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Dabinlo ??? steamboat grill during Taman Gaya, Johor Bahru.

The Dabinlo Steamboat Restaurant ??? (N1.56867 E103.80215) is located along Jalan Sasa 5 of Taman Gaya. The grill started operation about 2 months ago and drew a good throng each evening.  
Dabinlo Steamboat combined a new judgment for steamboat partner within a circuitously area, where a whole grill is entirely air-conditioning, purify and comfort environment. (you can perspective from a photos below)

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The steamboat grill has a outside and indoor dining area…the purify and neat sourroundings unequivocally impressive!

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Follow by a air-conditioning indoor dining area…

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Every diners have to select their favorite salsas themselves during a counter. There are bird eyes chili, homemade chili sauce, sambal belacan, garlic and my favorite – peanut sesame sauce.

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The tender dishes were served on a list flattering quick even it was full residence on that evening, tender with their services. The grill yield 3 forms of soup that are chicken, tomyam and we chose a herbal soup.

The smallest sequence for each list will be a 2 persons set (RM38.80) that embody a yellow noodles, vermicelli, eggs, veggie, tomatoes, taufu, fish, prawns, dumplings and many more…

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We did some side sequence beside a categorical serving…

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We like a herbal soup really much!
Especially baked with all a uninformed meats and ingredients, it was yummy! But remember ‘not to’ chuck in a yellow noodles during a initial stage, a noodles will make a soup tainted and competence not suitable to everyone.
The accessible trainer did advise us to suffer a beef and a pig with their endorsed peanut sesame sauce, oh…which was delicious!

Previously, we customarily have a steamboat cooking during a raining dusk since of a ‘heat’, though now…with a entirely air-conditioning and relax sourroundings by Dabinlo, we theory we can have it whenever we want!

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We had a good steamboat cooking and a total new experience within a renouned steamboat grill in Johor Bahru. Worth for a cost with a uninformed dishes and a accessible service.

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The parking area can be utterly severe during a time from 7pm – 8.30pm, since there are many restaurants around a same area…visit as early as probable to equivocate a inconvenience.

Do dump by a newly open grill if we are looking for good sourroundings for steamboat dinner, a residence and hit series settled next (map included)

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