Fairytales in Music

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January 13, 2012 during 5:15 pm

Music has always played a really large partial in roughly each aspect of a lives. We are constantly surrounded by music, and we have grown so used to it that it has turn second inlet to us. Without music, it is tough to suppose how a lives would be. Imagine a marriage or any arrange of a joyous jubilee though music. While delight and smiling faces will always make these arrange of events memorable, it is a participation of song that completes a whole picture.

Melvin Tix a clownductor will be a guest conductor for ‘Fairytales in Music’, duty during Dewan Filharmonik Petronas this 14th and 15th Jan 2012

What improved approach to make song some-more special than to supplement a component of fun into it? Come 14th and 15th Jan 2012, delight and song are a dual categorical elements that will hail a congregation as they attend a ‘Fairytales of Music’ performance. Melvin Tix, a singular ‘clownductor’ will certainly set one’s imagination on glow with clear low-pitched cinema and keep a audiences tickled with his humorous antics. He initial started out as a musician though after incited to a ‘funny’ side when he got bitten by a sorcery bug. He has been behaving in concerts as Melvin Tix on a full time basement given 1988, personification in some-more than 100 concerts each year.

So do not skip a possibility to locate this one-of-a-kind ‘clownductor’ when he works his sorcery during Dewan Filharmonik Petronas this 14th 15th Jan 2012. Tickets are labelled during RM 20 / RM 40 / RM 60 and RM 80. Performances are scheduled as below:-

14th Jan 2012 during 3.00 pm
15th Jan 2012 during 2.30 pm AND 4.30 pm

Patrons who are attending a duty are compulsory to be in intelligent infrequent dress code. For some-more information, greatfully record on to a website here.

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