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Malacca is a fantastic destination in Malaysia to just chill and relax for a few days. The city is well known for its historical center, listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site. Within the historical center travelers have ample choice of basic guesthouses and affordable hotels. Outside the center you will find the more upscale hotels and resorts. To experience Malacca the best way, we always make sure we stay at a guesthouse near Jonker Street (that’s where it is happening, especially during weekends).

Parallel to the popular Jonker Street there is Heeren Street with many guesthouses for travelers with various budgets. Hotel Heeren Inn is a decent guesthouse where you can have a room for less than RM100 per night. Rooms are quite basic, but have all that is needed for a few nights stay in Malacca. The location of the hotel is perfect; you reach Jonker Street after a 2 minute walk. Beds were ok. I was pleased with the fact that the shower door could be shut tight, so no moist could enter the room (which is usually my nr1 annoyance at cheap accommodation). I had read something about bed bugs but there weren’t any during our stay (that review was written in 2008!).

We had a room at the back of the hotel. The downside of our room was that it was located next to a bar/restaurant that played music until late in the evening (and started again early in morning as the place also offered a morning breakfast). We weren’t too annoyed by it as we always bring along ear plugs. The music wasn’t really loud or annoying for us, but others may feel different.

If you are traveling on a budget, then Heeren Inn might be the right hotel for you. We tried it to experience yet another different hotel in Malacca. Before we stayed in Heeren House (great!), Da Som Inn (basic but great too) and Puri Melaka Hotel (the best so far!).





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