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Wonderful Malaysia

Simply Enak Food Experiences

I was recently invited by Pauline from Simply Enak to attend a food debate in a obtuse famous area of Kuala Lumpur. The debate we did is called ‘Off a beaten track’ and it took us to a Sea Park segment in Petaling Jaya, located west of KL. We already did a few food tours before in a few vital cities, so we knew what to expect. What we generally adore about these forms of activities is that is it an extraordinary approach for travelers to get a good thought of a internal dishes we should try when visiting Malaysia. A food debate is many some-more than a culinary trip; it is a good approach to knowledge a internal enlightenment and to representation a many famous and good famous dishes a nation customarily has to offer.

We went to a starting indicate by LRT (Light Rail Transit), a metro in Kuala Lumpur. We got out during Taman Paramount Station along a RapidKL line (just follow a signs to Kelana Jaya station). Here a debate started during 18.30 sharp.

“Owner Pauline is a unapproachable Malaysian who appreciates a culinary farrago a nation has to offer.”

This was found during their website, and we positively determine with it. Pauline is unequivocally associating when it comes to internal Malaysian food. She explains things in a loose and pleasing way, and there is always room to ask questions.

Pauline from Simply Enak Food Experiences

Our food experience

From a LRT hire we took a brief automobile float into Sea Park (it was raining during a time, so we was blissful we didn’t get shower wet). We got out during a standard suburban area, right between countless tiny internal shops and restaurants. First stop was a revisit to a internal grocery and fruit store. We got to ambience a few fruits that we had never seen or tasted before. Did we ever hear of Star fruit (also famous as carambola)? It was tasty and so were all a other forms of fruit we tried.

simply enak internal fruit store

Right conflicting of a fruit emporium we visited a internal bakery. Once inside we were welcomed with a sharp smell of a Durian. Apparently a bakery finished a lot of snacks with Durian. We had Durian many times before, though never unequivocally became a fan of it. Pauline had us ambience a Durian Custard Puff, that we liked…but usually for a initial bite. After that it was already too many to my taste. Never tasted Durian before? Here is your possibility to do so (do not pass adult a possibility to try it!).

simply enak tasty bakery

After this good introduction to Malaysian fruits and snacks we went to a place that serves a good Nasi Lemak. As each Nasi Lemak grill serves a plate with it’s possess renowned taste, this one was indeed opposite than a chronicle we were used to. The sambal salsa was unequivocally good and that finished it a best Nasi Lemak we had in a prolonged time.

simply enak internal hawker with nasi lemak

simply enak internal hawker with boiled chicken

Next stop was a place that served good noodles; Flying Wantan Mee (the drifting partial is something that we usually have to knowledge to know what I’m articulate about). The mee was unequivocally tasteful, and a environment was unequivocally internal that was generally nice.

simply enak drifting mee

simply enak drifting mee 2

After that we visited an authentic food justice call SS2 Selera Malam Hawker Centre. There we attempted Fried Tong Fun and Lup Cheung (pork sausage pickled fish noodles); we were unknown with both dishes and desired it.

simply enak ss2 food court

simply enak ss2 food justice 2

simply enak ss2 food justice 3

simply enak ss2 food justice 4

Later we were treated to a tasty dessert during KTZ Food. we had a Honey Dew Sago Loh and had a few bites of a Mango Loh and a Kiwi Loh. All equally good and unequivocally a place we will substantially revisit some-more often.

When we finished a dessert it was already approach past 11pm, so time to contend goodbye and to conduct behind home. Travelers that attend in a food knowledge will still have plenty time to locate a LRT behind to KLCC.

In conclusion

A debate like this is an extraordinary approach to get to know a genuine KL. You will be taken to unequivocally internal areas of a city, good for first-timers that do not know their approach around. It is also a good approach to get to know a many renouned of Malaysian dishes. As we already live here for a few years, we were informed with many of them. But, many restaurants in KL offer their possess signature dishes (basically their possess chronicle of a dish) and a dishes Pauline introduced us to where unequivocally yummy. We were astounded by a pointed differences between a same forms of dishes.

Besides travelers we would also suggest this food knowledge to newly arrived expatriates. Usually those that have usually set feet on KL dirt do not know a internal dishes and this is a good approach to get a initial ambience of what is to come.

