The Kulaijaya renouned and famous Char Koey Teow during a evening

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The indistinguishable nonetheless famous burn koey teow stall (N1.65992 E103.60263) is located along Jalan Ibrahim of Kulai Besar. It’s easy to mark a case by entrance by Jalan Ismail (which is a travel on a left from JB instruction after KFC, Maybank and BSN Kulaijaya), once spin in…the second spin on a right. Another landmark same quarrel with a case is Clinic Chai that is 2-3 shops away…

The case is open around 5pm, and a owners set his possess aim daily and a rice noodles finish really quick around 7.30-8pm. Even their business hour settled 4-9pm, though frequency can see a wok continue to grill after 8pm due to a internal demand.

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We were there around 7.30pm and luckily a owners pronounced a koey teow still available, and we usually systematic 2 plates given we had to spared some space in a stomach given of a Kulai food route in that evening.

I beheld a sublime aged male keep frying a koey teow uninterrupted given we stepped in…

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Even he was perplexing to acted to my camera, though we missed it!…

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The appreciative image of Char Koey Teow widespread out a good aroma when it served on a table, it was a elementary flat rice noodles boiled with eggs, bean sprouts and cockles but a chives and lards. we like a fresh cockles really much, distinct many stalls in JB providing a solidified cockles that totally kill a benevolence of it…

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There’s indeed still bedrooms for heated “wok kei” (literally exhale of wok over a high feverishness in Cantonese), maybe it was due to a internal welfare of a taste.

From a brief discuss with a owner, we satisfied that a case had been operated given 39 years ago and been by a third generation. It contingency be a enchanting ambience that kept a prolonged story of a internal sweetmeat – Char Koey Teow.

Do dump by if we occur in a area during a case handling hours, it competence warn we by a image of tasty Char Koey Teow of Kulaijaya.

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