Food Trail (Pt 2) of Johor Bahru travel food and grill food

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On one of a balmy day, we started a second food route in Johor Bahru. This time we usually had 3 persons (included me) that was compared with prior 5 persons on a Kulai food trail.

At first, we started a breakfast during a Wantan Mee Shop ?????? during Taman Impian Emas, Skudai.

It was a elementary normal form of Chinese kopitiam that usually sell accumulation of opposite form of noodles with opposite combinations. Among all, we adore a BBQ pig (char siew ??) a most! The owners of a emporium – Mr Darksen is a common and good person, we had a brief discuss with him about a noodles and his history.

 print IMG_20140221_093618FS_zps01959128.jpg

 print IMG_20140221_093718FS_zpsd67c17f5.jpg

 print IMG_20131217_093640FS_zps48793db2.jpg

 print IMG_20131204_095003FS_zps2c4914e3.jpg

We are a unchanging patron here and been visiting a emporium each week, and each time we are tumble in adore with their Char Siew ??. Most of a time we requested for additional burn siew and cost sum of RM8 (the print above). The BBQ pig is one of a good or we can contend a usually wantan mee that offer this form burn siew within Johor Bahru. We prefered a pig with slight charred on a outdoor skin and churned with fat, that supposing additional luscious review with those gaunt meat. It’s tough to report by difference how juicy a pig and a noodles are, unless we need to try it yourself. 🙂
Beside that, don’t forget their large and good dumplings ??!

Kedai Makanan Wantan Mee ??????
Address : Jalan Seri Impian 1, Tmn Impian Emas, Skudai, Johor Bahru.
Contact : Mr Darksen So 016 6605498
GPS Coordinates : N1.54276 E103.68163
Business hour : 8am – 2pm, tighten on Thursday
More info : The Char Siew is finish mostly on 12pm, revisit a emporium progressing if we wish to try out a enchanting Char Siew.

2nd stop : Warong Sonto (Fried mushroom)
This warong is famous with their boiled fungus (goreng cendawan) in a area, and claimed to be a initial warong offered this form of snacks food given year 90s.
The warong (a tiny eating emporium in Malay) is rather elementary and normal form of encampment character located along a categorical highway of Jalan Kampung Maju Jaya that in a instruction to Seelong. It was shifted from a highway side case given 2 years ago…
They do offer other Malay dishes like mee soto, mee rebus, goreng pisang and others.

 print IMG_20140210_162256FS_zps3d5c61b9.jpg

  print IMG_20140210_161017FS_zps5f04031b.jpg

We systematic a image of boiled abalone fungus that usually cost RM2 for 6 pieces. The sorcery of this mangle food is a soy salsa that churned with bird eye chili (chili padi). It was crispy on a outdoor skin and proposal in a inside, generally when we dipped with a homemade soy sauce, it give we another compensation by enjoying a snacks.

 print IMG_20140210_161000FS_zps20baf309.jpg

We will be behind for their others food in a warong.

Warong Sonto – Goreng Cendawan
Address : Along Jalan Kampung Maju Jaya that in a instruction to Seelong.
GPS Coordinates : N1.59529 E103.71977
Business hour : 11am – 10pm, tighten on Sunday.

3rd stop : Haji Wahid Mee Rebus during Plaza Angsana
Mee rebus is one of a signature food in Johor Bahru that we can't miss, it had a prolonged story given Hj Wahid took over a business on a year 1938 from his father. Today, they have many opening in Johor Bahru city and all run by his son…
The case we visited during Plaza Angsana is located in a food justice and a area has a purify and far-reaching sitting place.

 print IMG_20140221_141414FS_zpsed1691e6.jpg

 print IMG_20140221_141419FS_zpse4fb0f21.jpg

The image of mee rebus cost RM4 that is singular and opposite from others state within Malaysia.

 print HjWahidMeeRebus3_zps43fd055d.jpg

The noodles served with eggs, scallions, immature chili, some crispy boiled crackles and dusty shrimps. The gravy is a critical partial of a meal, it was only nice, perfumed and not starchy during all. This is a normal recipe of their family roughly a century ago. Before a noodles offer on table, they combined some vinegar and dim soy salsa on it to raise a juicy noodles.

Hj. Wahid’s Mee Rebus during Plaza Angsana
Address : Plaza Angsana, Jalan Tampoi, Johor Bahru.
GPS Coordinates : N1.49598 E103.70691
Business hour : 10am – 9pm daily.

