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Nyonya Buffet Lunch at MaMa Nyonya FOOD Restaurant, Taman Molek

MaMa Nyonya FOOD Restaurant (N1.52416 E103.78535) also provide Nyonya Food Catering service beside the restaurant business. They provide the catering service to your door step around Johor Bahru area included individual and office.
One of the Sunday afternoon, there was a group of customers having their buffet lunch in the restaurant and I grabbed the chance to captured the foods…

 photo IMG_7706_zps169c5c2b.jpg

Ms Grace (the lady boss) prepared everything on the table in the perfect timing before the customers arrive…
The Nyonya foods for this group of customers as below :-

 photo IMG_7708_zps5ae46a60.jpg

 photo IMG_7727_zpsfc40836c.jpg

 photo IMG_7712_zps6efb619f.jpg

 photo IMG_7713_zps7204938b.jpg

 photo IMG_7715_zps766b760b.jpg

 photo IMG_7717_zps9efc6d20.jpg

 photo IMG_7723_zpsca06e5ed.jpg

 photo IMG_7729_zpsba5c257b.jpg

 photo IMG_7756_zpsfed49f29.jpg

 photo IMG_7753_zps1c9065fa.jpg

 photo IMG_7760_zps841174a4.jpg

 photo IMG_7758_zps3c5876b7.jpg

And some Nyonya Kuih (snacks)…

 photo IMG_7754_zps8fddadb2.jpg

 photo IMG_7751_zps2b6ab3b7.jpg

 photo IMG_7730_zpsd33dadb2.jpg

You can also mixed some peanuts gravy or coconuts with the dishes above…

 photo IMG_7738_zps6f561149.jpg

 photo IMG_7736_zps6c112f33.jpg

I think this group of customers must be Nyonya food lover…

 photo IMG_7743_zps3af2634a.jpg

 photo IMG_7747_zps2dee1bab.jpg

After the meal, the dessert named Red Ruby with Jackfruit, I tasted the dessert and it was Nice!

 photo IMG_7762_zps36061e81.jpg

 photo IMG_7767_zpsc1cde59f.jpg

My bowl above was with palm sugar (gula Melaka)…it taste marvelous!

The cost of the buffet is flexible, it’s because you can choose the dishes you like and they just charge accordingly. For more information about the dishes and price, please contact Ms Grace Lim at +6016-7167190.

If you are looking for catering service for some event, maybe you can try this Nyonya Food Catering Service which is different from the local traditional food.

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Ming Ji Restaurant ?????? at Rosmerah area, Taman Johor Jaya

Ming Ji Restaurant ?????? (N1.53440 E103.79364) is located at Jalan Rosmerah 2/12, Taman Johor Jaya – Johor Bahru. It’s at the same row with the popular Hong Yuin kopitiam of Rosmerah area. It’s a simple Chinese Restaurant which is similar like others with the minimal deco…

We visited the restaurant because it’s the daughter of Ah Kaw (??? who is Famous with his San Low Fried Bee-Hoon (??????, it’s look just a simple fried Bee-hoon (rice vermicelli) but it has a different taste from others, difficult to describe by words and you have a taste it yourself! This is the Special dish which only available in Johor Bahru. I had been having this simple meal more than 2 decades ago which was cooked by Ah Kaw (??) and we like it very much till today. Ah Kaw (??) started his own recipe since year 1979 for the popular fried bee-hoon since he was a cook at the San Low Seafood Restaurant at Pelangi and now he’s even pass down the recipe to his children…

Our order was taken by the lady boss (Ms Yeo Wen Hui) – very friendly lady and patiently introduced their signature dishes to us.
It was almost full house on the weekend evening!

Our order :-
*  San Low Fried Bee-Hoon ????? (Must try!)
*  Fried chicken with shrimp sauce ??? (our favorite!)
*  Singature Tou-Fu ????
*  Claypot Assam Fish Head ??????
*  Stir Fried Kangkong Belacan ???? (water spinach with shrimp paste)
Marmite sauce pork ribs ????
All the dishes served on table very fast! Less than 10 minutes!

 photo IMG_8872_zpsa1f5b926.jpg

 photo IMG_8889_zps0298fa53.jpg

 photo IMG_8881_zps4ba4b599.jpg

 photo IMG_8884_zps09021276.jpg

 photo IMG_8877_zpsc10b00a0.jpg

 photo IMG_8891_zps8ff233da.jpg

The San Low Fried Bee-Hoon was fried to slight charred and yet not burnt on the surface, processing enough ‘wok-hei’ to carry out the unique flavour and texture. Even the surface was crispy yet moist enough on the inside, furthermore…Not oily! The simple ingredients which ‘press-fried’ with the bee hoon were just eggs, shrimps, fish cakes and slices of vegetables. The Bee-hoon went well with the special ‘Sambal’ provided by the restaurant!  
Must try the Unique Fried Bee-hoon if you visit the restaurant!

 photo IMG_8878_zpse93dc462.jpg

The Fried Chicken with the special shrimp sauce was our all time favorite! They got the taste right!

