Goddess of Mercy Temple, Georgetown Penang

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It is a tradition here in Malaysia that on a eve of Chinese New Year, a Chinese will revisit a church for blessing and offerings. The oldest and many mythological church in Penang is a Goddess of Mercy Temple that is situated in Georgetown, Penang. Each year, believers of a Taoism and Confucianism teachings will overflow a church on a eve of Chinese New Year to urge to a Kuan Yin enchantress so that their health and good fitness can be confirmed via a year.



The Goddess of Mercy Temple, also famous as Kuan Yin Teng, was initial built in a 1800s by a Hokkiens and Cantonese residents who lived tighten by. Buddha and Kuan Yin have their particular supporters with some even suggesting that Kuan Yin outshone Buddha in some ways as she showered her believers with many adore and compassion.



Like other religion, a Chinese are fallacious too. Some trust that group whose ages finish with a series 9 should revisit a Goddess of Mercy church for ‘por oon’ (blessings) so that they would be bestowed insurance by a god. The others will offer light or oil (thian ewe) to a Goddess of Mercy for improved fitness that year.



Upon stepping into a temple, a smell of sandalwood scent greets we as any day, countless joss hang are burnt by a devotees while charity prayers. Although a throng could be present, a clarity of assent and still can be felt once we set feet into a temple. The church is bustling via a year and not only on Chinese New Year since a locals tend to revisit a church on their birthdays too, praying for a improved year forward sanctified with good health and luck. At other times, devotees will revisit to find ease or when additional devout insurance is needed.


The birthday of a Goddess of Mercy falls on a 19th day of a 2nd lunar month, imprinting another time that a church is packaged with devotees fervent to compensate loyalty to their deity. Devotees will try into a heart of a church to honour a Goddess by creation offerings and prayers to her. At times, show and puppet shows will also be organized, providing devotees party and formulating an atmosphere of festiveness in a residence of worship.


Despite being a place for charity prayers, many tourists group to this tabernacle for photography opportunities. The church is simply too pleasing to pass adult a possibility for photos. The steer of morning rays basking in on devotees low in request is a steer to behold, so luring many visitors to this gracefulness construction that houses a Goddess of Mercy.



How to get to a Goddess of Mercy Temple

The Goddess of Mercy church can be simply found within a core of Georgetown. Usually travelers are staying somewhere around Chulia Street; it is really nearby this renouned backpackers area.

From Chulia Street, conduct right only past a Indian church into Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling. From here it is a 5 notation travel to a church entrance. In a closeness of a church there are countless good attractions.

Video Goddess of Mercy Temple

Map of a Goddess of Mercy Temple, Georgetown


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