Ming Ji Restaurant ?????? during Rosmerah area, Taman Johor Jaya

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Ming Ji Restaurant ?????? (N1.53440 E103.79364) is located during Jalan Rosmerah 2/12, Taman Johor Jaya – Johor Bahru. It’s during a same quarrel with a renouned Hong Yuin kopitiam of Rosmerah area. It’s a elementary Chinese Restaurant that is identical like others with a minimal deco…

We visited a grill given it’s a daughter of Ah Kaw (??? who is Famous with his San Low Fried Bee-Hoon (??????, it’s demeanour usually a elementary boiled Bee-hoon (rice vermicelli) though it has a opposite ambience from others, formidable to report by difference and we have a ambience it yourself! This is a Special plate that usually accessible in Johor Bahru. we had been carrying this elementary plate some-more than 2 decades ago that was baked by Ah Kaw (??) and we like it really most compartment today. Ah Kaw (??) started his possess recipe given year 1979 for a renouned boiled bee-hoon given he was a prepare during a San Low Seafood Restaurant during Pelangi and now he’s even pass down a recipe to his children…

Our sequence was taken by a lady trainer (Ms Yeo Wen Hui) – really accessible lady and patiently introduced their signature dishes to us.
It was roughly full residence on a weekend evening!

Our sequence :-
*  San Low Fried Bee-Hoon ????? (Must try!)
*  Fried duck with shrimp salsa ??? (our favorite!)
*  Singature Tou-Fu ????
*  Claypot Assam Fish Head ??????
*  Stir Fried Kangkong Belacan ???? (water spinach with shrimp paste)
Marmite salsa pig ribs ????
All a dishes served on list really fast! Less than 10 minutes!

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The San Low Fried Bee-Hoon was boiled to slight charred and nonetheless not burnt on a surface, estimate adequate ‘wok-hei’ to lift out a singular essence and texture. Even a aspect was crispy nonetheless wet adequate on a inside, furthermore…Not oily! The elementary mixture that ‘press-fried’ with a bee hoon were usually eggs, shrimps, fish cakes and slices of vegetables. The Bee-hoon went good with a special ‘Sambal’ supposing by a restaurant!  
Must try a Unique Fried Bee-hoon if we revisit a restaurant!

 print IMG_8878_zpse93dc462.jpg

The Fried Chicken with a special shrimp salsa was a all time favorite! They got a ambience right!

Singnature Tou-Fu was Nice! Crunchy during a skin and soothing inside! Like it!
Another ‘Must try’ plate in a restaurant. Beware! It’s Hot!

 print IMG_8882_zps9884f6dd.jpg

The Claypot Assam Fish Head was baked but a coconut milk, and we be means to ambience a pristine Assam essence in a uninformed fish head.

Stir Fried Kangkong Belacan was normal and a Marmite Flavour Pork Ribs was soothing and tasty!

We were confident with a dinner!

The cost was reasonable and value for a meals!

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