Cuisine in Melaka


This blogspot is being created to compliment our main Tourism Melaka website at

We hope to write our comments and views on the development of the tourism sector in Melaka so that old cultural jewels can be retained and new ones generated to attract more visitors to our Melakan shores.

For us to continue our journey, we like to invite visitors to pen their comments and views so that we can create a sustainable and vibrant tourism sector in Melaka.


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Wonderful Malaysia

Lazy Days in Malaysia

petronas-twin-towersIt is an undeniable fact that there is always so much to do and so many places to see in Malaysia. BUT, travelling around in Malaysia need not just be about going around different places and coming back to your hotel room exhausted. We have collected 10 ways to enjoy the best of Malaysia by hardly moving your finger.


10. Parks

bako-national-parkVisiting parks can be adventurous or relaxing. There are many National Parks you can visit in Malaysia for some adventure (if you want). We recommend: Endau Rompin National Park, Bako National Park, Krau Wildlife Reserve and Penang National Park. The other park that you ought to visit is the Legoland. Okay, it does take lot of time and energy to do so but you can always find a corner in Legoland where you can just dream away. Talking about dreams, the best way to live it is to visit Kuala Lumpur’s Butterfly Park. A romantic day out or spend the day admiring the colorful butterflies, it’s the best way to have a guilt free lazy day.

9. Shopping

shopping-kuala-lumpurOur article “Shopping malls in Malaysia” gives you detailed information about the endless shopping possibilities in Malaysia. Why did “shopping” make this list? This is especially for travelers who love shopping and do not consider it as a physical activity that leads to exhaustion.



8. Hawker Food

One of the many reasons we travel is to taste the local cuisines. If you are feeling too lazy to visit the restaurant that serves the best Malay food, then walk around a bit and you are bound to come across some hawker food stalls. They do serve some really tasty Malay food. In Penang, you come across one every other corner.

7. Open air and living history places

sarawak-cultural-villageGroup tours can get really hectic. The need to wake up early and follow someone else’s schedule takes lot of time and concentration. In Malaysia, you are bound to sight historic places where you can learn a lot about Malaysian art and history without spending the whole day at a museum. The Petronas Tower is hard to miss if you are in Kuala Lumpur. We also recommend: Sarawak Cultural Village. Sarawak which is also known as “The land of the Hornbills” is the largest state in Malaysia, where you can find remnants of colonial architectures. You can also enjoy fascinating cultural showcase at Sarawak Cultural Village. The other cool place to enjoy history without travelling much is Japanese Village. You can witness Japanese craftsmanship and very detailed Japanese architecture outside Japan. The next must visit place is the Taman Tamadun Islam (TTI) or Islamic Civilization Park which gives you an insight of Islamic culture and tradition.

6. Cruise

Booking train tickets, taxis, checking maps for directions, blindly trusting GPS: If you want to avoid all this, then cruise is just perfect for you. Be pampered and wake up in a whole new place. Cruise ships have everything you can think of: amazing restaurants, bars, fitness centers, discotheques, live music and so on. You can also take short cruise in Malaysia. Putrajaya cruise takes you around Putrajaya lake where you can sight Putrajaya mosque, bridge and other government administrative buildings. The highly recommended cruise is star cruise which takes you to neighboring countries like Thailand and Indonesia.

5. Order in

delicious-foodToo lazy to even move an inch away from your bed? You can call for room service, but you can extend your options. How so? Just order in. Open your laptop, Google “best restaurant near me” or “what to eat for breakfast” etc. and call that restaurant. Malaysia has lots of international chains from where you can order: Papa Johns, Dominos, Starbucks to name a few. Other online food delivery site includes: Foodpanda.



4. Spa

Be lazy and feel relaxed. Malaysia has numerous spas and healing centers where you can be pampered with delicious fragrance of scented candles and oils.

3. Spiritual

Spend some time at mosque, church, monastery or a temple. You don’t have to do much but enjoy the serenity it offers. The popular spiritual destinations in Malaysia are: Sultan Abu Bakar state Mosque, Kapitan Keling Mosque, Dhammikarama Burmese Buddhist temple, Jamek Mosque, St. George’s Church and lots more.

