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Fun things to do in Brunei

Brunei is located on a north seashore of a island of a outlandish island of Borneo, surrounded totally by a South Asia Sea and Sarawak. Brunei isn’t accurately a renouned traveller end though that is since they have not detected what there is to see and do! The 4 many renouned places that people will dump by during while in Brunei are:

Ulu Temburong National Park


The jungles of Brunei are an glorious captivate by itself. Over 80% of Brunei is still pure jungle, that is a good square of news for inlet lovers. Take a step behind in time during a Ulu Temburong National Park as we try a pleasing pure forests. Make your approach by lush, thick jungle and we might be rewarded with a transparent clear, cold waterfall. One instance is a Jalan Dadap Waterfall where we can usually take a drop and suffer a sounds of a H2O and a timberland – an intensely tranquilizing sourroundings given a deficiency of crowds during these inlet spots.

Tasek Lama


Those who cite not to mangle into a persperate hiking can revisit Tasek Lama. The park is located right in a center of Bandar Seri Begawan, a collateral city. The park is a good approach to see a provision of a locals as they come for their morning exercise. Monkeys loaf a drift of a park, so be clever of your belongings. Walk by a park and suffer a peace of a atmosphere, spasmodic punctuated by a sound of descending H2O from a circuitously synthetic waterfalls. Tasek Lama is also an ideal place for families as it has several playgrounds all around a park.

Kampung Ayer


If Venice is too many out of your range, afterwards a Venice of a East is something we can go to while we are in Brunei. Kampung Ayer, literally definition ‘water village’, is South East Asia’s largest floating village. Take a vessel opposite a stream and we will see how a locals go about vital in houses on stilts. There are schools, a glow station, a military station, shops, restaurants and a mosque to support to a needs of a 30,000 villagers who live this H2O village. After cruising around a villages, ask your boatman to take we serve down a stream to try throwing a glance of a beak gorilla that is usually autochthonous to Borneo.

Muara and Berakas Beaches

If we are one who loves barbecues, we will notice that a locals share your gusto for charring their food too! Barbecues are renouned in Brunei generally during a Muara and Berakas Beaches, a dual many renouned spots to go for a day in a sun. The beaches are also good for some treading in a H2O or a diversion of ultimate Frisbee or soccer.

In Brunei, we will see many barbeques going on. This is since barbeque is a unequivocally renouned cooking form in Brunei. So once here, take some time and join a locals during a open barbeque grounds! Muara Beach and Berakas Beach are dual renouned places where we can go and barbeque some food and join a locals in a diversion of ultimate Frisbee or soccer.


No revisit to Brunei is finish if we don’t revisit their mosques. The Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin mosque, also famous as a floating mosque, is breath-taking when illuminated adult during night. The Jame’Asr Hasannal Bolkieh mosque isn’t too bad itself and is really value a revisit for a architectural beauty and design. Plan your revisit to coincide outward a request times as these houses of ceremony will be quieter then. Do dress modestly when entering these places.

If we are looking for a holiday where many of it is spent celebration in bars, afterwards Brunei is not a place for you. In fact, do not splash in open even if we are a non-Muslim. However, if we are looking for a relaxing holiday, spent mostly sightseeing and removing adult tighten with nature, afterwards Brunei should be in your bucket list.

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