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The Best Malaysia Has To Offer – Citrawarna/Colours Of 1Malaysia 2013

Citrawarna also famous as Colours of 1 Malaysia will be hold on 25th May 2013 during Dataran Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur. It earnings for another year of showcasing a best of what Malaysia has to offer and to infer that colours and cultures always have a association with one another in many festivals in Malaysia.

Founded in 1999 to simulate a abounding cultures that Malaysia represents, a eventuality has given widespread recognition of Malaysia’s artistic, geological and informative gems to many tools of a world.

The ruler of Malaysia, Yang di-Pertuan Agong, Tuanku Al-Haj Abdul Halim Mu’adzam Shah ibni Almarhum Sultan Badlishah and his black are approaching to beauty a eventuality to go during a Citrawarna 2013 Parade as good as to lend a eventuality their support.

The yearly eventuality distinguished each May, to combine several states of a republic in one singular place to execute their enlightenment and lifestyle. One can use this eventuality to see shows presented by opposite racial races of this multicultural country.

To design incomparable and some-more gorgeous eventuality in this 15th year celebration, one can also get a knowledge of saying several talents and informative performances exhibited on one solo theatre or building where all a indentation and dilemma of Malaysia gets bonded.

During this festival there will be normal dances, parades, exhibitions, normal costumes and jewelleries and many some-more events that will move together all a opposite races in Malaysia. Each racial Malaysian village will showcase their normal and prevalent individuality in costumes, conduct gears, normal dance and music, art and craftwork and also normal cuisine and delicacies and many more.


Depicted as a ‘premier informative extravaganza’ by Ministry of Tourism and Tourism Malaysia, a gratifying brings in fun in each Malaysian’s essence as one can see all a humanities and dance performances of a nation underneath one roof. There are visitors from other continents as good to suffer these shows.

This year’s festival too will be a time of jubilee of togetherness among Malaysian, so come along with your family!

For tourists, visitors and foreigners, come and join this good celebration spectacular with your associate Malaysians and suffer 1Malaysia!

Come to Malaysia with wide-opened eyes and mind as this is a land of festival where we can provide your prophesy as good as breathe a celebration atmosphere each impulse and each minute. Indulge yourself in countless functions of a nation and get total fun that will sojourn in your heart forever.



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