2. Beach Resorts Books

This is probably one of the best ways to relax and enjoy Malaysia. You can soak up the sun on beaches at Langkawi Island or Perhentian Island, sip your favorite cocktail and sail on your dreamboat. The beach resorts have some amazing restaurants where you can taste Malaysian food or any other continental cuisines. The staff at these resorts is very helpful and will make sure you get pampered to the fullest. Another highly recommended and a personal favorite of many people is to read a good book at the beach. Buy books or if they are too heavy to carry around, Amazon Kindle will be just as perfect.

1. Selfies

selfiesSelfies – highly recommended and something to keep you busy the whole day. Take selfies from different angles at every place you visit. Believe it or not, in Malaysia, no one will give you strange looks for taking selfies. In fact some might even ask you if they can join you. Oh don’t forget to post it on Instagram .



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Cuisine in Melaka


This blogspot is being created to compliment our main Tourism Melaka website at

We hope to write our comments and views on the development of the tourism sector in Melaka so that old cultural jewels can be retained and new ones generated to attract more visitors to our Melakan shores.

For us to continue our journey, we like to invite visitors to pen their comments and views so that we can create a sustainable and vibrant tourism sector in Melaka.


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Cuisine in Melaka


MALACCA: The second phase of the Sungai Melaka conservation and beautification project will be completed by June, further enhancing the river as a tourist product.

Natural Resources and Environment Minister Datuk Seri G. Palanivel said the RM285 million project was a sequel to the success of restoring the “once a lifeless river” into a thriving waterway, following completion of the first phase in 2001.

“The first phase of the project has proven to be a success, which involved cleaning, beautification and upgrading the river system from the Sungai Melaka estuary up to the Hang Jebat bridge.

“The second phase is divided into three packages, where the first would cover a 2.4km waterway from the Hang Jebat bridge to the Tun Razak bridge, followed by 1.2km from the Tun Razak bridge to the Melaka Sentral bridge, and the final package from the Melaka Sentral bridge to the Tidal Control Gate stretching for 1.6km,” he said after a cruise in Sungai Melaka.

He said the second phase would also include the construction of pedestrian walkways, beautification of the riverbanks, water taxi station, pick-up jetty and beautification of the Melaka Sentral bridge.

Read more: 2nd phase of Sg Melaka beautification project to be ready by June – General – New Straits Times

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Lemon Tree Restaurant at Melodies Garden, Johor Bahru

Lemon Tree Restaurant (N1.49135 E103.76201) is located along Jalan Bedara, Tmn Melodies, Johor Bahru. The restaurant is situated in a residential area since 11 years ago, and most of their customers are regular…
The owner – Mr Jeffery Bong said he surveyed the area before starting his restaurant and like the trees in front of the shop lot very much. And because of the trees stories, he named the restaurant as ‘Lemon Tree’, a popular song which was famous by Fools Garden, released on the year 1995 and became a major international hit in 1996.

 photo IMG_2441_zps8e29b621.jpg

The setting of the restaurant is simple and cozy, with retro ambience. The warm lighting made the guests feel comfort while dining in the restaurant…

 photo IMG_2437_zps3afb04a4.jpg

 photo IMG_2420_zps3c4fc207.jpg

 photo IMG_2418_zps152e7c80.jpg

The piece of bread evenly covered by tuna and nicely wrapped with cheese, the slice of cucumber and baby tomato provided extra refreshment to the appetizer, these Bruchetta were nice!

After the appetizers, each of us have a homemade mushroom soup served by the restaurant.

 photo IMG_2422_zpsefccaa2f.jpg

The flavorful mushroom soup was nice, creamy, but not starchy, I can taste the mushroom started from the beginning till the end…the bowl of mushroom soup was just nice for a person.

