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My outing to a Machapking Durian Farm during Machap, Johor.

Visited a Machapking Durian Farm (N1.90353 E103.24766) on a finish of Mar 2014. We reached a plantation around 10am and met adult with a plantation owners – Mr Cheng who is a humble, respectful and associating guy. According to Mr Cheng, his plantation has about 50 acres, one thousand of durian trees, palm oil trees and many more…
It’s located utterly a stretch from a categorical highway of a Machap town, and usually 4WD is means to expostulate through. We were roving on Mr Cheng’s 4WD into a farm…

He was explaining all a approach given a plantation outing started, and he introduced to us a conflicting forms of Durian trees one-by-one…

 print IMG_2554_zpsfafcd3a1.jpg

  print IMG_2532_zps70f84ed4.jpg

After a while, he stopped a automobile and let us suffer a savoury durian’s flower…that was a good impulse during a trip!
The print next was a unequivocally initial theatre before a flower…

 print IMG_2500_zps6e31b92f.jpg

Before blossom…

 print IMG_2516_zpsb1e25e48.jpg

The print above showed that all these will be freshness in a dusk around 5-7pm…

 print IMG_2497_zps1f22cef7.jpg

And some of them were pleasing with flowers…

 print IMG_2505_zps868a140d.jpg

 print IMG_2481_zpscac13811.jpg

 print IMG_2517_zps62c2388b.jpg

 print IMG_2482_zpsa9e5b319.jpg

 print IMG_2503_zps0655fbac.jpg

After a flowers withered, a branches are going seeding…

 print IMG_2512_zps1915c984.jpg

The whole area was so pleasing and this was my initial time in life surrounded by durian tress and flowers!

Normally a freshness event will be in a evening, and many of a flowers will swab after 6-7am. If we be means to declare during that moment, it’s usually like examination a flower rain! we can usually daydream a pleasing scene…too bad we can’t be there during a flowers rain…

 print IMG_2486_zpse65e5d05.jpg

 print IMG_2483_zpsfaa7f959.jpg

According to Mr Cheng, someday they will collect all these flowers and prepare for dinner, it’s usually like stir boiled a vegetables, and it’s delicious! Said Cheng. we would like to ambience it too if we have a chance…

We even tasted and drank a nectar, it was unequivocally sweet!

 print IMG_2499_zps47e4ea13.jpg

Mr Cheng said, fundamentally he usually strong on a 4 (4) categorical class that are : Musangking ???, Machapking, Tek-kah ?? and Kim-Hong ??. Beside that, he also has D24, D78, nai-you-bao ??? (his possess creation) and many more…

There are also other fruits in his farm, like Philippines rambutan, mangosteen and many some-more that we didn’t conduct to get a name…

 print IMG_2541_zpsa6b47a2c.jpg

 print IMG_2544_zps6ab21cee.jpg

 print IMG_2545_zps511c8a46.jpg

And this…I didn’t get a name of a fruits…

 print IMG_2546_zps5a24b774.jpg

Mr Cheng showed us another hovel that furnish a ‘enzymes’ that use as a ‘fertilizer’ for all his fruits in a farm.

 print IMG_2548_zps78d7280d.jpg

 print IMG_2553_zps27f9acf9.jpg

The H2O supply for all a trees in a plantation is also designed by Mr Cheng himself, once he energy on a engine from a H2O source, a H2O will goes to all his trees in a plantation automatically! Fully programmed for a whole fifty (50) acres, amazing!

Mr Cheng revisit his plantation 3 times a day to guard and observe a grow of all a fruits, it is turn his hobby to take caring a trees and a fruits. He ‘generously’ common with us his past knowledge given a day one hereditary from his father.
We were carrying a changed doctrine on that day and really value a trip! we will be behind to a plantation again during a ‘golden season’ when all a trees full of fruits, before a collect season.

His durians will be offered during many area within Johor Bahru, his possess case is during conflicting a Daily Point Kopitiam, Tmn Molek. And all his durians will be accessible start from center of Jun compartment August.

 print IMG_2527_zps43126cb3.jpg

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