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Menu Please Bistro along Jalan Maju, Taman Maju Jaya

Menu Please Bistro (N1.48083 E103.76612) is located along Jalan Maju of Taman Maju Jaya, Johor Bahru. The Bistro is easy to locate since not distant divided from a Plaza Pelangi, though car parking can be utterly plea over here due to Jalan Maju is one of a busiest transport in Johor Bahru.

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The sourroundings is warm, friendly and relax, with some artistic recycle decoration, we like it really much! You can solemnly perspective by some of their artistic deco photos below…

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Follow by a Creative decoration…

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The initial plate we had was a Sesame Duck Salad as a appetizer.

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The salad served in a singular approach that was in a potion jar. That was creative! The Sesame Duck Salad was churned with ‘char siew’ salsa and tasted good! Beside a Saseme Duck Salad, they do offer Crispy Tofu Salad and Glass Noodle Salad with Prawn…in a potion jar too…

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Next : Wasabi Prawn Handmade Pizza (thin crush)

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The ambience of a Pizza was Special! It was my First time we attempted pizza with wasabi, it done a sum new ambience for a Pizza, well…it’s tough to report by words, we have to try yourself. 🙂
The forms of Handmade Thin Crush Pizza they have :-
*  Ham Cheese
*  Tomato Cheese
*  Mushroom Capsicum
*  Beef Pepperoni
* Oriental Duck
* Wasabi Prawn

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Salmon Coulibiac – Russian cuisine include of a tawny muddle of uninformed salmon, rice, eggs and mushrooms enclosed in a prohibited fritter envelope.
Salmon Coulibiac in Wikipedia.

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The punch was surprising! The churned with a rice, eggs, uninformed salmon, mushrooms and spinach was excellent! The plate supposing of opposite form of satisfation review with other categorical march we had before, it turn one of a reason to revisit Menu Please Bistro since this special and singular plate in Johor Bahru.
We catergorized this as A Must Try dish!
They offer 10 forms of categorical march with a affordable cost from RM14.80 to RM29.80.

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The subsequent plate was a Asian Delights – Menu Please’s Laksa.

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The ambience of a laksa was somewhat opposite from a JB internal laksa, it some-more tighten to Singapore taste. we like a curry leafs on a laksa and it’s formidable to find it around a JB area nowadays…
They have 4 forms of Asian Delights to try out if we name to have a internal foods…

Braised Beef Cheek with homemade Focaccia bread (another categorical course)

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Another Must Try plate if we are a beef lover. The beef impertinence credentials took few hours before it can offer on a table. It was juicy and tender, a gravy was tantalizing too! It’s advise to carrying a Focaccia bread with a gravy. Delicious!

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Coming subsequent was one of thier side plate : Oriental Potato Cake with Tamarind Dip.

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Crispy on a outward and soothing during a inside, it was hot! The Tamarind Dip went good a dainty potato and carrot. The punch was interesting! This plate will not be offer by a Bistro start from Aug 2013, due to a prolonged preparation. If we wish to try out a good crispy potato, we have to act fast!
The Bistro has 7 forms of side plate for guest to select.

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Dessert time! Warm Chocolate Cake

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It looked identical to Chocolate Volcano in some other cafe,  a comfortable choclate cake good presented and not too sweet, good to suffer after a wealthy meal…

The second dessert was Creme Brulee also famous as burnt cream, crema catalana, or Trinity cream.

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The dessert consisting of a abounding custard bottom surfaced with a resisting covering of tough caramel. Mr Jayson (the cook also a owners of Menu Please Bistro) advise to try it with a tip covering and a custard together. we like it really much!
There are sum of 5 forms of dessert in a Bistro, we trust really one of it will fit you.

We had a discuss with Mr Jayson Ang who is A freindly and common guy, grin many of a time. He was a Chef from Four Season Hotel and Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore few years back, and now he motionless to come behind to his hometown (Johor Bahru) to start his possess business and benefaction all a tasty and artistic dishes to his customer. It’s also a good event for a internal who no need to transport to Singapore though still be means to try a good Western and Asian sweetmeat from a bistro.

The prices is affordable, all from RM4.80 – RM29.80.
We like a sourroundings and generally a artistic deco of a Bistro. we will condescend this bistro some-more mostly in a future, to try some-more on their foods.

