Recommended Local BBQ Pork during Chuen How Restaurant – ?????, Batu Berendam

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Chuen How Restaurant (N2.23859 E102.25761) is located along Jalan Merak that is circuitously a Commercial area of Batu Berendam, it’s easy to mark a emporium if we expostulate in from a categorical road.
The grill is famous with their Local BBQ pork that is opposite from ordinarily accessible in a market. After reading a certain reviews online from associate bloggers, we motionless to give a try…

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It was a elementary environment usually like others Chinese kopitiam (coffee shop).

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The owners was accessible and he authorised me to took a photos between case area…

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We systematic :-
*  The Famous BBQ pig with roasted pork.
*  Assam soup with stingray
*  Vegetables
*  3 white rice.

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The BBQ Pork (char siew ??) was good cooking with sugar hoisin sauce, with a bit of char, delicious and sweet! It was luscious inside with a gummy honeyed outside…the char-siew was opposite from others usually since a trainer use streaky pig to done it, that is frequency to find within Johor Bahru area…

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The roasted porks (??? were equally good though we felt a bit of bewail by grouping this, simply since a BBQ pig was too Delicious! We usually strong on a BBQ pig and finish adult left some of a roasted pig on a plate…

The stingray baked in assam soup was uninformed and juicy too! Especially a assam soup was dainty and a lady trainer was not miserly with a soup! We authorised to combined some-more soup that day….

The Damage : RM22.00 for 2 adults 1 child enclosed drinks.

It’s unequivocally formidable for me to report a Delicious char-siew (??) in words, we have to learn it yourself! we categorized this BBQ Pork as ‘Must Eat Food’ and so do a Assam soup stingray to all friends who revisit Malacca.
I gamble we won’t bewail it! 🙂

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