Singnature Tou-Fu was Nice! Crunchy at the skin and soft inside! Like it!
Another ‘Must try’ dish in the restaurant. Beware! It’s Hot!

 photo IMG_8882_zps9884f6dd.jpg

The Claypot Assam Fish Head was cooked without the coconut milk, and we be able to taste the pure Assam flavour in the fresh fish head.

Stir Fried Kangkong Belacan was average and the Marmite Flavour Pork Ribs was soft and tasty!

We were satisfied with the dinner!

The price was reasonable and value for the meals!

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Best Western Wana Riverside Hotel at Malacca (Melaka) Town.

Best Western Wana Riverside Hotel (N2.20030 E102.24849) is located along Jalan Mushi Abdullah before the intersection of Jalan Kampung Hulu. It is situated just next to the Malacca riverbank and that was the reason we chose to stayed here.

 photo IMG_8349_zpsa49b99b6.jpg

The strategic location is convenience for us to walk around to many shops and restaurant nearby and it has a nice view of the Malacca River.

I’m satisfied with my online booking through and the check in process was fast and amazed with the front desk service! The Hotel provided free Wifi service at every floor and even there were 2 desktop computer beside the reception for those who doesn’t travel with a computer. The room that we booked was package with 2 persons breakfast.
The river view from the room was excellent!

 photo IMG_8315_zps8d3dddff.jpg

 photo IMG_8316_zps67441d6b.jpg

 photo IMG_8317_zps7f525871.jpg

The attached bathroom view…

 photo IMG_8318_zpsb42a04d5.jpg

 photo IMG_8319_zps7bbc4e16.jpg

The river view from our room…

 photo IMG_8320_zpsf872b05c.jpg

 photo IMG_8322_zps9fb5c1cd.jpg

The simple and standard breakfast was satisfied. Even there was a WiFi signal on every floor, but I counldn’t get connected to internet once I linked to their Wireless Access point. Anyway, doesn’t matter to me because I still have my own 3G service from the mobile phone…

I read some negative comments online about disturb by some load music from Karaoke Pub nearby this hotel, I guess we were lucky that no disturbance during our stay…

There is a Musical Fountain just next to the hotel where you can enjoy the music during the evening. Too bad, I wasn’t able to take the photo due to rain…! Not only this, I planned to take the beautiful night view of the river when we back from dinner but the rain just keep falling! What a miss! I think I have to go back again…:)
If you interested on the Malacca River Cruise, there’s a small private jetty (I guess) for the hotel guests and Only 3 trips per day if you get into the boat through the hotel’s jetty, you can enquire the ticket and the timing from the hotel front desk.

Well, this hotel is worth second visit because of the Prime location and we were satisfied with the hotel’s friendly staffs and their service.

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 photo IMG_20130324_190411R_zpsfbb48e48.jpg

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Moshi Moshi Dessert & Tea Cafe at Taman Mount Austin, Johor Bahru.

Moshi Moshi Dessert and Tea Cafe (N1.55175 E103.78514) is located at along Jalan Mutiara Emas 10/19, Taman Mount Austin – Johor Bahru. The location is nearby the well-known Overtime Pub Bistro and next to a Electrical Appliances shop.
The name of Moshi Moshi is mean friendly and warm to their customers and I like the design of the Dandelion in between the word “Moshi Moshi”.

 photo IMG_8934_zpse13126f7.jpg

This cafe was founded by 4 persons (which is 2 couples) who went to Taiwan and discovered the Special recipe of the sorbet (??) and ice cream, therefore they decided to bring it back and share with the local peoples in Johor Bahru.

 photo Tile1_zpsa85f7370.jpg

The Cafe is well decorated and colourful, beside that…it makes us felt comfort and relax…

 photo IMG_8900_zps666c7404.jpg

 photo IMG_8898_zps86874826.jpg

 photo IMG_8928_zps398dd3ba.jpg

Ms Elaine Tham (one of the partner) was patiently explained everything about their desserts and drinks to us. She emphasized that the dessert and drinks in the cafe are serve with ‘Natural, Fresh’ ingredients with NO preservatives, and their drinks is make from fresh fruits, not from ‘powders’ that easily available in other cafe. Majority of their ingredients are imported from Taiwan and they make the sorbet and ice cream locally.

From this point of view, I can claim this is the Johor Bahru Local Dessert and Tea! They are also the ‘First’ cafe serving these handmade ice cream and sorbet within Johor Bahru. Proud for them!

 photo IMG_8937_zps1e6d2ef0.jpg

 photo IMG_8936_zps9346742f.jpg

First we tried out their Sorbets….

