we were younger?
Joe: Ah, we was too immature to remember most when we lived in England. Actually, as a kid, New Year’s do not unequivocally register most given as a kid, we tend to get vehement over Christmas. Christmas was good given my father used to put adult a trees and a presents when we was sleeping, so by a time we arise adult in a morning it will all be there. When we are a child and when we are still personification with a toys we got for Christmas, New Year’s seems like another typical day. What about New Year’s jubilee during your teenage years or during college years?
Joe: When we are in college, we get accede to do things that college kids get to do. New Year’s is always good given we grew adult in Subang, a place where it felt like it was 1Malaysia even before a 1Malaysia judgment was created. New Year’s was good fun given it was a one time where we get to spend time with your friends. So do we skip that kind of New Year compared with a form of New Year that we are going by now?
Joe: There have been a lot of New Years that we have to missed out given we have been behaving recently, generally when friends go for vacations or travel. we am still in hit with a same friends that we grew adult with given when we was in school. It is not like we have a opposite set of friends now that we am a rapper. we do have some-more friends, though we still have a people that we started out and we am still tighten to a people that were tighten to me 15 years ago. Actually, this kind of loyalty is tough to find. Since we were observant that we have been behaving for a final 15 years, do we remember any noted or superb New Year’s eve performances?
Joe: we won’t contend each year… it’s some-more like on and off… maybe out of 15 years, it was like 8 or 9 years. we remember one opening with Too Phat during Menara Kuala Lumpur. They requisitioned adult a whole place and we had a whole organisation there, a break-dancers and others. That was early 2000… somewhere like 2002… 10 years ago. It was good given that was a initial time that they requisitioned a swat organisation to be a categorical act. Prior to that, we were perplexing to come adult in a subterraneous and infer ourselves. Being invited felt like we were finally removing a recognition. For us, that New Year’s was big.

Want to see Joe Flizzow rapping? Then be during ENCORP Strand this New Year’s Eve! How has this year been for you? Was it good?
Joe: 2011 is a good year. we schooled that infrequently we can't do things alone. As most as we wish to micro-manage things, I’ve learnt to trust my team. I’ve learnt to trust a younger era and to commission a girl given we trust that a girl have got good ideas and can do something. Sometimes they only need a bit of certainty for them to shine. That has been 2011 for me. So it is like we are mellowing, and holding a lot of coach roles…
Joe: we won’t contend mellowing, though yeah.. in a lot of ways. When it comes down to operative as a team, while it is critical to be a good leader, it is also critical that a personality learns to trust a people that is operative underneath him.

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