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Eastin Hotel during Waterfront of Queensbay, Penang Island

Eastin Hotel Penang (N5.33657 E100.30635) is located along a Tun Dr Lim Chong Eu Highway in  Sungai Nibong, Penang Island. The area is unequivocally preference since a outrageous Queensbay Shopping Mall is usually sitting subsequent to it, and we also beheld there’s a 24 hours preference emporium behind a hotel.

 print IMG_0923_zpscf92253a.jpg

Eastin Hotel Penang in Penang, Malaysia proves that not all accommodations are combined equal. While other business hotels give we usually a common offerings, we make certain we move a use a nick higher. That’s because during a hotel, located along a waterfront of Queensbay, we get to indulge in top-caliber enjoyments, possibly you’re holding corporate affairs or celebrating personal milestones. Indeed, we are a ideal instance of what a business hotel should be: a place that addresses any aspect of your comfort and convenience. This is what sets us above a rest.from Eastin Hotel, Penang.

We (me and Robin) were in Penang for 2 days 1 night dishes sport trip. Once we stepped into a lobby, we were greeted by their accessible smiles from a doorway compartment a front counter. The accepting area is atmospheric and be means to support some-more peoples during a rise hour.
Our checking routine was quick and simple…

 print File0190_zpsa1aa595b.jpg

Thanks to a comfortable liberality from Ms Selene Yeap – Assistant Marketing Communications Manager and her colleague. She introduced us a area approximate with her professionalism and her ‘trademark smile’.

The Lounge is during a left side of a accepting counter…

 print File0226_zps4ae5b124.jpg

They have a live rope opening during a dusk session…if we are revisit on a Ladies night any Wednesday, a lady will get a giveaway Margarita or Daiquiri who accompanied by a guy, beside this…the Buy 3 Free 1 House Wine is accessible daily from 6pm – 11pm.

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And on a right side is a grill – Swez Brasserie where a hotel guest carrying their breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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Take partial in their culinary journey into a universe of different dining with an collection of particular German, Japanese, Mexican, Thai and many other outlandish cuisines from around a globe.

Lunch with Vegetarian Corner (Mon- Fri), Hi-Tea with Kids Corner (Sat, Sun and Public Holiday) and Semi Buffet Dinner (Sun – Thu).

The Swez Brasserie are carrying a Mid-Autumn Mooncake Festival from 12th Aug – 9th Sep 2013. You can buy a pleasant mooncakes in their tradition designed present box with your favorite flavors from pristine lotus with double yolk to changed black.

If we are looking for place to applaud your children birthday party,
they have a Birthday Bash Package where we can suffer a delectable
selection of delicious food while carrying a pleasant time with their
tailor-made, fun filled games.

There’s a GYM SPA beside a swimming pool for guest to relaxing themselves.

 print File0218_zps162bb802.jpg

On a turn 2 3, there are sum of 6 duty bedrooms and 3 boardrooms.
As for assembly and seminars, they supposing 2 packages (or more) to their clients, and a comforts are :-
*  2 multi-purpose duty bedrooms and 3 boardrooms
*  Innovative cuisine and stretchable menus for coffee breaks
*  Wi-Fi Internet Access
*  Audio-visual conferencing services available
*  Writing materials, flipchart and whiteboard
*  Flexible and mobile platform
*  LCD projector with screen
*  Customized signage
*  Pre-event broadside around Eastin websites, banners and digital signage

As for a weddings, banquets celebrations, a duty room can accommodate adult to 650 banquets. And they supposing all a required enclosed a nominal stay and others.
For engagement and enquiries, greatfully hit their Sales and Marketing Team during +604-6121111 or email [email protected]

We stayed in a Eastin Deluxe room – 56-square scale (total of 33 rooms), that is a apartment room. Let me uncover we a photos below…

 print File0160_zps63cdd269.jpg

 print File0170_zpsf9282bca.jpg

 print File0171_zpsa16b9617.jpg

 print File0173_zps63966f31.jpg

 print File0162_zpsfaf88af4.jpg

 print File0169_zpsab38132b.jpg

The lavatory has a potion where we can see any other from a bedroom, well…there’s a screen in between…

 print File0165_zpsbc6b4c4f.jpg

 print File0166_zpscf51f3e9.jpg

 print File0186_zps23018839.jpg

The room has a pretentious perspective from a windows, a Pulau Jerejak is clearly appeared. The Queensbay Mall is situated during a right side from a room’s window…

 print File0180_zpsd75983bd.jpg

The room was atmospheric and it has another tiny lavatory beside a vital gymnasium area. We were confident with a room enclosed a amenities services.

