Nyonya Buffet Lunch during MaMa Nyonya FOOD Restaurant, Taman Molek

Rate this post MaMa Nyonya FOOD Restaurant (N1.52416 E103.78535) also yield Nyonya Food Catering service beside a grill business. They yield a catering use to your doorway step around Johor Bahru area enclosed particular and office. One of a Sunday afternoon, there was a organisation of business carrying their smorgasboard lunch in a grill and […]

Ming Ji Restaurant ?????? during Rosmerah area, Taman Johor Jaya

Rate this post Ming Ji Restaurant ?????? (N1.53440 E103.79364) is located during Jalan Rosmerah 2/12, Taman Johor Jaya – Johor Bahru. It’s during a same quarrel with a renouned Hong Yuin kopitiam of Rosmerah area. It’s a elementary Chinese Restaurant that is identical like others with a minimal deco… We visited a grill given it’s […]

Best Western Wana Riverside Hotel during Malacca (Melaka) Town.

Rate this post Best Western Wana Riverside Hotel (N2.20030 E102.24849) is located along Jalan Mushi Abdullah before a intersection of Jalan Kampung Hulu. It is situated usually subsequent to a Malacca riverbank and that was a reason we chose to stayed here. The vital plcae is preference for us to transport around to many shops […]

Moshi Moshi Dessert & Tea Cafe during Taman Mount Austin, Johor Bahru.

Rate this post Moshi Moshi Dessert and Tea Cafe (N1.55175 E103.78514) is located during along Jalan Mutiara Emas 10/19, Taman Mount Austin – Johor Bahru. The plcae is circuitously a obvious Overtime Pub Bistro and subsequent to a Electrical Appliances shop. The name of Moshi Moshi is meant accessible and comfortable to their business and […]

The Local Baba Charlie Nyonya Kuih (Kueh) in Malacca (Melaka)

Rate this post Baba Charlie Nyonya Cake (Kuih) (N2.20325 E102.23154) is opreate in a normal wooden house, it’s located in a little alley that is conflicting a Masjid Tengkera along a Jalan Tengkera of Malacca. The tiny alley ONLY concede one automobile to pass through, so greatfully be clever if we expostulate into a alley. […]