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Kim Long Curry Fish Head ?????? along Jalan Kuning, Taman Pelangi

In Taman Pelangi, there’s a renouned Clay pot curry fish conduct grill that is packaged with peoples many of a time, a place mentioned is Kim Long Curry Fish Head Restaurant ?????? (N1.48279 E103.77546). The grill is located along Jalan Kuning of Tmn Pelangi that is conflicting a Kim Kopitiam. This is a second opening where a First opening is located during Jalan Wong Ah Fook in Johor Bahru town.

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The reason we chose this opening is since a grill work from afternoon compartment night and with improved environment, notwithstanding a infancy reviews pronounced a initial opening is ambience most some-more improved than this…

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The grill has 2 dining area, indoor and outdoor. But a outside are only merely 2-3 tables along a corridor…we picked a mezzanine table.

The clay pot curry fish conduct offer in small, middle and large sizes depends on ask from customer. We systematic a tiny distance for 2 persons.

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Once a lid carried from a clay pot, a good curry aroma was wafted around as usual. The other mixture served together in a clay pot was immature lady fingers and cowpea.

The dainty curry fish conduct was somewhat opposite from a one we had in Cedar Point, a turn of a lemak (coconut milk) was most some-more reduce and a curry powder ambience some-more stronger, and sharp too! we felt a curry some-more oily, though it kept a feverishness really good compartment we finished… a fish was fresh, proposal and moist. We enjoyed a good curry on a raining evening…such a ideal timing for us!

There are a few renouned and famous curry fish conduct around JB, we still haven’t try all of them yet, notwithstanding a certain and disastrous reviews online, I’ll still revisit all of them in a entrance destiny since we adore ‘curry’…Kim Long is another chronicle of a Curry Fish Head creatively from Johor Bahru, maybe we will like it. Try it out!

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