Let me uncover other forms of bedrooms in Eastin Hotel Penang…

Deluxe room (Hillview Seaview with sum of 234 rooms)

 print File0197_zps7c27c703.jpg

 print File0201_zps986b9e1a.jpg

Both form of a bedrooms above carrying same pattern of a bathroom.

 print File0200_zps83123fed.jpg

SOHO Duplex room (total of 12 rooms) – it has a passageway building where a bedroom located.

 print File0202_zpsc953f723.jpg

 print File0203_zps592530ff.jpg

 print File0206_zpseb9dd82b.jpg

 print File0204_zpsb025ae7a.jpg

 print File0207_zps0cee0af7.jpg

 print File0210_zps5c2d7897.jpg

The Friendly Suite room (only 1 room available) also has a same pattern solely one additional bed during a vital area and some-more palm support in a bathroom, let me uncover we a bathroom…

 print File0214_zpsf24680f4.jpg

The lavatory of a Friendly Suite room…
I’m tender where a hotel yield this room for a reduction bid peoples, a called OKU (Orang Kurang Upaya) in local.

 print File0211_zpsf85e7f47.jpg

 print File0212_zpseacb5346.jpg

 print File0213_zps90134aae.jpg

Beside a photos above, The Eastin Hotel Penang also has Club Deluxe room (hillview seaview with sum of 47 rooms) and a Family Duplex Suite (only 1 room).

The Guest Room Amenities Services
*  Complimentary Wi-Fi internet access
*  LCD TV including CNN channel
*  In-room safe
*  Mini-bar
*  Coffee/tea creation comforts with kettle
*  Private lavatory with showering area
*  Hair dryer and shred mirror
*  Writing table with orator telephone
*  Complimentary daily internal newspaper
*  Individual-controlled air-conditioning
*  IDD write with voicemail
*  Iron and ironing board
*  Adjustable reading lights
*  Complimentary bottled water

Executive Floor Benefits
*  Choice of possibly :
     –  International breakfast during a Executive Lounge (level 14th) from 7am – 10.30am
     –  Buffet breakfast during Swez Brasserie from 6am – 10.30am
*  Pre-dinner cocktails during a Executive Lounge from 5pm – 7pm.
*  Promotions on a hotel comforts :
     –  10% off during all food and libation outlets on food and non-alcoholics drinks
     –  10% off washing services
     –  15% off business centre facilities
     –  15% off IDD and mobile series calls
*  Complimentary beverages – fruit juice, soothing drinks, coffee and tea served thoughout a day during a Executive Lounge from 10.30am – 10pm.
*  Complimentary dire of 1 fit per stay
*  Complementary daily internal newspaper
*  Complimentary incoming and effusive faxes
*  Complimentary internal calls (area formula : 04, solely mobile phone numbers)
*  Complimentary Wi-Fi Internet access
*  Complimentary mini-bar

After a brief while rest in a afternoon, we join their Ramadan smorgasboard dinner in a dusk during Swez Brasserie.

 print File0258_zps6bce7065.jpg

The smorgasboard cooking was Full of varieties! The Chef introduced us their Nice beef skeleton – Gear Box.

 print File0267_zpsea9d0651.jpg

 print File0270_zps9fae3892.jpg

 print File0221_zpsb3e574f0.jpg

 print File0238_zps9c4a30e4.jpg

 print File0239_zps04a0b849.jpg

 print File0241_zpsddffdcd0.jpg

 print File0257_zpsf1f98f98.jpg

 print File0235_zps588d0580.jpg

 print Tile1_zps5af44e13.jpg

 print Tile2_zps4404d36c.jpg

 print File0265_zps701a08c3.jpg

After looking during so many dishes around, we chose mine…

 print File0272_zps76208d9c.jpg

The smorgasboard cooking was good and satisfied. We were overloaded again! 🙂

The staffs here were unequivocally accessible and we felt comfort with their smile, it was a Nice stayed with a Eastin Hotel Penang, we will dropby again if I’m occur to be around during that area.