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Travel to Melaka

Melaka Zoo & Night Safari

Melaka Zoo Night Safari is a second largest Zoo after Zoo Negara (National Zoo) in Malaysia, covering about 54-acre (approximately 21.22 ha). Melaka Zoo Night Safari annals some-more than 400 000 visitors annually and some-more than half of a visitors are from Melaka and a beside states.

The vital attractions in Zoo Melaka are a critically involved Sumatran Rhinoceros, Asian Elephants, Red Panda, Malaysian Gaur, a Serow, a Squirrel Monkey, a Molurus Python, a Grey Wolf, a Mongolian Wild Horse, a Green Tree Python, a Giraffe and more.

Opening Hours
Open Daily from 9am – 6pm.
Night Safari is from 8pm – 11pm on Fridays, Saturdays, and a eve of Public and School Holidays.

Animal Showtime : 11am and 4pm

Address: Melaka Zoo Night Safari, Lebuh Ayer Keroh, 75450 Ayer Keroh
GPS Coordinate: N 2.27919, E 102.302719
Website :














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Travel to Melaka

Melaka Zoo & Night Safari celebrates Ramadhan with orphanages

Melaka Zoo Night Safari take caring over 60 orphanages and reduction priveleged children from Pusat Jagaan Lembaga Pengurusan Kebajikan Anak-Anak Yatim/Miskin Islam Melaka (PAYASUM).

Melaka Zoo Night Safari giving a children of PAYASUM a tour of excitment filled with training find with Night Safari float and mangle quick with children during Pelican Cafe.

Encik Azman Bin Ghazali giving goodies bag to a children sponsoring from MAMEE and Wall’s.

Discovering Melaka Zoo Night Safari with beam tours.

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D’Shanghai (???) Dim Sum Restaurant during Sutera Mall, Skudai

D’Shanghai (???) Dim Sum Restaurant (N1.51719 E103.67125) is located during Sutera Mall of Skudai – Johor Bahru. If we mount in front of a categorical opening of a mall, a grill is during a left before a entrance. It’s a detach building by it self, and embellished with Red that is easy to spot.

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There are many good and bad reviews from a internet that make us extraordinary about a place and motionless to try it out on one of a Sunday noon…

 print IMG_7977_zpsf235cc06.jpg

All a staffs in a grill are unequivocally immature and we consider many of them are carrying their partial time pursuit here, though they were polite…

It’s been a prolonged time we haven’t take Dim Sum in Johor Bahru area, and though a singular word, we placed a order…

*  Signature Xiao Long Bao (??????
*  Steamed Liu Sha Bao (????
*  Shanghai Fried Fen Pi (??????
*  Stir Fried Carrot cake (?????
*  Prawn Dumpling (??)
*  Pork Dumpling (??)
*  Chives Dumpling (???)

 print IMG_7964_zps0e5bc668.jpg

 print IMG_7962_zps3869200f.jpg

 print IMG_7971_zps9794d364.jpg

 print IMG_7969_zpsf8724364.jpg

 print IMG_7965_zps5b8593b2.jpg

 print IMG_7967_zps1efa3533.jpg

We were confident with a foods. The Fried Fen Pi was special and it had a stretch punch on it, ambience good. But a boiled carrot cake was disappointed, maybe it doesn’t fit my taste…
You have to be clever on a punch of a Xiao Long Bao and Liu Sha Bao, they will ‘spurt’! 🙂

 print IMG_7972_zpsdb5e915e.jpg

Others were Nice and delicious! All Dim Sums were uninformed and it was unequivocally suffer it in a air-con environment, and not forget a accessible staffs around…
Too bad we missed some of a good dishes there like : Taro Dumpling (??) and Fried Avocador Rolls (??????)…because we were overloaded!

The Damage : RM45.00 for a above Dim Sum enclosed a pot of tea. Reasonable adequate in this kind of sourroundings and the above normal taste, no criticism during all! There are some Dim Sum grill in JB offered even aloft cost than here, though in a ‘kopitiam’ environment…

We will really be behind again for others Dim Sum in this restaurant!

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St Patrick Celebration Party during La Primeur Pub, Taman Impian Emas

Saint Patrick’s Day or a Feast of Saint Patrick (Irish: Lá Fhéile Pádraig, “the Day of a Festival of Patrick”) is a informative and eremite holiday distinguished on 17 March. It is named after Saint Patrick (c. AD 385–461), a many ordinarily recognized of a enthusiast saints of Ireland.