The Handmade Macha Sorbet (??) with Black Sesame (???) Ice Cream topping with some ingredients. (it’s actually named ‘Matcha’ online)
The sorbet was at the bottom layer of the cup…

 photo IMG_8909_zpsfe857ffc.jpg

 photo IMG_8910_zps25aa3c62.jpg

Basically the toppings are almost the same for most of their sorbet. They are Red Beans, Chewy Black Pearls and Grass Jelly.

 photo IMG_8912_zpsc212a0ce.jpg

 photo IMG_8914_zpsc3a69e17.jpg

I like the Unique taste of the Black Sesame Ice Cream and the Matcha Sorbet very much! Fresh!

2nd was the Handmade Red Bean (??) Ice Cream and Coconut (??) Sorbet. This dessert became my 2nd Favorite instantly! Impressed the taste of the Red Bean Ice Cream and Coconut Sorbet!

 photo IMG_8906_zpsd11b4979.jpg

3rd, The Handmade Milk Sorbet and Peanut (??) Ice Cream served with 2 Fresh Yam Balls and topping as usual.

 photo IMG_8915_zpsb676202b.jpg

The taste of the Peanut Ice Cream was unforgettable and the Yam Balls were Fresh and Smooth! The milk sorbet was avergae…

4th, The Handmade Mango (??) Ice Cream and Sorbet with mango cubes, Aiyu Jelly (???) and ‘white’ pearls.

 photo IMG_8927_zps30abc40a.jpg

Nice presentation!

 photo IMG_8926_zpsb7f95006.jpg

I guess this will be the Favorite for the ladies!
The mango flavor was nice in the ice cream and sorbet, overall it was sweet. 🙂

All the Sorbets above have a simple instruction to enjoy it, and the instruction is sticked on every table…
Eat it individually, it give you difference flavor. Once you mix it all together in one, it provide a better flavor and experience! (this is my version! haha!)

 photo IMG_8895_zps960b0047.jpg

Now let’s have some drinks…

1st, the Lemon Aiyu 2Q (?????Q). It was a fresh lemon tea served with Aiyu Jelly, it was nice and not too sweet!

 photo IMG_8921_zps074b2eab.jpg

2nd, Mango Green Tea Milk Cup (?????) with Matcha powders (???).
We had Double of this drink, one for us and one for the kids…

 photo IMG_8919_zps51538c1c.jpg

 photo IMG_8920_zps65c05c94.jpg

3rd, Fresh Tomato Ice Blended (?????).
It’s ice blended with baby tomatoes, This Is Refreshing and Nice! I would strongly recommend this drink if you visit the cafe!  
Or even you just pass by the cafe in the hot day, you can just pack it and take away! No Regret!

 photo IMG_8902_zps9ee992da.jpg

All the drinks have a sticker behind with the four founders slogans.

 photo IMG_8903_zps07762cd3.jpg

Overall, nice and good!
Personally, I like the Black sesame ice cream, Matcha sorbet, Rea Bean ice cream, Peanut ice cream. They were just Unique and Special! As for the drinks, I like the Fresh Tomato Ice Blended the most! It’s A Must for me!
Price RM3.90 – RM8.90.

Do drop by the Moshi Moshi Dessert and Tea Cafe especially on the Hot sunny day, it’s good to bring down your temperature!

 photo IMG_8908_zpsd62ae3cd.jpg

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The Local Baba Charlie Nyonya Kuih (Kueh) in Malacca (Melaka)

Baba Charlie Nyonya Cake (Kuih) (N2.20325 E102.23154) is opreate in the traditional wooden house, it’s located in the tiny alley which is opposite the Masjid Tengkera along the Jalan Tengkera of Malacca. The small alley ONLY allow one car to pass through, so please be careful if you drive into the alley.

 photo IMG_8333_zps2c444153.jpg

There’s also a small parking area behind this house, the area allow about 3-4 cars to park at one time. We had a warm welcome by the workers and Charlie himself after stepped into the house (shop). There are many type of Nyonya Kuih (cake) available here, it was really Full of variety!

 photo IMG_8435_zpscd9a2453.jpg

 photo IMG_8323_zps809b4ed7.jpg

Most of the cake’s name are written in Malay which also the National Language of Malaysia.
These are the 23 types of Kuih (cake) available everyday…

1.  Lepat Kacang
2.  Kuih Dadar
3.  Kuih Bingka Ubi
4.  Apam balik kelapa
5.  Rempah Udang
6.  Kuih Kochi Putih / Hitam
7.  Nyonya Kuih Chang (Ayam)
8.  Pulut Inti
9.  Ondeh-Ondeh
10.  Kuih Abu Sagu
11.  Kuih Portugal Ubi
12.  Kuih Talam
13.  Kuih Ko Swee
14.  Pulut Seri Kaya (Pandan)
15.  Kuih Lapis
16.  Pulut Seri Kaya (kuning)
17.  Kuih Koo Merah
18.  Kuih Koo Hitam
19.  Curry puff
20.  Pineapple Tart
21.  Roll Tart
22.  Pulut Tekan (kaya)
23.  Apam Bekua (kuah pisang)

Each of them selling at RM0.60 – RM2.00.
The cake are produce everyday to maitain the freshness.

