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E Pin Bak Kut Teh ??????? during Taman Bukit Indah, Skudai

E Pin Bak Kut Teh ??????? (N1.47984 E103.66360) is located along a brief travel of Jalan Indah 16/4, Taman Bukit indah. The case is pity same area with Min Zi Seafood Restaurant that handling in a evening, and a Bak Kut Teh case holding over in a day time.
This is a ‘hidden gem’ that detected by us during a food sport session…

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The place was elementary and typically demeanour like a Chinese character kopitiam, though good ventilated. The owners of a case – Mr Kenny Wang is a good accessible person. He told us that he use improved peculiarity pig and mixture for his possess origination of Bak Kut Teh, and strongly emphasized there will be without MSG serving in his Bak Kut Teh. What Mr Kenny trust that as prolonged as he regard about his food peculiarity and taste, it will move some-more unchanging business to his stall…anyway, we consider it’s positively correct!

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Our sequence :-
*  Claypot soup pig ribs Bak Kut Teh – ?????
*  Claypot dry pig knuckles Bak Kut Teh – ??????

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The pig ribs was good baked with melting love nonetheless still had sufficient trust for a buoyant bite. The dim gas with abounding herbal and spices ambience together with some slight saltiness, and it goes good on rice! The herbal gas ambience singly special that frequency find a deputy chronicle in internal Johor Bahru food market. We like it really much!

 print IMG_9536_zps4e1fcdb2.jpg

The squashy pig knuckles was Aromatic and Delicious! The knuckles were good baked to a ideal timing where simply tumble off with a gender bite! The ambience of a gravy was excellent! This was a ‘First’ time we ambience A Delicious Dry form Bak Kut Teh within Johor Bahru area.
4 of us categorized it’s A MUST TRY DISH in this Bak Kut Teh stall. Well, we can have few choices to select any partial of a pig and prepare with a dry form (even soup type), pronounced by Mr Kenny.

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They do offer other dishes like pickled vegetables, pig tribes, mutton soup and others…

To all Bak Kut Teh lover, have we try it before? If not, do revisit a case during day time from 8am – 2.30pm (accept Monday), we have to try during slightest once of Kenny’s possess chronicle Bak Kut Teh.

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Century Curry Fish Head ???????? during Cedar Point Hawker Center ?????, Century Garden

The Century Curry Fish Head ???????? (N1.48126 E103.76296) stall is located in Cedar Point Hawker Center of Century Garden – Johor Bahru. The hawker core is easy to locate means only behind a Grand Paragon Hotel of JB, and it’s removing swarming mostly in a dusk time, we can find many of a Johor Bahru internal delights within…

 print 15-cedarpointcurry-01_zpsd8f9fad2.jpg

We chose a renouned Century clay pot curry fish head for a dinner. The ‘Chinese’ character curry fish conduct offer in small, middle and vast distance with opposite prices. The tiny distance clay pot we had cost RM25 each, reasonable price.

 print 15-cedarpointcurry-02_zps092ce858.jpg

The piping prohibited curry fish conduct served on a list in about 10 mins and good aroma of a curry wafts around a list once a clay pot lid is lifted. Few mixture are used to scheming a dish, immature lady’s fingers and tomatoes are combined to a curry, bedecked with copiousness of Tau-pok (fried bean-curd). The dainty curry was baked with a ideal offset of curry and coconut milk, and it was not unequivocally sharp though with a right volume of tang.
The strength was proposal and moist, a fish skeleton disturb simply while putting into my mouth, goes with a graphic ambience of curry leaf, we all had a second image of rice! The volume offer for a tiny distance of fish conduct is adequate to offer adult to 3 persons that are not a large eater.

Beside a clay pot curry, we also systematic a Tampoi renouned ‘pork satay’ and ‘fried oyster’ from a food court. The slight charred satay sticks was ambience normal and excusable with a peanuts sauce, all BBQ with good honey.

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The boiled oyster omelette was average, a normal distance of uninformed oysters sojourn luscious while it served in this eggy season omelette. It could be improved if they change a starch and a eggs, and yield somewhat large distance of oysters. we don’t mind profitable more…

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The hawker core is my favorite food justice given a 80s. It has many tasty dishes given those day until now, do learn yourself and we might find a food we like. 🙂

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Sultan Abdul Samad Building

Just like London’s four-faced time tower, Malaysia has a possess time building to exaggerate of though with a time on usually one side, of course. Nevertheless, that doesn’t make a time building any unsound though instead, a time building substantially has some-more stress to scream about as it is situated beside a pleasing and chronological Sultan Abdul Samad Building. The building is named after a afterwards Sultan of Selangor when a building was constructed.