How to make a reservation

Currently they offer a few good tours for we to choose. Their Petaling Street Heritage Food Walk takes place each Monday to Friday from 10.30 to 13.30. This debate shows we all a highlights of a Chinatown area in Kuala Lumpur.

Their Flavours of Malaysia – Off a Beaten Track debate brings we to neighborhoods where few tourists have ventured before. This is a ideal approach to knowledge these internal areas of Kuala Lumpur. This debate has a generation of 3 hours and takes place each Monday to Saturday.

Making a reservation is easy, usually hit Simply Enak and let them know when we will be staying in Kuala Lumpur and when we are formulation to attend a tour.

Payment is finished in money right before a start of a tour. Make certain we move accurate change.


  • Simply Enak will yield we with an channel that includes minute information, that creates it unequivocally easy to find a starting location. You can always use Google Maps to imitation a map.
  • All starting locations are nearby a metro station, though we can always take a cab true from a hotel. Their Petaling Street debate starts in Chinatown, that is unequivocally easy to reach.
  • Always write down Simply Enak’s number, so we can call them in box we run late. Usually it is easy to locate adult if a debate has already started.
  • There are utterly a few good books for sale that enclose recipes of a many famous internal Malaysian dishes. You can always hit Simply Enak for some good tips.
  • Love holding pictures? Bring along a lens that does good in low light conditions. The best approach to remember it all afterwards, is by looking behind during all a pictures.
  • If we are roving alone, make certain to hit Simply Enak beforehand, so they can try and supplement we to an existent organisation (as all their food tours need a smallest of dual participants).

Contact sum of Simply Enak

Email: [email protected]
Phone: +60172878929
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Got any good tips to share with us? Do we know of any good things to do in KL, or tips on a best places to eat? Let us know by withdrawal a respond below!

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Tourism Malaysia

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No default of fun in Perth

Perth is tighten adequate to home for a occasional tourist, and nonetheless it packs a different operation of experiences.

IN front of me was a image of delicious poached eggs on toasted ciabatta, with frail bacon, chipolata sausages, grilled tomato and a portion of crush browns on a side. In a distance, seagulls squawked and a H2O lapped a seaside in a resting way.

Framed by transparent blue skies, a Boatshed Restaurant boasts a breathtaking 180° perspective of a city of Perth, Western Australia (WA). This eatery in South Perth is set on a bank of a Swan River, that is named after a black swans of a area.

While a swans were nowhere in sight, we did see a span of bizarre seabirds, locally referred to as “shags”, that stood akimbo in a bid to air-dry their wings. Springtime in a collateral of WA is cooling and serene.

As a holiday destination, Perth is nowhere nearby as renouned as a likes of Melbourne, a Gold Coast or Sydney, though it has a possess charms.

Animal lovers get to hand-feed red kangaroos during a Caversham Wildlife Park in Swan Valley, Perth

I initial became proficient with a city 8 years ago when we spent roughly a year there to finish my grade during Murdoch University. Coming behind as a tourist, we realised that a place had so many some-more to offer than it had been credited for.

Apart from requisite visits to a royal London Court on Hay Street, Fremantle Markets and Kings Park, we also took a event to go on my initial outing to WA’s eminent booze and food region, Margaret River.

Located 3 hours from a city, a halcyon city is permitted around automobile rentals or by a TransWa sight ( The scenic debate took me past still towns and farmland. En route, we was propitious adequate to have speckled a downy alpaca among a sheep. Resembling tiny llamas, alpacas are bred for a twine they furnish though have also recently begun to take on a startling purpose of “sheep group guardians” – there have been instances of masculine alpacas fending off mixed predator attacks.

I also came opposite signs to Busselton and forsaken in for a demeanour during a 1.8km-long Busselton Jetty, a longest timber-piled jetty in a Southern Hemisphere. For A$29.50 (RM92), we can bound on a red jetty sight for a float down a length of a wharf to a Underwater Observatory. Here, we get to deplane 8m to a sea building for a demeanour during a timberland of stately synthetic reefs, home to over 300 sea species.

The train, however, might not work on certain days when clever breeze and sleet is expected.

A feeling experience

In a heart of Margaret River lies Cowaramup, that locals impute to as “Cowtown”. While a name unequivocally means “place of a Cowara bird” in a Aboriginal language, a peaceful encampment is some-more cow-themed than not.

It even comes finish with an comical “golden cow on a stick” statue.