Fourth stop : E Pin Bak Kut Teh ??????? during Taman Bukit Indah

This Bak Kut Teh is rather special review with many a Teow Chew Bak Kut Teh within Johor Bahru area. It rather has a Klang ambience though baked in clay pot. The emporium was shifted from a plcae behind AM Bank formerly and now a new opening is behind a Hong Leong Bank of Taman Bukit Indah. You can review from my prior post here.

The grill has a complicated emblem with a singular tables, a story of Bak Kut Teh is clearly arrangement from a wall in a restaurant. (apologies that we couldn’t uncover we a photos due to some technical problem that can't collect a photos from a memory card)

We had a dusty pig knuckles and soup formed pig ribs clay pot bak kut teh, and a accessible owners – Mr Kenny introduced us their special signature image – stir boiled clams ????, beside that we also tasted their homemade fish cake.

 print IMG_20131206_130719FS_zpsd211544a.jpg

 print IMG_20131206_130909FS_zpse6dbf73c.jpg

 print IMG_20131206_130956FS_zps42b27bf2.jpg

 print IMG_20131206_130937FS_zps2dfe732d.jpg

The ambience of all a dishes were above normal with a reasonable prices, value perplexing if we occur in a area or after selling from a Aeon Bukit Indah.

E Pin Bak Kut Teh ???????
Address : 26?jalan indah 15/1?Taman bukit indah 81200 (behind Bkt Indah Hong Leong Bank), Johor Bahru.
GPS Coordinates : N1.48196 E103.66057
Contact : Mr Kenny Wang – 013 778 9998
Business hour : Mon – Sat 11am – 11pm, Sun 9am – 11pm.
Website :

Fifth stop : Goreng pisang – Mawar warong.

This case offer a many famous goreng pisang in Johor Bahru given some-more than 30 years ago. They operated in a elementary highway side case until they have a correct dining area today. The warong located only subsequent to a renouned Thistle Hotel in JB and behind a JB Clock Tower.
Despite a disastrous gossip around JB area, a area is pack with peoples during their operation hour.

 print IMG_20140220_163052FS_zps79e89588.jpg

Beside a goreng pisang (deep boiled banana), they do sell nasi lemak, nasi ambang and others. When a place is too crowded, we need to have good studious for a food we order.
We had a image of goreng pisang cost RM2 (below), a crispy outdoor partial was a sorcery of a snacks. Compare with other renouned goreng pisang case within JB area, this was unequivocally gave us a many satisfaction! Deep boiled by a uninformed banana, drop into a dim soy salsa that churned with a bird eye chili…it done a best tea mangle of a day!

 print IMG_20140220_161920FS_zpsf8b72a1d.jpg

Goreng pisang (deep boiled banana) from Warong Mawar

 print IMG_9634_zps538ebc95.jpg

 print IMG_9633_zps40823d35.jpg

 print IMG_9636_zps9fd85617.jpg

 print IMG_9641_zpsaaf114ca.jpg

 print IMG_2803_zpsdd4582f4.jpg

 print IMG_2801_zps5ca5555f.jpg

 print IMG_20140215_144611FS_zps24b063eb.jpg

 print IMG_2993_zps7ad33da6.jpg

 print IMG_3053_zps120ba1df.jpg

 print IMG_2989_zpsf2b31a7a.jpg

 print IMG_2991_zps2cba1402.jpg

 print IMG_2814_zpsdc41d5db.jpg

We have no doubt for a Nyonya dishes in this restaurant, a poetic integrate Mr Andy and Ms Grace yield their strange mixture and their best bid to offer their each customers. This is one of a value revisit Nyonya grill with a tasty dishes and reasonable prices. You can't skip it if we are a Nyonya food partner wihtin Johor Bahru.

Mama Nyonya Food Restaurant ??????
Address : 8, Jalan Molek 1/28, Taman Molek, Johor Bahru.
Contact : Ms Grace Lim 016-7167190
GPS Coordinates : N1.52416 E103.78535
Business hour : 11am – 8pm Mon – Fri. Saturday bottom on reservation and Sunday off.
Website :

You can find all these good food by downloading a HungryGoWhere mobile app for both IOS and Android.

Mission accomplished!
We had sum of 7 opposite places with 7 opposite dishes and snacks around Johor Bahru area. Will start to devise for a subsequent food route again!

*  Some of a photos above were taken by mobile phone, apologies for a bad quality.

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