More photos :-

 photo Tile1_zpsf44e1a7e.jpg

 photo IMG_8443_zps1b75ee5b.jpg

 photo IMG_8442_zps7e4eca80.jpg

 photo IMG_8438_zps043a8f5e.jpg

 photo IMG_8437_zps7f7ea4b5.jpg

 photo IMG_8439_zps0c02a2aa.jpg
Beside all the cakes (kuih), they also selling many cooking ingredients at the same area, like : Belacan, Sambal, Cincakro…and also some cookies. We grabbed some of them! 🙂

 photo IMG_8326_zpsa236bae9.jpg

 photo IMG_8331_zps42be7257.jpg
I had a chat with Mr Charlie, he is a very friendly person…and busy too. Her mother even taught my daughter how to wrap the kuih, I like their warm and friendly attitude to their customers! I guess that was the natural way for Baba and Nyonya…

 photo IMG_8324_zps6bdfbf89.jpg

 photo IMG_8334_zps124561e9.jpg

While chatting with Mr Charlie, he shared some nice foods with us around Malacca and also told us the story and history of Baba Charlie Nyonya Kuih.

Baba Charlie Nyonya Cake is a company dealing with all kinds of Nyonya Cake, Nyonya Popiah and Cartoon Cater for Buffet Party. Start with selling the delicious delicacy at Night Market (Pasar Malam) around Melaka 20 over years ago, Baba Charlie Products now supply to major hotels, restaurants, wedding parties and private functions. There is a saying around the town : “Think of Nyonya Kuih, Think of Baba Charlie”.

Where to buy the Nyonya Kuih :-
Pasar Malam (Night Market)
Mon : Bukit Beruang/Tanjung
Tue : KG. Lapan/Ujong Pasir
Wed : Bukit Beruang
Thu : Off
Friday : Malim Jaya
Sat : Kota Laksamana
Sunday : Air Keroh/ Batu Berendam
Baba Charlie House : Daily except Thursday

Some information about Nyonya Kuih (cake)
Nyonya Kueh or Straits Chinese Kueh(cakes) are made from a variety of fulsome and flavourful ingredients such as coconut milk, sweet potatoes, tapioca, palm sugar and pandan mipony leaves. Presented together, they make up a colourful, pleasing platter, and thus are among the most popular items to be enjoyed during tea time, as a sweet dessert, and as part of the menu at festive occasions.Traditionally Peranakan girls or Straits Chinese were trained to perfect the art of making nonya kueh — skill in the culinary arts could, along with other skills, lead to a better marriage. Many Nonya or Peranakan still spend time making kueh for their families, as they believe the more effort you put into preparing food for your family, the happier all will be.

Short History
Baba Charlie Nyonya Cakes was established in 1988 in Melaka. This business was passing down by Baba Charlie’s grandmother to his mother and then himself. From door to door business became one of the leading traditional Nyonya Cakes manufacturers in Melaka today. Baba Charlie started his business by selling just Nyonya Popiah (Spring Roll) and less than five types of Nyonya Cakes in pasar malam (night market). By improving his business he decided to make more variety of Nyonya Cakes. Now his products already reach more than thirty five types. All products are still traditionally made until today. This is to maintain the traditional taste that some may almost forgotten.

Beside Nyonya Cake, Baba Charlie also cater for Buffet Party, be in Company Launch, Training, Wedding or Birthday Party. Baba Charlie Buffet service are highly recommended for function attend by all races because of pork free (“Halal”). Feel free to contact Baba Charlie for more information.

After we finished our cakes at Baba Charlie Nyonya House, we Must grab some of them back to Johor Bahru for supper…hehe!
This are what we bought…

 photo IMG_8581_zpsb1a060ed.jpg
And some of the cakes really bring back my childhood memories…..I like it very much!

 photo IMG_8584_zpsc5ae3677.jpg

 photo IMG_8580_zpsf43070a7.jpg

 photo IMG_8577_zpse9c215b5.jpg

Satisfied with all the kuih! Reasonable price!

If you haven’t visit Baba Charlie Nyonya House for their Nyonya cakes, please go to the night market where their stall available. The night market schedule is in this blog post.

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