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Puzzle Cuisine @ Low Yat Plaza

October 30, 2012 during 5:48 pm

Located conveniently during a 4th building of Plaza Low Yat, Puzzle Cuisine is one of those places that epitomizes a advantages of complicated living. It’s casual, artless nonetheless chic, has a far-reaching accumulation but being overwhelming, and best of all, affordable while charity good value for money. It is a place where brew and relating is encouraged, where we can only lay down and have accurately what we want, however we wish it, whenever we wish it.

The many facades of Puzzle Cuisine

A garland of us were invited to hang out during Puzzle Cuisine recently as partial of a infrequent tea time knowledge pleasantness of Moola, a initial ever homegrown Cash-Back Lifestyle programme by ICT Utopia. Tea time during Puzzle Cuisine is filled with lots of Malaysian favorites, good desserts, and some of a some-more juicy and engaging drinks I’ve ever had a event to confront in new times! I’m certain that Emily Tang from Sunrise Emily blog would determine with me, she was all smiles via a whole time. You can review about her fun time during Puzzle Cuisine during her blog, she wrote all about it!

Emily Tang from Sunrise Emily Blog smiling as she hangs out during Puzzle Cuisine

After selecting a drinks, we savored some of Puzzle Cuisine’s offerings. We began with some Malaysian favorites – nasi lemak ayam, curry puffs, soothing buns and thick toast. The nasi lemak ayam, or duck nasi lemak is a throng favorite according to Mr. Samy, a administrator and cook of Puzzle Cuisine. The rice was nice, a sambal tasty, and a duck – tasted like chicken! All in all, it was good robust fare.

The accumulation of food and snacks during Puzzle Cuisine: Donuts, Nasi Lemak Ayam, Soft Bun – Strawberry Puree, Curry Puffs

The curry puffs were a acquire sight, and we tucked in but delay. They contained a common stuffing of curried potatoes and duck bits, and were glorious as an opener. Then it was time for a Soft Bun with Strawberry Puree – a inexhaustible bun, soothing and fluffy, with a poetic pat of butter and strawberry jam. The bun was soothing as promised, and a time-honored multiple of butter and strawberry jam went so good with it.

The Thick Toast – Peanut Butter

It was time for a initial warn of a day – a Peanut Butter Thick Toast. It positively lived adult to a name and was thick and tasty. Seeing a toast reminded me of Texas Toast. The thick cut of bread and a concomitant peanut butter, with peanut sprinkles on top, was only superb! There was adequate peanut butter for a thick slice, that was only a right thickness. This elementary plate got a unanimous opinion for being a best.

The thick tawny peanut butter, with dejected peanuts sprinkled on tip as a bonus!

Being a infrequent hangout spot, Puzzle Cuisine dedicates a vast apportionment of a menu to drinks. Like a ice cream parlors of yesteryear, Puzzle Cuisine takes honour in a drinks it serves, any origination being a pleasant and fun experience. While congregation can feel during home with a standard Malaysian favorites such as coffee, tea and teh tarik, or a café usuals like floats, juices and smoothies, we would suggest perplexing out some of Puzzle Cuisine’s soda creations, some with unequivocally intriguing names like a Traffic Light.

A tighten adult of a Traffic Light, solely that a red is in a center of a orange during a tip and a immature during a bottom

We spent utterly a lot of time during Puzzle Cuisine, adequate for dual rounds of drinks. Among a drinks we had were a Teh Tarik, Iced Tea, Coke Float, Soursop Juice, 3 soda creations – a Bloody Soda Lychee, a Dark Frenzy Soda Lychee, a Traffic Light, and dual smoothies, a Honey Dew Smoothie and a Kiwi Fruit Yogurt Smoothie.

8 good drinks from Puzzle Cuisine! From Top Left, Moving Clockwise – Coke Float, Bloody Soda Lychee, Dark Frenzy Soda Lychee, Traffic Light, Kiwi Fruit Yogurt Smoothie, Honey Dew Smoothie, Soursop Juice, Iced Tea and Teh Tarik

A revisit to Puzzle Cuisine would be deficient but perplexing out a waffles. We tucked into two, a initial a elementary Chocolate Waffle, and a second a Ice Cream Waffle. The tip to a good waffle is a batter, and Puzzle Cuisine does not disappoint. The waffles were juicy but being too heavy, and a concomitant chocolate and ice cream were ideal matches for a light textured waffles.

The Ice Cream Waffle and a Chocolate Waffle

Puzzle Cuisine is unequivocally like a fun puzzle, we get a event to try and learn an collection of pleasant treats. Best of all, it’s affordable, and we can collect and select to emanate your possess ideal puzzle!

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