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Chulia Street is one of a many renouned places to stay in a city of Georgetown. The ancestral core of Georgetown was listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2008, and Chulia Street is right in a core of it. Many buildings have been preserved, that gives a area a really good vibe. There are utterly a few attractions located within walking distance, from pleasing mansions to swarming Chinese Temples. The Komtar area is usually 10/15 mins away.

There are many really simple guesthouses on Chulia Street, many support to low bill behind packers. There are also utterly a few lush boutique hotels. Chulia Heritage Hotel is neither, and can be placed right in a core of a two. The hotel is purify and flattering many standard. When we enter a hotel we will see a run and some chairs and couches. Left and right we will see a rooms. The is one building with bedrooms above a lobby.

Standard bedrooms enclose a little bathroom, aircon, a little closet, a chair and a prosaic shade television. The lavatory doorway thatch tight, that is a good thing as H2O from a showering can't get into a room (so a room stays dry). The volume of channels on a radio was limited, though many people will substantially have improved things to do when they’re staying in Georgetown. The lavatory was cramped, and we beheld a genuine irritating thing. The showering conduct infrequently leaked water, even after holding a shower. As a showering conduct is located roughly above a toilet seat, it is utterly irritating when we get soppy when regulating a toilet. The room was really tiny, identical to hotels in Singapore.

The hotel is utterly basic, though does what it should; offer guest a good night of nap for an affordable cost per night. We paid USD60 per night (excl. breakfast) during a initial days of Chinese New Year. Regular prices are lower.





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