The Australis Margaret River Hotel valid to be a gentle two-night stay with a atmospheric chalet-like bedrooms unaware sensuous bushland. After checking in, we was taken on a laidback foodie’s booze tour, organized by Harvest Tours.

The initial stop was during Yahava KoffeeWorks, for a feeling coffee-tasting knowledge during a tasting bench, covering singular origins, all-day blends, and a abounding and bold. Yahava, conspicuous “Ja-ha-va”, offers fresh, roast-to-order coffee and a preference of souvenirs for java addicts.

Next adult was Settlers Ridge, where we detected a preference of wines that claimed to revoke headaches, hangovers and allergic reactions. Really? The winery’s 100% organically approved concoctions are pronounced to be ideal for health-conscious booze lovers and are indeed asthma- and allergy-friendly (as permitted by a WA Asthma Foundation).

The Settlers Ridge tagline promises, “All of a pleasure … nothing of a pain.”

The prices, too, won’t bake a hole in your slot – a bottle of 2011 Chenin Sauvignon Blanc starts during A$18.50 (RM58).

Following this was a stop during Margaret River Providore, voted one of Australia’s Top 100 Gourmet Experiences by a Australian Traveller Magazine. From Aromatic Seafood Risotto to Onion and Thyme Marmalade and Fresh Strawberry Jam, this rammed-earth emporium and tasting centre offers a far-reaching operation of homemade jams, preserves and sauces, many of that are accessible for tasting.

All of a mixture come uninformed from a organic olive grove, orchard and unfeeling gardens out back. we couldn’t conflict shopping a jar of sour Roasted Tomato Mustard, decadently infused with crunchy mustard seeds for A$14.95 (RM47).

A staffer operative during a Margaret River Providore orchard and unfeeling gardens

I was given a delicious sampling of a day’s menu, comprising Chilli and Lemon Olives, Beetroot and Orange Relish with Marinated Feta, Dukkah with Garlic-infused Olive Oil, Classic Lamb Curry, Pepper Steak-seasoned Potato Bites and a cut of Chocolate Cake with Blood Orange-infused Olive Oil.

More wine-tasting followed during a Woody Nook Wines, before lunch was served during a winery’s country Nookery Café. The cosy atmosphere it exudes gives one a feeling of dining during home divided from home. Its heady preference of mains, from pasta and beef to freshly-caught seafood, are pristine comfort food but being too heavy.

Before a channel came to an end, Harvest Tours done one final stop: a Silk Road Silk Worm farm.

Here, we are authorised to see and hold live silkworms in several stages of growth. The plantation grows mulberry trees and cultivates silkworms (which break on mulberry leaves) to furnish home-grown Australian silk. The silk cocoons are, however, sent to Cambodia for a final routine of branch a tender part into blurb silk products.

According to a accessible beam Jamie Batrick-Nolan, hopping on a foodie’s booze debate of Margaret River is always some-more advisable than pushing around on your possess since afterwards we wouldn’t be means to indulge. It’s opposite a law for drivers to have some-more than dual eyeglasses of wine.

What’s more, a whole tour, thorough of lunch, is labelled during A$125 (RM392), that is good value for money.

If we have an additional A$45 (RM141) to spare, I’d contend we should top your dusk with a Sunset Kangaroo Safari Tour guided by Neil McLeod, who drives a meant 1962 4WD Bedford lorry to take we upclose and personal with a western grey kangaroo.

After going on a photo-clicking frenzy, McLeod’s guest get to suffer a prohibited crater of “billy” tea or coffee, and home-baked orange cake by McLeod’s wife, Coralie, during a balmy Dudley Creek in a family-owned land.

Ups and downs

Back in Perth, we was roped into going on a full-day Pinnacles, Koalas and Sand Boarding 4WD journey debate organized by Pinnacle Tours.

The 12-hour debate was a overpowering one, commencement with a rushed revisit to a Caversham Wildlife Park in Swan Valley. The busload of about 30 tourists were usually given 25 mins here, that was hardly adequate time for everybody to have a spin during petting a koalas, hand-feeding a red kangaroos and grabbing a image with a cuddly wombat.

Thankfully, lunch, during a Lobster Shack in a lobster fishing city of Cervantes, some-more than done adult for it. Their lip-smacking plate of sizzling prohibited Western Rock Lobster and Fries is rarely recommended.

