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Kampua Mee ??? from Intat Restaurant during Taman Indahpura, Kulaijaya.

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Tourism Malaysia

Full Varieties of Chinese Traditional Kueh and Snacks – MIn Corner ??? during Tmn Tun Aminah, Skudai

If we are a Chinese Traditional kueh lover, we shouldn’t skip this Ming Corner – ??? (N1.52204 E103.66411) located during Jalan Pahlawan 2, Taman Ungku Tun Aminah. The emporium yield full varieties of kueh start from 11am compartment 8pm bland solely Monday.

 print 12-MinCorner-01_zps50b0469a.jpg

The dining area is air-conditioning that where we can suffer your snacks in a comfy and purify area. The emporium was packaged with business during a visit. According to a owner, a rise hour is between 3-6pm bland where many of a business carrying their tea mangle here…

 print 12-MinCorner-02_zpsa8540d3b.jpg

There is a prolonged cupboard that arrange all kind of kuehs on a right side once we step into a shop…you can find roughly 80-90% of a accessible kuehs in Southern Malaysia in this shop.

 print IMG_9544_zpsab83fbaf.jpg

 print IMG_9545_zpsa8b98a85.jpg

 print IMG_9546_zps3516e321.jpg

 print IMG_9549_zps3158ef35.jpg

 print IMG_9547_zps498efcea.jpg

 print IMG_9548_zpsff9ccae6.jpg

We attempted some of a kuehs and a snacks from a shop, we wish we can try all of it, though we usually have one stomach…

 print 12-MinCorner-03_zps159bbee4.jpg

 print IMG_9559_zpsf042ade5.jpg

So we chose some of a renouned kuehs (above) and…

 print IMG_9558_zpsf91ec0ca.jpg

 print IMG_9556_zpsb85d8e0a.jpg

Some of a snacks (above)…which we can't remember a name of it.

Not all a kuehs sell here are perfect, some of them were ambience above normal and some were not…maybe it since of a unchanging business ambience that are opposite from us…but a prices are very reasonable. Beside a Dong Hong Trading ???? which we blogged before, this will be a subsequent emporium worth a revisit if we are staying around Skudai area.

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Tourism Malaysia

Feel a Vietnam! At Saigon Cafe, Taman Gaya

Xin cha?o buô?i tô?i !

Are we a Vi?t Nam Cuisine lover? If yes, now we can suffer a Vietnamese dishes in Taman Gaya of Ulu Tiram, Johor Bahru. The grill named Saigon Cafe (N1.56275 E103.80035) which located along Jalan Sasa 1, Taman Gaya.

 print IMG_9527_zpsf6aa650a.jpg

It has a elementary and comfort setup in a cafeteria and offer varieties of Vietnam dishes. The cafeteria is handling by a integrate where a owners is internal and his mother is creatively from Vietnam.

 print IMG_9524_zps8e4c6300.jpg

I listened about a renouned Vietnam beef noodle prolonged time ago and compartment now customarily has a possibility to try it out, I’m excited!

The lady trainer took a sequence in a kindly way…
Our a sequence below…
*  Cao l?u ??? (Vietnamese rice noodle)
*  Pho (Vietnam beef/chicken soup noodle)
*  Bánh mì (French Loaf with braised pork)
*  Cà phê nâu ?á (Vietnamese Coffee)

 print IMG_9514_zps2518fc8b.jpg

Cao l?u is a informal Vietnamese plate done with noodles, pork, and greens and is customarily found in a city of H?i An, in a Quang Nam Province of executive Vietnam. Its singular ambience is rumoured to be contributed by a H2O from an undisclosed ancient Cham good usually outward of a town.

The Cao l?u ??? (Vietnamese rice noodle) was served in cold, that was a First surprise! It had an singular ambience and we felt a crunchy-ness while in a mouth. It has peanuts, bean sprout, immature vege, boiled bean curd, rice noodles and others ingredients.

 print IMG_9522_zps2a6fc9eb.jpg

Pho is a Vietnamese noodle soup consisting of broth, linguine-shaped rice noodles, a few herbs, and meat. It is a renouned travel food in Vietnam and a specialty of a series of grill bondage around a world. Pho is essentially served with possibly beef or chicken. The Hanoi and Saigon styles of pho differ by noodle width, benevolence of broth, and choice of herbs.

