Best Western Wana Riverside Hotel during Malacca (Melaka) Town.

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Best Western Wana Riverside Hotel (N2.20030 E102.24849) is located along Jalan Mushi Abdullah before a intersection of Jalan Kampung Hulu. It is situated usually subsequent to a Malacca riverbank and that was a reason we chose to stayed here.

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The vital plcae is preference for us to transport around to many shops and grill circuitously and it has a good perspective of a Malacca River.

I’m confident with my online engagement by and a check in routine was fast and vacant with a front table service! The Hotel supposing giveaway Wifi use during each building and even there were 2 desktop mechanism beside a accepting for those who doesn’t transport with a computer. The room that we requisitioned was package with 2 persons breakfast.
The stream perspective from a room was excellent!

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The trustworthy lavatory view…

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The stream perspective from a room…

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The elementary and customary breakfast was satisfied. Even there was a WiFi vigilance on each floor, though we counldn’t get connected to internet once we related to their Wireless Access point. Anyway, doesn’t matter to me since we still have my possess 3G use from a mobile phone…

I review some disastrous comments online about disquiet by some bucket song from Karaoke Pub circuitously this hotel, we theory we were propitious that no reeling during a stay…

There is a Musical Fountain usually subsequent to a hotel where we can suffer a song during a evening. Too bad, we wasn’t means to take a print due to rain…! Not usually this, we designed to take a pleasing night perspective of a stream when we behind from cooking though a sleet usually keep falling! What a miss! we consider we have to go behind again…:)
If we meddlesome on a Malacca River Cruise, there’s a tiny private jetty (I guess) for a hotel guest and Only 3 trips per day if we get into a vessel by a hotel’s jetty, we can enquire a sheet and a timing from a hotel front desk.

Well, this hotel is value second revisit since of a Prime plcae and we were confident with a hotel’s accessible staffs and their service.

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