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Penang Hokkien Prawn Noodle – ?????? case along Jalan Sutera, Taman Sentosa

The Penang Hokkien Prawn Noodle stall (N1.49305 E103.77090) is located along Jalan Sutera of Taman Sentosa – Johor Bahru. It’s easy to locate if we wakeful of prior Elextrolux bureau and conflicting a stream 7-Eleven preference shop. The case started given a late 80s, it was about 25 years in business compartment now which run by a owners from Penang.

I started to patronized a area given year 87, and yes…until currently and a ambience of a noodle is ‘Still’ same as before, good maintain!

 print IMG_9569_zpsaee93553.jpg

We systematic few form of a noodle that evening…
*  Penang prawn noodle – standard. (with a curly present noodle) ??????
*  Penang ‘Loh’ mee – (dark braised gravy, a internal chapter called ‘Loh’) ????
*  Penang prawn noodle churned with ‘Loh’ – a common approach of a Penang peoples suffer a noodles where a internal named it – Hokkien Loh mee. ?????  –  ??

 print IMG_9572_zpsd8090aca.jpg

 print IMG_9573_zps03996a79.jpg

 print IMG_9571_zps35d7599f.jpg

All a 3 forms of noodles above were served with a ladle of vinegar + minced garlic to make a gravy (or soup) some-more appetizing, we can beheld it from a print above. These form of multiple is a common approach where a Penang peoples suffer a meal, and some of a Johorian competence not get used to it.

We favourite 3 forms of a noodles above! Satisfied with a gravy and a taste.
The Penang Hokkien prawn noodle does not offer with a Big distance prawns, though oppositely…only tiny prawns. And a soup will not have a clever abounding ambience of prawn, though only normal…I like a boiled garlic aroma too! It went blended good with a noodles.

I won’t use a word – “Authentic” to report a renouned Penang food, given a definitions of ‘Authentic’ ambience are unequivocally wide…the hawker food is ready and prepare by many opposite Penang peoples and some-more or reduction carrying identical taste, though competence Not be a same…these are a debates always been around us. For me, either we like it or hatred it…as prolonged as a food is ‘Tasty’! ‘Authentic’ is not unequivocally A priority…
The noodles above cost RM5 each.

 print IMG_9574_zps644ca241.jpg

The owners is a accessible man and we will have a brief discuss each time we revisit a stall. After all, I’ve been saying him given immature compartment now…haha!

If we are fan of Penang Hokkien Prawn noodle or longing for Penang Loh mee, don’t forget to dump by a case from 6pm – 12am (Tue – Sun)…you competence adore it only like me…:)

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Swee Ang Restaurant – ??????? during Jalan Kuning, Taman Pelangi

Swee Ang Restaurant ??????? (N1.48416 E103.77502) is located along Jalan Kuning of Taman Pelangi, that is only behind a Leisure Mall of Pelangi and lay subsequent to Food Republique Restaurant.

 print IMG_9586_zps51faac7d.jpg

The grill is famous with their ‘Crab Ball’ and a been handling given some-more than 60 years ago. It’s one of a longest food business in Johor Bahru. According to a owner, they had been swifting around Johor Bahru started from a JB aged city and now a staid down here during Jalan Kuning for about 12 years ago.

The sourroundings is elementary and purify with air-conditioning. The trainer took a sequence and he was friendly.

 print IMG_9585_zpse26d8ad3.jpg

Our sequence :-
*  Crab Ball (signature dish) ????
*  Pork tendon baked ginger (signature dish)
*  Bean pulp fish

 print IMG_9595_zps45a2ddfc.jpg

 print IMG_9588R_zpsb3adc2aa.jpg

 print IMG_9591_zps85af50b1.jpg

The Crab Ball was singular and so distant we haven’t come opposite other grill offered this within Johor Bahru. It had a amiable ambience soup with full of dense crab beef in it. It’s good for those who idle to take crab since of a tough bombard and enjoying a crab though unwashed your hand.
You can feel a crab beef on your each bite. Special and Nice!