We had a a ‘Beef’ Pho, a gas baked with few form of spices that constructed a special ambience of it and a beef was proposal and succulent. The Vietnamese soup noodle competence not fit everybody ambience blossom since of a opposite feeling of beef soup review with internal version. For me, we like it!

 print IMG_9515_zpsec035594.jpg

Bánh mì is a Vietnamese tenure for all kinds of bread. Bread, or some-more privately a baguette, was introduced by a French during a colonial period. The bread many ordinarily found in Vietnam is a singular portion baguette, therefore a tenure bánh mì is synonymous with this form of bread. The bánh mì is customarily some-more ethereal than a western counterpart, so as a result, has a thinner crust.

Their ‘homemade’ French fritter was proposal and nice! It supposing a opposite hardness once we punch on it, a juicy braised pig went good with a uninformed vegetables and a loaf. We adore this “Bánh mì” very much!

 print IMG_9519_zpsb149a656.jpg

Vietnamese iced coffee, also famous as Ca phe da or cafeteria da (Vietnamese: cà phê ?á, literally “ice coffee”) is a normal Vietnamese coffee recipe. At a simplest, Ca phe da is done with finely belligerent Vietnamese-grown dim fry coffee away brewed with a tiny steel French season filter (cà phê phin) into a crater containing about a entertain to a half as most honeyed precipitated milk, influenced and poured over ice.

As usual, we will sequence a Vietnamese coffee when revisit a Vietnamese restaurant. We had a prohibited and black coffee that day. The coffee was thick with a pristine ideal aroma and everybody of us like it! The customarily waste was…you have to be ‘patient’ while it drizzling drop-by-drop…:)

Overall a dishes were “th?m ngon!” (“Delicious” in Vietnamese). The services was good with a respectful staffs, a prices are reasonable. There are still many dishes that we can't finish by one visit, that means we have to come behind for few some-more times to suffer a Delicious Vietnamese Cuisine from Saigon Cafe!

Tôi s? ???c tr? l?i!
 (“i will be come back” in Vietnamese)

 print IMG_9516_zpse7ed05e2.jpg

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Wonderful Malaysia

Traveling with kids in Malaysia

Traveling to Southeast Asia with children is not utterly advertised. However, many holidays in segment are ideally suitable for children. Always check previously to establish if a certain orderly outing is age appropriate. Visitors of Wonderful Malaysia mostly ask a doubt if it is probable – and if it is correct – to transport to Malaysia with tiny children. Looking customarily during all fun attractions in a collateral city of Kuala Lumpur, it is transparent that a answer is ‘Yes’. However, as parents, we do need to take certain things into comment that we do not have to cruise about in non-tropical countries. Malaysia is a illusory nation for children. There is an outrageous movement and so there is always something to do. The kids will not get wearied that simply in this country.

Great things to do in Kuala Lumpur

Berjaya Times Square Theme Park


In each city in Malaysia, there are a few large selling malls and since they also offer as a amicable assembly indicate for a locals (also kids), we will mostly find many fun attractions within a malls. Each mall has a cinema and a large bowling alley. For example, a Berjaya Times Square mall has a bowling alley – Ampang Superbowl – with a whopping 48 lanes. However, a selling mall is generally – universe – famous due to a indoor Berjaya Times Square Theme Park, where a drum coaster with loops thunders past a railings of a balconies of a several levels.

Sunway Lagoon


Next to a large Sunway Pyramid Mall – that is utterly a stretch from a Kuala Lumpur city core – lays a outrageous aqua thesis park called Sunway Lagoon, unequivocally renouned among a locals and lots of fun as a day outing divided from a large city.

Genting Highlands Theme Park


One of a biggest (and many hectic) kids’ bliss in Malaysia is about an hour’s expostulate from Kuala Lumpur. Genting Highlands is an party city with many attractions (including countless casinos) and with a outrageous kids’ thesis park. A large advantage of this thesis park is a poise of a highlands; a probable waste are a crowds. We had never seen so many families with kids in one place. The thesis is now sealed for renovations and approaching to open in 2016 as a world’s initial Twentieth Century Fox Theme Park.

