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JB Arts Festivals 2013 Press Conference during Villa Warisan , Johor Bahru.

The yearly JB Arts Festivals is entrance behind again on 6th Sep – 5th Oct 2013. This will be a 10th Arts Festivals in Johor Bahru and it’s also a determined as a longest- using humanities festival in Malaysia.

“This year, a Festival will be hold from Sep 6th to Oct 5th during a iconic Bangunan Sultan Ibrahim on Bukit Timbalan, as good as with some performances also widespread out to some of JB’s premier night spots namely Eight Lido Danga Bay. This year’s programme will underline over 100 heterogeneous live performances travelling all disciplines of behaving humanities – music, dance, theatre, film, comedy and visible arts, and we wish YOU to be a partial of a fun!”

We had been invited for a Media Conference on 25th Aug 2013 (11am) during a J.A. Heritage Villa (N1.46672 E103.75737) during Jln Abdul Rahman Andak, Johor Bahru.

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I was there around 11am and a place was crowded. Everyone was watchful for Tan Sri Dato Shahrir bin Abdul Samad to arrive to start a media conference.

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Before a shows start, Tan Sri Dato Shahrir had a brief debate and follow by a performance…

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The Flash Mob opening started during a brief introduction from a MC…with a renouned strain – Oppa Gangnam Style…

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Follow by a a Chinese Traditional dance opening from a immature children…

 print IMG_0554_zps7340d456.jpg

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After a normal dance, a 70s strain – ‘I Love Roses’ started…with another dance opening by a organisation of poetic teenage…

 print IMG_0565_zps0ed9a62c.jpg

The Wu-shu opening by one of a organisation continued after a dancing performance…that was exciting!

Photos of a Wu-shu opening :-

 print Tile1_zpsf2eb7874.jpg

 print IMG_0587_zpse3910a58.jpg

 print IMG_0589_zps16506837.jpg

 print IMG_0586_zps5331eaba.jpg

 print IMG_0601_zpsfd04605e.jpg

 print IMG_0621_zpsf86e15cd.jpg

After a brief break, a chronological play uncover started…

 print IMG_0631_zps0c49da3f.jpg

 print IMG_0642_zps56c870ba.jpg

And a ‘Kupang’ opening by one of a propagandize from Kota Tinggi.

 print IMG_0652_zpsf4b39011.jpg

The ‘Kupang’ opening was a final uncover of a day, a Mock Cheque Presentations by Sponsors continued around 11.50am.

 print IMG_0659_zps754af671.jpg

The smorgasboard lunch was prepared for everybody before a finish of a media conference…

 print IMG_0665_zpsbf54bb2c.jpg

The Founder – Mr. Yap Siong Cheng and a organizers are strongly inspire everybody to attend in a Festivals. If we can’t perform, doesn’t matter…just revisit a Arts and Cultural shows during Bangunan Sultan Ibrahim in Johor Bahru during a 6th Sep – 5th Oct. You can get a ‘Yellow Booklet’ from their website, as for a time list of a shows for a month.

My last visit was on year 2012, we can perspective some photos from a link.

Please revisit a venues where all a shows perform to support the Arts and Culture!

Official website for JB Arts Festivals :  or we can revisit their Facebook page during :

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