After this stop, we were off to a famed Pinnacles Desert to see a age-old limestone formations housed within a Nambung National Park. While many pronounce excitedly of a Pinnacles in their visits to Perth, we wouldn’t call it a star of a tour. Lancelin, where we could sandboard, tops it.

As it were, we were confronted by immeasurable silt dunes that seemed to come out of nowhere – that was when a sight that we’d been travelling in began to showcase a 4WD abilities, holding us on a stirring roller-coaster float by a mounds of fine, white sand.

When we pulled to a stop, everybody was given a possibility to try sandboarding, that is radically like snowboarding, solely on sand.

It was an knowledge to spy – adults smothered in silt and giggling like schoolchildren as they struggled adult high silt dunes to have another go.

I remember feeling an strenuous clarity of recover as my house sped down a hill.

If you’re not peaceful to flare out A$215 (RM674) for a full-day tour, we can always cruise pushing on we possess to Lancelin, that is only 90 mins divided from Perth.

While any Malaysian would cruise Perth a good place to investigate at, a city is an even larger place for a holiday.

Moreover, it shares a same time section as Kuala Lumpur and is reduction than 6 hours divided by flight. To adult your comfort levels while drifting there, we could opt for AirAsia X’s Premium Flatbed seats – a ample seats, priority comforts and business class-like use will have we entrance behind for more. – Lee Mei Li

The writer’s outing was sponsored by AirAsia X and Tourism Western Australia. AirAsia X flies 9 times weekly from Kuala Lumpur to Perth, Australia.

Map: Perth


The good life


Pristine Perth

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Lee Sinjie’s charitable outing to Mozambique

World Vision envoy Angelica Lee Sinjie shares her practice during a charitable outing to Mozambique in Africa.

One of a tip 5 lowest countries in a world, Mozambique is poverty-stricken

ON a day we left Hong Kong, we was really sick. Kevin Chiu, CEO of World Vision Hong Kong, was disturbed about me and gave me some remedy for my cold, during a flight. The remedy contingency have done me indolent and after a while, we dozed off.

I have visited many poverty-stricken countries as partial of World Vision’s programme. The countless trips have proven to be didactic and enriching. The contemptible misery we see around me has done me some-more dynamic to do my bit to assistance a needy.

On this trip, we brought my nephew, Han Han, along with me. we have watched Han Han grow adult and yield him like my possess son. we am reminded of how my grandmother used to take me along on her visits to impecunious families in a villages, when we was a kid. we felt it was time for Han Han, 13, to knowledge a same.

When we initial mentioned a outing to Han Han, it didn’t take him prolonged to confirm to come along. It was going to be an eight-day revisit to Africa. The 20-hour flight, rough float to remote villages, and boiling object did not deter Han Han.

Upon alighting during a South African airport, we took a joining moody to Maputo, collateral of Mozambique. Once there, we visited a internal domicile of World Vision before we took a three-hour automobile float and arrived during a small, remote city in a evening. We checked into a hotel for a night.

After dinner, we popped in a integrate some-more pills for my cold, and went to bed early to ready myself for a following day’s revisit to six-year-old Celeste. we told Han Han we would be withdrawal during 4am a subsequent day, and he soon went to bed.

The subsequent morning, we felt improved after a good night’s rest. We were good on a approach to revisit Celeste before emergence broke.

Celeste (left) and Lee Sinjie pity a joyous impulse together

Celeste’s relatives had succumbed to illness, withdrawal her underneath a caring of her 70-year-old grandmother. The small hovel they lived in was done of silt and hay. Celeste’s father built it before he died.

I walked towards a house, and knocked on a wooden door. The doorway non-stop slowly.

It was dim inside as they had no electricity. Celeste was sleeping on a straw pad widespread out on a red-clay floor. She burnished her eyes as she sat up. Her grandmother was all smiles when she saw us.

Celeste stared during me with her large trusting eyes. She contingency have wondered either she was still dreaming. we was drawn to her instantly.

Celeste led a approach as we walked down a sandy highway to a good assembled by World Vision. It is some-more than half an hour any way, and Celeste creates 3 trips to a good daily to fetch H2O for domestic use.

Celeste used all a strength in her small physique to pull adult H2O from a well. we assimilated her and filled a large bucket with H2O from a well. The locals who were queueing for their turn, had a good giggle when they saw me stuffing adult a bucket in an ungainly manner.

