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Pun Heong Dim Sum Restaurant – ???????? during Kulai Main Road, Kulaijaya

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Melaka Mega Home Electrical & Home Fair 2013

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New array of Western Cuisine during Lazio Italian Restaurant and Bar, Danga Bay

There are new array of Western Cuisine accessible during Lazio Italian Restaurant (N1.47423 E103.72441) given months ago and we motionless to try out on one of a evening. Lazio Restaurant is located during Danga Bay of Johor Bahru, we can relax and suffer a plate along with a pleasing view of Straits of Johor. You can review by my prior blog post about a grill here.

 print IMG_1368_zps0c5c2223.jpg

The emblem of a grill still sojourn a same as we visited a year ago…

The new Exeutive Chef – Mr Stanley Yim from a grill had launched a new array of pleasant dishes that yield a opposite dining knowledge to their customers. At initial he humbly presented 3 opposite form of pasta for us before a categorical dish…

 print IMG_1372_zps28095b8c.jpg

The pasta above was served with fungus and pesto salsa in spinach basil linguine pasta. It was juicy and special.

 print IMG_1366_zpsac9378d6.jpg

The plate was served with half lobster, spices tomato salsa in Fettuchini pasta. It was abounding tomato season and went good with a cheese and lobster.

 print IMG_1361_zps4c301328.jpg

The dim colour pasta above was delicious! The squid ink fettuccine pasta was served with scallops on fetta cheese cream sauce. we like a ambience unequivocally much!

Before we can finish a pastas on a table, a Main Attraction of a day – The Aussie Wagyu Tomahawk Chop Rip-eye Steak served on a table!
The weight was 2.11kg.

 print IMG_1382_zps34ded213.jpg

“A tomahawk (also referred to as a hawk) is a form of mattock from North America, traditionally imitative a hatchet with a true shaft. You can review some-more here.”

The Tomahawk Steak is a Bone-In Rib Steak with a whole rib bone intact. This prolonged bone is frenched (trimmed of beef and fat), withdrawal a pleasing display piece. The Tomahawk, being a Rib Steak, has a largest volume of intermuscular fat, creation it a many dainty steak. The Tomahawk is cut formed on a density of a bone and is typically dual inches thick. One Tomahawk can simply feed dual people. The Tomahawk is cut from a rib section. The primary strength of a Tomahawk is a longissimus dorsi, that is also a primary strength in a Porterhouse. Source from here.

 print IMG_1373_zps228392d0.jpg

The Tomahawk was served together with fungus sauce, beef salsa and garlic sauce.

 print IMG_1385_zps58cbf3c8.jpg

The rip-eye beef that we had was about 2-3 inches thick and offer adult to 4 persons.

The Tomahawk beef had everybody full courtesy once it easily presented on a table. Mr Stanley and his partner kindly cut a primary beef and served to any of us….

 print IMG_1397_zpse4c96a87.jpg

The large 2.11kg weight of Rib Eye Steak was cut into 7-8 pieces and it was about 200-250g each…

 print IMG_1401_zps3f7b137b.jpg

The beef was grilled to ideal with a small of burn on a outside…the middle singular doneness is a Must for a primary steak.

 print IMG_1405_zpsed47d733.jpg

 print IMG_1406_zpsb13d73d7.jpg

The strength was tender together with a changed fat and beef juice. The beef was so good untill we felt it unequivocally warp in a mouth!

 print IMG_1410_zpsd20acf6a.jpg

I like my beef with a strange ambience that is though any sauce, though we did attempted out a 3 forms of salsas provided. Among all, we like a garlic salsa unequivocally most (strongly endorsed by Mr Stanley).

This was a sum opposite dining knowledge enjoying a beef in Johor Bahru. And It was also my good pleasure to enjoyed this smashing cooking together with Mr Tony from Johorkaki.

Thanks to Mr Stanley and his group who presented such a Fabulous dish from Lazio Restaurant.

 print IMG_1352_zpsdeadcf29.jpg

For beef partner in JB, we contingency try out (at slightest once) this unusual beef from Lazio Italian Restaurant with your family and friends, we gamble we will not regret! And we trust they are a Only grill offer a Aussie Wagyu Tomahawk Chop Ripeye Steak for a moment.

*  The Aussie Wagyu Tomahawk Chop Ripeye Steak above was 2.11kg with a cost of RM850++. Every Tomahawk beef offer with a smallest weight of 2kg. Please make your reservation for a sold plate in one week allege with a 50% deposit.

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