The building is one of Kuala Lumpur’s famous landmarks found. Situated during a core of Jalan Raja, a Sultan Abdul Samad Building binds a singular pattern mooted by A.C. Norman. The building bears Moorish influences with a mix of internal enlightenment and British styles. To paint a temperament of a Malaysian people, a designer combined an Islamic hold before finally completing a building in 1897.



Back then, a Sultan Abdul Samad Building served as an critical structure for a English. It was, and still is, beautiful, iconic and was substantially a many photographed building during a time. The English once used a buildings as a administration bureau for a government. Now, a building houses a autarchic and high courts.



The building isn’t a usually captivate for usually tighten by stands a 40m time building dubbed a ‘Big Ben’ of Malaysia, surfaced with a golden design and flanked on both sides by dual domed towers. In a eye of visitors, a chimes of a time indicate.. well, a time. But to a locals who have stood by a nation via a year battling unfamiliar inhabitation, a clock’s carillon is adequate to move behind memories and send a tingly feeling down your body. For this really time has noted autonomy during a struck of midnight on 31st Aug 1957. Since then, each year on a country’s anniversary of independence, a chimes paint a nation’s wish that leisure and assent will continue in a future.



On a nights of critical occasions such as Independence Day, a building will wink a approach to your eyes with a beautifully-colored lights. On a building that boasts such extraordinary design and designs, some have attested that a steer looks a lot like a stage of an Arabian night.



The executive legislature knows how pleasing a building is and how most people would adore admiring it, so Jalan Raja is sealed during nights of special celebrations to concede a open a palliate of removing closer to a structure. There aren’t many of such buildings like this in Malaysia, one that shows a abounding past that Malaysia and a English once shared. So do dump by a Sultan Abdul Samad Building for a sip of story and a provide for a eyes.



Nearby attractions

Popular attractions within walking stretch of a Sultan Abdul Samad Building are Merdeka Square, Chinatown (with a famous traveller marketplace and countless temples) and a pleasing Central Market.

Address Sultan Abdul Samad Building

Jalan Raja
Merdeka Square
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

How to get to a Sultan Abdul Samad Building

Getting to Sultan Abdul Samad Building is easy as it is located right in a core of Kuala Lumpur. If we are staying in Chinatown we can usually travel to a building. You can also follow signposts indicating to Merdeka Square (Independance Square) that is located directly conflicting a building. Every cab motorist knows a approach to this iconic place in KL. You can also take a LRT to Pasar Seni hire or Masjid Jamek station. In both cases it is a 5/10 notation travel to a Sultan Abdul Samad Building.




Got any good tips to share with us? Do we know of any good things to do in Kuala Lumpur, or tips on a best places to eat? Let us know by withdrawal a respond below!

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Asia Music Festival offers proffer opportunities


Sarawak Tourism Board (STB) now announced a opening of proffer module for a latest orderly song event, Asia Music Festival (AMF) to be hold in a city of Miri, Sarawak.

With a initial eventuality reduction than dual months away, locals and internationals might have a possibility to attend a event, attend and be concerned in many aspects of a festival organizing in sell for proffer service.

STB is now usurpation applications for several government areas of a eventuality such as a relationship officer for behaving acts, helpers for doing of a low-pitched instrument and embankment control area. Volunteering use is also open for a eventuality selling group who will attend in sales promotion, product expansion of festival debate packages, government information, media and open family module as good as media centre operation. Event operation government areas will manage a site readiness, businessman management, acknowledgment and embankment operation, eventuality secretariat, apparatus and materials credentials and transportation.

Volunteers will have giveaway entrance to a festival. Meals, transfers and operative garments are also included. You can download a focus form here.

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Selling guns in amicable network


We beheld there are people offered ‘real’ guns during amicable network and a trust targeted to Malaysia market. Types of a guns they are sell are such as: SAW 500, AK-47, Beretta palm guns, ect. we beheld a cost are between from RM4,000 adult to RM15,000. The seller pledge those gun are ‘real’ and will understanding personally with customer and giveaway smoothness to doorway steps.

[Source : ChinaPress]

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