Saint Patrick’s Day was done an central Christian feast day in a early seventeenth century and is celebrated by a Catholic Church, a Anglican Communion (especially a Church of Ireland), a Eastern Orthodox Church and Lutheran Church. The day commemorates Saint Patrick and a attainment of Christianity in Ireland, as good as celebrates a birthright and enlightenment of a Irish in general.

For some-more info of Saint Patrick Day, greatfully click here.

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The St Patrick Celebration Party started about 7.30pm (Friday) in La Primeur Pub (N1.54477 E103.68489) in Taman Impian Emas, Skudai – Johor Bahru. Everyone was bustling for sourroundings adult and business were continue walk-in non-stoply…
Well, I’m a unchanging enthusiast here…

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La Primeur Pub has 3 opening in Johor Bahru. Started a initial from Jalan Harimau Tarum, Century Garden about 8 years ago, second opening is during Jalan Austin Perdana 3/10, Taman Austin Perdana. Then follow by a third opening – Jalan Impian Emas 5/1, Taman Impian Emas, Skudai is this opening carrying a St Patrick Celebration on that evening.

There was a FOC proxy tattoo regulating a paintbrush that was really renouned in that evening! Everyone was reserve adult to hammered a Guinness and a Shamrock trademark on each partial of their body! Haha!

 print IMG_8013_zps45b35552.jpg
The initial chairman who had his trademark stamping was a owners of La Primeur Pub – Mr Jack. He was enjoyed a routine with a 3 (3) Shamrock on his head…

 print IMG_8020_zps4d0b8077.jpg

 print IMG_8021_zps6e72338e.jpg

 The proxy paintbrush tattoo continue…

 print IMG_8023_zps2882a713.jpg

Some on their hand, some on their legs…

 print IMG_8040_zpscef32f3c.jpg

 print IMG_8051_zpsf035de3d.jpg

 print IMG_8159_zpsdc31baed.jpg
  we was advantageous adequate to prisoner a Pretty Sexy Promoters from Guinness while they acted in front of a pub…

 print IMG_8065_zps5d56cf8b.jpg

 print IMG_8076_zps80ea6f8c.jpg

 print IMG_8043_zps2cc44f0d.jpg
At that moment, a song was removing louder…and we only beheld that it was Fullhouse! Everyone was enjoying a Guinness Draught from a Pub….

 print IMG_8262_zps4e5f5b9a.jpg

And a Party Began!

 print IMG_8227_zpscff53b9c.jpg

 print IMG_8089_zps551b7178.jpg

 print IMG_8092_zps810d71d5.jpg

 print IMG_8145_zps3f709710.jpg

 print IMG_8233_zpse6cc6d56.jpg

 print IMG_8210_zps6904eb92.jpg

 print IMG_8190_zps9bece8e7.jpg

 print IMG_8240_zpsa08818c2.jpg

 print IMG_8158_zpsb4e6efeb.jpg

 print IMG_8181_zps6fa46147.jpg

 print IMG_8244_zps9c92ba18.jpg
During that moment, a barkeeper was a busiest male in a World!

 print IMG_8148_zpscbb3e095.jpg

Beside a bartender, a flattering waitress also portion like mad….

 print IMG_7983_zps74a6d363.jpg

There were 2 magicians behaving during each dilemma within a pub in that evening…Wonderful Magic from them!

 print IMG_8186_zpsc3a93f76.jpg

The Big Show started around 9pm! With a aphorism “March More Fun!”

 print IMG_8121_zpse07fbed4.jpg

 print IMG_8103_zpsa82f0fcf.jpg

 print IMG_8120_zps2931477d.jpg

 print IMG_8117_zps493b7ae6.jpg

 print IMG_8111_zps164dc37f.jpg
Beside Mar More Fun, they continue with a Irish Dance in a Pub…

 print IMG_8292_zps2c42154e.jpg

 print IMG_8286_zps6bc4e25f.jpg

 print IMG_8139_zps8cd8d01f.jpg

Thanks for a organisation who achieved that dusk and a unite – GAB of Malaysia. The opening had brought adult a Party atmosphere to a Top! Everyone was enjoying a song and of march with their Guinness Draught!
And some kissing lift on too…

 print IMG_8271_zps5bf09337.jpg

The celebration continue after a performance, and a throng was continue to flowed into a pub…

Do dump by La Primeur Pub if we occur around a Skudai area, it has a good environment, relax and native type…importantly it’s Not hazed inside…

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