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Taman Merdeka Jaya Shop Lot glow disaster

Taman Merdeka Jaya double level emporium lot burnt nearby to Citibank.

Fire warrior means to extinguish it during 10.45pm.

Causes of a glow disaster in routine investigate.

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Durian Perangin Waterfall

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Popular Steam Fish (????) during Hin Hock Bak Kut Teh Restaurant (??) during Tampoi, Johor Bahru.

The Restaurant Hin Hock Bak Kut Teh (N1.49716 E103.70261) is located along Jalan Dato Toh Ah Boon, Tampoi. The travel is usually beside a Cycle Carriage Johor Bahru and it’s elementary to locate. Many peoples suspicion that a Bak Kit Teh should be a signature plate though a loyal is their Fresh Steam Fish is a Popular and Famous plate in Tampoi area.

 print IMG_9660_zpsc702d7fc.jpg

The Hin Hock Bak Kut Teh Restaurant is handling in an aged wooden shop, and a place customarily humid, prohibited and bad movement during day time…unless it’s sleet usually like a good timing we had on a visit. Their speciality is a Steam Fish, wiht a opposite cooking routine review with others…they prepared a uninformed fish in a prohibited hot water, Not accurately steam it…unitl a fish is prepared to serve. Interesting!

 print IMG_9658_zps00239c64.jpg

  print IMG_9657_zpscdb4cf9d.jpg

We chose a outward area for improved movement even on a raining day…

 print IMG_9659_zps525fad27.jpg

The cooking and dishes credentials area is situated outward a restaurant, we felt they make some-more transperant to their business is a good idea.

Their use was quick and good, and they usually have few common dishes to offer that done a sequence routine most some-more easier.

Our sequence :-

*  Steam Tiplapia (fish)
*  Minced pig oyster salsa bean spread (tou-fu)
*  Claypot braised vinegar pig knuckle
*  Minced pig bean thrive

 print IMG_9669_zpsff0a793d.jpg

The fish was uninformed and nice! They boiled and served a fish on a ideal timing, and we like my each punch with a chopped open onions and boiled garlic unequivocally much! And don’t forget with a onion and garlic salsa that served together with a fish…
I can’t unequivocally tell a opposite between their cooking routine and common bubbling method, anyway…it ambience Good!

 print IMG_9672_zps4b6210ac.jpg

 print IMG_9662_zps0e9594f7.jpg

 The bean spread was soothing and went good with a oysterf salsa and minced pork, a apportionment was big!

 print IMG_9671_zpsf4ecea8d.jpg

The pig was proposal and flavorful, a vinegar turn was usually good that done a plate some-more tasty!

 print IMG_9663_zps346474e9.jpg

The approach a prepared it was special to me, frequency can see so most of commanding of minced pig on a luscious bean sprout. Not bad!

They started a business given 20 years ago and turn one of a ‘Must Try’ food if we revisit Tampoi area. It’s advise to revisit a grill during a non-peak hour, that’s because we stepped in about 11am…just to equivocate a lunch hour crowd.

The print we took of a opinion was a aged shop, they had swifted to a new plcae on a same travel about 200 scale away, usually notice their signage for easy locate.

The Damage for a above dishes enclosed drinks was RM71.00 for 4 adults. we will revisit it again whenever we pass by, but…only during raining day…:)

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Hari Raya Puasa (Hari Raya Aidilfitri)

The Muslim village in Malaysia and all over a universe applaud Hari Raya Aidilfitri, or also famous as Hari Raya Puasa, to interpretation a Ramadan holy month of fasting. Hari Raya Aidilfitri is regarded as a happy jubilee as it outlines a person’s delight and success on fortify and self-resistance that symbolizes excellence and rebirth.

It is required for Muslims to quick during a month of Ramadan, where they have to say their self-resistance in gratifying their simple needs and urges between morning compartment sunset. They refrain from food and drinks, as good as from smoking and passionate relations. It is also critical that they keep their minds pristine and not bay any ill thoughts or intentions during this holy month.

The fasting doesn’t deter a celebrants from creation preparations to acquire Hari Raya Aidilfitri. The fad builds adult approach before a initial day, where families start to emporium for new clothes, delicacies and goodies and allow their home with new seat and emblem weeks. Brightly-colored lights, in a common hues of green, yellow and gold, can be seen adorning a mosques and a offices of supervision agencies.

When a new moon is seen on a dusk of a final day of Ramadan, a fasting duration comes to an end. Such sightings are done by eremite officials during several hilltops via a nation and when a crescent moon is seen, a following day outlines a initial day of Hari Raya Aidilfitri.

On a morning of Hari Raya, a group perform prayers during a mosque while children ask for redemption from their parents. The tiny ones will also be given ‘duit raya’ or gifts of income in tiny immature packets. While a initial 3 days of Hari Raya are customarily indifferent for throwing adult with a family, many families reason open houses via a month where friends and neighbors of other races are invited to share conversation, delight and a accumulation of cookies, candy and normal delicacies.


Ketupat is one of a must-haves during Hari Raya. It is served together with beef rending (beef baked with coconut divert and malay spices) together with satay (skewered grilled meat). Other tasty delicates are such as lemang (glutinous rice baked in bamboo tubes), serunding (dry coconut boiled with chilli) and curry chicken.



In Malaysia, a initial dual days are regarded as open holidays though many will take a week off for this celebration. Those operative in a cities will lapse to their hometowns (balik kampung) and reunite with their parents, kin and aged friends in a jubilee of Hari Raya Aidilfitri, withdrawal a cities still and dull during a gratifying deteriorate (usually there are really good airline deals in a weeks/months before a Balik Kampung period). Although a cities start to be populated again during a finish of a week, a jubilee doesn’t finish there as one month of Hari Raya Aidilfitri celebrations follow a month of fasting. People continue visiting any other’s homes and throwing open houses until a festivities approaches a finish 30 days later. It isn’t mostly that festivities final for a month long, so take a event to locate adult with friends and family while indulging in a several delicacies!

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