How to negotiate Malaysia’s Kuala Lumpur International Airport

October 30, 2012 0 By melakatour

How to negotiate Malaysia’s Kuala Lumpur International Airport

One of a many famous airports in Southeast Asia is Kuala Lumpur International Airport “KLIA” and we always suffer my flights to and from here as a airfield always seems quite good organised.

Fortunately, all a signs are in English and really clear. we have flown in and out some-more than a dozen times and usually got somewhat mislaid on my initial visit, which, to be fair, was after a prolonged flight.

When we arrive, a immigration queues can primarily seem dauntingly long, yet there’s potency in a approach nearing passengers are handled.

The queues quick sequence into those holding internal passports and those travelling internationally and if we need a visa your tour by pass control is indeed quicker than during many other airports, as a mechanism complement already has your sum and a discerning appropriate of your pass generates a cheery, “Welcome to Malaysia!” Other general airports could learn from this.

KLIA is located about 50 kilometres south of Kuala Lumpur. Make no mistake, though, it’s a vast airport! To give we an thought of a scale do note it’s 10 times incomparable than Narita airport, Tokyo and has some rather poetic and singular design – that we now know was desirous by both a mystic Islamic tradition and a abstract, some-more modern, Malaysian architecture.

KLIA Ticket Counter. Pic: Tourism Malaysia.

KLIA Ticket Counter. Pic: Tourism Malaysia.

It is not usually an critical airfield for a 35 million passengers any year, yet it also handles 1.2 millions tons of load creation it a 14th busiest airfield in a world, a 4th largest in Asia by newcomer trade and a 29th by load traffic.

The airport, fortunately, never feels swarming since a perfect distance provides adequate room for everybody to feel as yet they have adequate personal space – we think even a seats in a coffee shops are serve detached than in Western airports!


The categorical depot was designed to concede as many healthy light in as probable (why can’t other airports do that!) that gives a brighter feel with singular synthetic lighting. The roof is value a demeanour adult to as well, incidentally, as it comforts vast “cut-outs” of glass, in sequence to concede healthy light to filter in.

The categorical depot has 3 vast buildings: a Satellite building (international), a categorical depot building and a hit post (domestic and regional). Malaysia Airlines operates from both terminals while bill carriers like Tiger Airways, AirAsia and Cebu Pacific work from LCCT.

There are copiousness of shops (coffee is everywhere and costs around £3 / US$5) and there is all from snacks by to full dishes in a depart areas. There are also machines dispensing snacks and prohibited and cold drinks. Many people come from a circuitously low cost conduit depot (LCCT) to KLIA for food and other services if they have adequate time between flights.


Level 2, night. Pic: Tourism Malaysia.

Level 2, night. Pic: Tourism Malaysia.


You will find several selling areas during KLIA. There are 242 sell shops and 88 food and libation outlets and that series is approaching to boost in a subsequent twelve months. Do demeanour out for any final notation selling or gifts, as prices, while fundamentally aloft than in a cities are not as high as during many other airports, generally for locally done articles.


Level 2, day. Pic: Tourism Malaysia.

Level 2, day. Pic: Tourism Malaysia.


Ground Transportation

KLIA’s categorical depot is good connected with a satellites and terminals by a complicated and nominal Aerotrain (known as an programmed people mover). It transports 3,000 passengers per hour during speeds adult to 35 mph – not bad. The tour takes reduction than dual mins and 3 trains run any 5 mins in any direction.

KLIA is good connected by train, sight and taxi, and joining services with LCCT. KLIA Transit or KLIA Express sight services work between a city and a airport. The outing takes 28 mins while a buses (an hour) are some-more careful yet also clean, gentle and have copiousness of luggage space. Those going to Klang Valley can select a cab or a limo from a Airport Limo service, usually note that between midnight and 5 am a surcharge is applied.

Customers Reviews

KLIA passengers that left reviews on TripAdvisor announced themselves intensely happy and rated a trickery with 5 stars. Here’s what they said:

“Fantastic lavatory facilities, vast food areas, tasty food and really quick WIFI. Couldn’t have asked for more.”

“I had a really good knowledge staying during this airport. On tip of all, we spent usually $16 on bus, convey and food over a 12-hours period.”

I determine with them! Airports are mostly a many formidable partial of a journey, yet we get a feeling a Malaysians are perplexing to make their airfield as gentle and as easy to navigate as possible. It’s a good introduction to Malaysia.

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