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Walk along a Riverside of Malacca (Melaka) River (photos sharing)

Before dinner, we strolling along a Malacca River usually behind a Best Western Wana Riverside Hotel. The starting indicate was from a Musical Fountain (N2.20013 E102.24806), a low-pitched fountain start to ‘Dance’ each dusk from 8pm – 11pm, if I’m not mistaken…

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It was a cold dusk and unequivocally relaxing walking…

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There was a overpass not too distant divided from us, it’s a Jambatan Pasar (Market Bridge). So we motionless to cranky to a other side of a riverbank…

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Once we crossed a bridge, there were many murals embellished on a building’s wall…yes, many of them…

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If time allow, we would like to constraint all a murals print in a area…there were unequivocally good and some of them reflected a enlightenment of Malacca (Melaka). By sitting during a riverbank and admiring a murals was one of my delight during a evening…

After a buildings full of a travel arts, we came to a quarrel of cafes and pubs, these are a nightlife area of Jalan Kampung Hulu of Melaka town. Well, it’s good to have a cold bottle drink while suffer a cold zephyr along a Malacca River…at slightest for me. 🙂

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The cafeteria above was Not a usually one though with full quarrel of it…until a final emporium was a Chinese Seafood Restaurant, a grill business was good while we upheld by…I theory a seafood here contingency be delicious! 🙂

After a seafood restaurant, we reached a Hang Tuah Bridge, we motionless to cranky it again and behind to a hotel since it was about cooking time…

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Standing on a overpass and looking around on a both riverbank, hmm…this was a ‘River’ that started a Malacca (Melaka) Empire during a 1600s…and also a began of a Tanah Melayu that is Malaysia today.

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Once we travel opposite a bridge, a quarrel of pubs and cafes started to light up. Colourful and Nice!

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We stopped during a place where we started and a whole riverbank travel is around 3.6km (with a correct pathway), that I’m intend to do it in a nearby future. It was unequivocally good and enjoying travel along a river, where we can solemnly perspective on all a colonial buildings that build on half century ago…

Beside this scenery, it is also a Good place for prolonged bearing photography! Which I’m going to try it on a late evening…

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Have we each try it? If no, greatfully try it on your subsequent revisit to Malacca, we will like it! 🙂

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