Restoran Yeen Lai ????????? during Kulaijaya, Johor.

October 19, 2013 Off By melakatour

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According to a local, this was where a famous Yun Lai (?????) originated and it’s a initial chronological emporium of a business…nowadays, a name of Yun Lai widespread each dilemma of Johor Bahru…

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We visited a grill around noon time, it was not crowded…the low sum business is doing by organisation of unfamiliar workers solely a cashier. We found out a prolongation of a low sum had changed to serve adult 21 miles during Kulai town, and a low sum are ecstatic each day to this ‘old’ emporium to keep a mutation of a food.

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We systematic a duck feet, Siew Mai (??) and Char Siew Bao (???). Overall good!

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The duck feet were a bit special on a stretch skin, a little skeleton were not disorderly dropping…Siew Mai was normal and a Char Siew Bao was proposal on a outdoor side, luscious and juicy inside, it was one of a good burn siew bao we had within JB and Kulai.

Price was reasonable and value a second visit.

The usually waste is a emporium too tighten to a categorical highway that creates we can't suffer a low sum peacefully, though we theory it became a ‘culture’ of this low sum grill where a business won’t worry about it anymore…

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