Kuala Lumpur Bird Park


Within a pleasing Lake Gardens, a biggest park in Kuala Lumpur, we can find a renouned KL Bird Park. Here we can see thousands of birds. Children will have a good time, and they will learn a lot about all a bird class we can see here too. Especially renouned is a World’s Largest Free-flight Walk-in Aviary; where we can see birds drifting around we or even have birds sitting on your shoulder.

KLCC Aquarium


Another renouned captivate for kids is a KLCC Aquarium. Here we can see thousands of fish species, many class can also be found in a seas surrounding Malaysia. This good captivate is located right in a core of Kuala Lumpur, circuitously a outrageous Suria KLCC selling mall.



If we are roving with immature children and are looking for a fun day out in Kuala Lumpur, we should cruise KidZania; an indoor family educational and party core that offers an interactive training and party knowledge for kids in a kid-sized city to broach a first-of-its-kind edutainment fun. The KidZania knowledge is about real-life experiences, empowering, moving and educating kids by role-play. It is located circuitously a good selling mall, so we can mix this with some good selling afterwards.

Adventure trips with kids

Apart from a large cities, we also have many pleasing attractions that are equally pleasing for children and adults.

There is adequate to do on a Malaysian peninsula. Visiting a pleasing National Park Taman Negara is positively a prominence of your trip; nonetheless we will mark few large animals, there are lots of smaller ones, birds and insects. The longboat outing to a inlet haven on a possess will be favourite by a children. The highlands are also good as a change (it is a lot cooler and we can go for poetic walks). Especially renouned are a Cameron Highlands, where your kids can also revisit one of many tea plantations.


The islands of Langkawi and Penang can also be visited with children, customarily visiting these islands is an glorious culmination of a debate orderly by a transport agency.

At a Oriental Village during Langkawi Island there is an outrageous wire automobile – Panorama Langkawi – that takes we to a tip of a towering to see a pleasing breathtaking perspective of a island. Langkawi has countless other good attractions that your kids will love.


Penang has a pleasing fruit plantation and a pleasing moth garden. There are utterly a few good temples and countless other sights. The night marketplace in a tiny coastal city Batu Feringghi is also good fun for kids.

If we wish to revisit a best dive and snorkel islands during a dry deteriorate – Apr until October, afterwards we should transport to easterly seashore islands like Perhentian, Redang, Kapas or Tioman. You can snorkel, float and even dive together with a children. Besides many pleasing fish species, there is a large possibility we can float with outrageous turtles (especially abounding in a seas around Perhentian Island).


Kuala Gandah is a tiny encampment only a few hours divided from a collateral Kuala Lumpur, where we will find an elephant sanctuary. You can feed and rinse a elephants, that is nonetheless another good knowledge for a kids (please do not float on a behind of elephants as they weren’t built for that). Also circuitously Kuala Lumpur is a tiny encampment of Kuala Selangor. Here we can revisit a firefly park (in a evenings) and declare millions of fireflies (lightning bugs) once it is dark.

In Borneo we can for instance simply learn a jungle (basic level). You will select an easy to strech and permitted inlet park instead of a unequivocally tough core jungle trips. A revisit to one of a normal inland people will also be noted for a kids. In a northeast of Borneo (close to Sandakan) we can also revisit Sepilok, a orangutan reserve.

There are also several other attractions, such as a humongous Gomantong bat cave, Turtle Island where we can observe turtles and a extraordinary Kinabatangan stream (3 to 4 hours’ expostulate from Sandakan); where we can see elephants, orangutans, beak monkeys, crocodiles and many other kinds of animals and birds. A loyal journey for children!


If your kids adore thesis parks, we should cruise a revisit to Johor Bahru in a south of Malaysia circuitously Singapore. Here we have Legoland Malaysia; with over 40 rides, shows and attractions. Highlight is Miniland; where over 30 million bricks of lego where used to reconstruct countless Asian landmarks.


All in all there is so many to do with children on debate by Malaysia. Apart from all these outrageous attractions, there are mostly also tiny activities that will be of additional fun for a kids. The locals are always unequivocally good and honeyed with children. They will mostly be marred and will get distant some-more courtesy than they need.