Next, there were two 12″ pizzas were served. Tropical Hawaiian and Island Seafood Pizza.

 photo IMG_2425_zpsd9cdaaf9.jpg

 photo IMG_2428_zpsb9172ee9.jpg

The Mixed Fruits Salad was the following dish…kind of like the foods arrangement by the owner – Jefferey Bong, because the refreshing fruits salad was served after the large amount of cheese loaded into our stomach…:)

 photo IMG_2436_zps40f9d22f.jpg

The fruits salad was prepared with the fresh fruits, and don’t forget the special dressing by the Chef Jeffery, therefore it definitely cool us down for the ‘part 1’ foods session…

After a short break, the ‘part 2’ began with 2 spaghetti, appeared on the table quietly…
The Spaghetti Hawaiian and Spaghetti Seafood Alio-Olio.

 photo IMG_2452_zps2e21299d.jpg

 photo IMG_2447_zpsd7f8ea5e.jpg

Both spaghetti were delicious! The Spaghetti Hawaiian was served with hams and with sweet sauce, and the Spaghetti Seafood served with lots of seafood…especially the big prawns. We like the taste of the both spaghetti.

Before the we could finish the spaghetti, the New Zealand Air Frown Rib-eye presented!

 photo IMG_2453_zps15be0cc2.jpg

The steak served in the medium well doneness and the black pepper sauce was separated, which give a choice for those who like the original beef taste and those who like with the sauce.

The a bit char grilled steak was succulent, it could be better if serve in medium rare with the taste of meat juice…but this is my personal preference and it may not suitable for all of us, well arrange by the Chef! You will be surprise by the reasonable price of this steak, find out yourself! 🙂

 photo IMG_2457_zpsc862ee73.jpg

The Chef did serve some of the local delicacies on the following after having such a nice western cuisine, that were the popular Lemon Tree Special Fried Rice and the Mee Mamak.

 photo IMG_2460_zps721c5796.jpg

 photo IMG_2462_zps45ebb1d7.jpg

As I recalled, the Lemon Tree restaurant caught my attention few years ago from some of my friends comments on their nice and simple fried rice, as a fried rice lover…I was a bit late to try out but never regret on it!
The fried rice was fragrance and yummy, served on the perfect moist level and never too dry to enjoy it! The plate of fried rice served together with a fried chicken wing, ham, cheese, fried egg and the sauce. It can be a filling dish for lunch or dinner.
According to the Chef…the combination of fried rice was a advise from a regular customer who visit the restaurant 3 times a week, the customer requested to has more stuffs beside the fried rice and Chef Jeffery ‘tailored made’ the dish as what he need, surprisingly the dish sell very well from the kitchen…that’s the reason Jeffery named it The Special Fried Rice of Lemon Tree Restaurant!

The Mee Mamak was an enhanced version from the local mee goreng where easily available in most of the mamak shop. But the Lemon Tree’s version was slightly different, it topped up with many veggie and fried to the perfect taste…which mean not too sweet or salty. It was an eye opening for me to taste the mee mamak in the western food restaurant.

After all the scrumptious meal for the dinner, the lovely desserts surfaced…
The special edition of Tiramisu and the Chocolate Lava.
I’m not a dessert person but the desserts on that evening ‘seduced’ me too much! Haha!

 photo IMG_2465_zps866fbbbb.jpg

The Tiramisu was made in 3 types of coffee and with the unique cheese cream. The Wow factor was on the first bite! Not overly sweet (as peoples are more health conscious nowadays), and it was a surprise for me!

 photo IMG_2469_zpscff43ab4.jpg

The chocolate lava cake was made from the pure 70% of dark chocolate, it won’t be overly sweet…no worries! And the so called ‘Lava’ will not ooze from the cake once you cut it due to the high density of the chocolate cake.

 photo IMG_2472_zps32227da1.jpg

I believe the two desserts above will easily drive the girls crazy! It will become the favorite for the desserts lover!

We were satisfied for the dishes served by the restaurant that evening. Especially with the reasonable prices. The prices for the dishes above are within RM5.50 and RM49.00.

Lemon Tree Restaurant had expanded their dining area to the next door. According to Jeffery, the new wing is cater for private function or catering services, 20-30 persons.

The Chef – Mr Jeffery Bong was a executive chef of one of the 5 stars hotel in Singapore, he decided to came back Johor Bahru to start his own business 11 years ago. He wanted to serve his customers with the quality foods and a reasonable price, in fact…it’s a good news for the western food lover in Johor Bahru. The restaurant had been through more than a decade, and Jeffery continue to provide the best cuisine to his customers from day 1 till now…

Do drop by the Lemon Tree Restaurant if you are happen in Taman Melodies area, I believe you will find what you like!