The Pork Tendon was easily baked and ambience delicious. This is one of a singular plate frequency can find a city too. Have we ever try it before?
The Bean pulp fish was juicy and goes good with plain rice. Taste was special though if has it alone competence be over salty, so a best approach is to goes with rice…

The dishes offer by a grill mostly are juicy and acceptable, if we haven’t try their signature Crab Ball, greatfully dump by and ambience a different!

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Dong Hong Traditional Chinese snacks (kueh) stall

Dong Hong Traditional Chinese kueh stall (N1.48701 E103.76803) is located in a Taman Sri Tebrau Hawker Center. They supposing full varieties of a Chinese normal kueh enclosed Teo Chew and Hainan kuehs. Nowadays is formidable to find these form of case that offered so many varieties of kuih in Johor Bahru.

 print IMG_9634_zps431975f0.jpg

The case routinely start business on 4pm, and many of their business will revisit a case during a 4.30pm-7pm. The owners – Mr Low pronounced a kuehs will finish around 8-9pm.

 print IMG_9633_zps6810cd27.jpg

The varieties of kuihs offer by Dong Hong (??) case :-

 print IMG_9637_zpsfa0eed5f.jpg

 print IMG_9639_zps18b1cd2c.jpg

 print IMG_9641_zps32c79d99.jpg

 print IMG_9635_zps29c074b5.jpg

 print IMG_9656_zpsfe430236.jpg

 print IMG_9642_zpsc4df9cdc.jpg

The kuehs from this case are juicy and all of them are not too sweet, beside that we also can have a normal ambience of a Chinese kueh that someday competence move we behind to year 70s…:)

According to Mr Low, roughly half of their unchanging business are from Singapore. They revisit a case and buy a kueh in pack-by-pack and move behind to their home. Beside a sell business, Mr Low also doing a whole sale to others emporium within Johor Bahru area. If we are shopping in large quantity, we will get a good discount from a stall.

The cost of any kueh is reasonable and everybody can bid it. So dump by a case if we are a kueh lover, we trust we will like a kuehs and a taste.

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The Penang Char Koey Teow ????? case in Taman Sri Tebrau Hawker Center, Johor Bahru.

Visited a No.61, Penang Char Koey Teow ????? stall (N1.48696 E103.76793) in Taman Sri Tebrau Hawker Center (??????) someday ago. The case started operation some-more than 20 years ago, and Mr Khor (the owner) portion one of a Good Penang Char Koey Teow within Johor Bahru.

 print IMG_9648_zps2b4d0dd0.jpg

Mr Khor is a accessible chairman and we had discuss with him for a while to know his Char Koey Teow business in a area. He pronounced there are few stalls offered a same food in a hawker center, and all of a stalls have their possess unchanging business notwithstanding a opposite techniques of a prepare and taste.

 print IMG_9650_zps4f80a5cc.jpg

The image of Char Koey Teow lively, well-spoken and infused with a unami essence of a prawns, a prosaic rice noodles was dismissed with fugitive of ‘Wok Hei’ (smoky wok fragrance) from a clever doing of a feverishness from a stove, resulted in a many appreciative image of Aromatic and Delicious Char Koey Teow.
Even a internal JB soy salsa is opposite from Penang, that does not yield a accurate same taste, though from a sorcery frying/tossing of Mr Khor…he overcome it and yield a singular chronicle by himself.
This image of Penang Char Koey Teow cost RM5.

 print IMG_9644_zpse10e7ff5.jpg

The case is using by Mr Khor and his son (Ryan Khor) during a evening. His son – Ryan Khor also handling another Char Koey Teow case during a right side kopitiam of Maybank, Taman Daya in a day time. Ryan Khor chronicle is really tighten to his father standard, though we have to ambience it yourself.

If we are Penang Char Koey Teow lover, we have to try it when we occur around in Taman Sri Tebrau. Do let me know how we feel about a a Char Koey Teow from a case or other case within Johor Bahru by criticism below, most appreciated. 🙂

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