A pleasing outline of a unapproachable primogenitor with children

Our kids trafficked with us for a integrate of months, they spent a prolonged time in airplanes and buses though still were easy to handle. Most travelers are astounded when they comprehend that we can still go backpacking once we have kids. Our kids speak to everybody and get a lot of courtesy in return. Observing things with a kids gives we another perspective on a country, since they will notice totally opposite things than you. Children’s morality … A new universe opens up. And if they cry from time to time…it doesn’t matter. Give them some courtesy and they are glorious again. For years a kids have behaved so good on a plane. It is a biggest knowledge in their lives. And since do we travel….because as parents, we suffer it. You wish something some-more than Center Parcs, European beaches or similar. And kids like everything…So, we transport since as an adult we like it, we are doing it for yourself. In a process, we try and make it fun for a children too and we classify some activities that they unequivocally like. So, people with kids, keep flying!!!! Everyone has been immature and has cried before. No reason to skip out on these good adventures…

Malaysia is a protected country

Malaysia is an unusually protected country, though order of ride is not to do or commence any crazy things (the ones that we would also equivocate in your possess country). Driving in Malaysia is protected too, highways are mostly in glorious conditions. Roads in internal towns competence force we to expostulate slowly. Self-drives are utterly renouned during a peninsula.

Protect yourself and your children

You should always be good prepared (for instance during day trips): take adequate water, adequate DEET to strengthen yourself opposite mosquitoes, Dengue does start a lot and it is not pleasing (read: life threatening!). If your family alloy advises malaria treatment, afterwards go forward with it. Only in a few regions in Malaysia there is a risk of Malaria. If we do not like Malaria diagnosis for your children (for instance since they are too immature for it), only equivocate those areas.

It is also critical that we and your children are good supportive in allege per a pleasing regions. Apart from a critical protection, we should also lift object shade wherever we go. Adults customarily get sunburn within a hour, children are mostly a lot some-more sensitive. You can buy object shade in Malaysia too.

Visit Malaysia 2014

2014 will be an critical year for Malaysia, as it has been branded ‘Visit Malaysia 2014‘. During this year there will be many events to applaud Malaysia’s tourism achievements and potential. Many events are also good for kids, so if we are formulation a outing to this smashing country, make certain we do so in 2014.

Have fun in Malaysia.


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Tourism Malaysia

Kim Long Curry Fish Head ?????? along Jalan Kuning, Taman Pelangi

In Taman Pelangi, there’s a renouned Clay pot curry fish conduct grill that is packaged with peoples many of a time, a place mentioned is Kim Long Curry Fish Head Restaurant ?????? (N1.48279 E103.77546). The grill is located along Jalan Kuning of Tmn Pelangi that is conflicting a Kim Kopitiam. This is a second opening where a First opening is located during Jalan Wong Ah Fook in Johor Bahru town.

 print IMG_20130630_210135R_zps8deb3336.jpg

The reason we chose this opening is since a grill work from afternoon compartment night and with improved environment, notwithstanding a infancy reviews pronounced a initial opening is ambience most some-more improved than this…

 print IMG_20130630_210736R_zpsdd001f39.jpg

The grill has 2 dining area, indoor and outdoor. But a outside are only merely 2-3 tables along a corridor…we picked a mezzanine table.

The clay pot curry fish conduct offer in small, middle and large sizes depends on ask from customer. We systematic a tiny distance for 2 persons.

 print IMG_9632_zps2c3a2f2a.jpg

Once a lid carried from a clay pot, a good curry aroma was wafted around as usual. The other mixture served together in a clay pot was immature lady fingers and cowpea.

The dainty curry fish conduct was somewhat opposite from a one we had in Cedar Point, a turn of a lemak (coconut milk) was most some-more reduce and a curry powder ambience some-more stronger, and sharp too! we felt a curry some-more oily, though it kept a feverishness really good compartment we finished… a fish was fresh, proposal and moist. We enjoyed a good curry on a raining evening…such a ideal timing for us!

There are a few renouned and famous curry fish conduct around JB, we still haven’t try all of them yet, notwithstanding a certain and disastrous reviews online, I’ll still revisit all of them in a entrance destiny since we adore ‘curry’…Kim Long is another chronicle of a Curry Fish Head creatively from Johor Bahru, maybe we will like it. Try it out!

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