Under a extreme sun, Celeste carried a complicated bucket of H2O on her conduct as she walked barefooted on a prohibited sand.

What clever legs and arms she had, we suspicion to myself as we trailed behind her.

Lee Sinjie (left) trails after Celeste as a small lady leads a way

My heart ached when we suspicion of her plight. She had mislaid both relatives before she was even aged adequate to talk. Her aging grandmother can hardly means to buy her a set of propagandize uniform. The lady cooking cassava with sour leaves harvested by her grandmother, and helps accumulate mangoes and cashew nuts from a ground. When there is a drought, any dish is capricious and many a time, she goes to bed hungry.

Celeste stopped and incited around to check on me. we was perplexing to change a complicated bucket on my head. Sweat was streaming down my back. She waited until we held adult with her. We walked on in silence, joined by a bond that transcends words.

After a pleasant lunch, we gathering to a cemetery where Celeste’s relatives were laid to rest. We offering a request and some flowers. With a assistance of a translator, we chatted with Celeste’s grandmother. While we were chatting, Celeste sat down during my foot, sensitively following a review as she played with my fingers. we stroked her impertinence and looked into her eyes that mirrored a ignorance of a young.

Her grandmother common her fears with me. She voiced her regard for Celeste. Who would demeanour after a child when she is gone?

I motionless to assistance lift Celeste by sponsoring her. She is my 21st sponsored child. After spending several hours with her, my heart began to pain when it was time for me to leave.

I used palm gestures to tell Celeste that we had to leave. The grin on her face vanished, and she gripped my palm as we walked towards a car. Suddenly, with a shrill cry, she hugged me and detonate into tears. we could not reason behind my tears, and cried as we hugged her.

However, we left her comforted by a declaration that Celeste was underneath a World Vision Child Sponsorship Programme. She would be in good hands as a World Vision staff would revisit her and demeanour into her needs.

A news of her swell and health will be sent to me any year. we can still promulgate with Celeste by letters to safeguard that she receives a correct preparation and grows adult healthy.

Mozambique is among a tip 5 lowest countries in a world. After gaining autonomy from Portugal, a nation was bankrupt by years of polite war. There are signs of wealth in a collateral city where pleasing Portuguese-style buildings mount as a sign of a country’s colonial past.

But once we leave a city, tracts of uninhabited land widen as distant as a eye can see. Small huts dot a meagre landscape. We were told a supervision lacked supports to favour a land for rural purposes. As most as 20% of a race has engaged HIV/AIDS, causing many children like Celeste to be orphaned.

I visited dual sisters. When a comparison lady was six, her father died and she had to demeanour after her critically ill mom and her three-year-old sister. After 6 years, their mom upheld away, withdrawal a dual sisters to deflect for themselves.

The girls are 16 and 13 now. They nap on a straw pad in their unclothed hut. When it rains, a roof leaks badly. The girls tarry on cassava given by kind neighbours.

Since a investiture in 1950, World Vision has been assisting bankrupt communities in many corners of a earth. World Vision has instituted 38 projects in Mozambique, benefiting 2,000 to 4,000 people in any community. The projects widen over a duration of 10 to 15 years.

World Vision built wells in remote villages to yield entrance to celebration H2O for vacant communities.

They built schools for a children so that they did not have to investigate in huts with roofs that could be carried by clever winds. Medical centres were set adult to make medical diagnosis permitted to a sick. Pregnant women were spared from carrying to trek prolonged distances to get to a hospital. Villagers were given opportunities to beget income to support their families. Local communities were being prepared about HIV/AIDS.

Han Han did not protest via a trip. He endured a prohibited continue and blending good to a bustling schedule. He even played football with a encampment kids and picked mangoes with them.

The internal children and Han Han (right) connected instantly

On a final day of a trip, Han Han motionless to unite a six-year-old waif with his possess slot money.

This outing was a initial together. we am blissful we were means to share this useful knowledge that nurtured a bargain of humanity.

As we walked forward, we saw pain, grief and helplessness, though we also saw empathy, wish and a adore that transcends barriers. When we widespread my arms to welcome these trusting children and felt a regard of their adore and bodies, we realised what complacency means. – Angelica Lee Sinjie

Map: Mozambique, Africa

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