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This blogspot is being created to compliment our main Tourism Melaka website at

We hope to write our comments and views on the development of the tourism sector in Melaka so that old cultural jewels can be retained and new ones generated to attract more visitors to our Melakan shores.

For us to continue our journey, we like to invite visitors to pen their comments and views so that we can create a sustainable and vibrant tourism sector in Melaka.


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5 Pasar Ramadans in a Klang Valley not to be missed

Once a year, Pasar Ramadans open into movement all over a nation for a full month during Ramadan. Here are a tip picks of params around a Klang Valley.

Throughout a holy month of Ramadan, Muslims around a universe refrain from eating and drinkingfrom emergence to dusk. In Malaysia, food stalls cocktail adult during comparison sites as a object goes down, charity food for iftar (the violation of quick after sunset). These Ramadan food bazaars, or affectionately famous as params (short for Pasar Ramadan), attract both Muslims and non-Muslims with their vast preference of food such as rendang, nasi briyani, nasi lemak, satay and a whole lot more. Armed with a inspired tummies, we went on a hunt for a best params with a yummiest goodies.


1. Pasar Ramadan Stadium Shah Alam
: Shah Alam Stadium Car Park, Section 13, 40100 Shah Alam, Selangor
(opposite Tesco Extra, nearby Giant)

The Ramadan concert during Shah Alam Stadium is one of a largest in a Klang Valley, occupying a territory of a stadium’s carpark. With 3 prolonged stretches of food stalls backing adult on both sides, you’ll be spoilt for choice with a accumulation of food available.



Clockwise from tip left: Pecal kampung, roti john, dadih, assorted cakes

Don’t skip out on:
Kambing Golek USJ (Roast Lamb)


Grilled to perfection, a lamb is proposal and flavourful. At RM15 per pack, it’s some-more dear than a common param fare, though really value any cent.

Kebab Cucuk Amza

Be prepared to wait as a skewers are grilled on a spot. It’s RM6 per stick, with inexhaustible amounts of meat, peppers and cherry tomatoes. Go for a chicken, as a beef can get a bit tough and chewy.


2. Pasar Ramadan TTDI
Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad 2, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 60000 Kuala Lumpur
(opposite McDonald’s)

The TTDI param stays a renouned mark for food hunters nonetheless it has significantly shrunk in stretch in new years. But what they skip in quantity, they make adult with quality. There is no necessity of good food here, creation it formidable for us to collect a favourites.



Clockwise from tip left: Pulut durian, apam balik, assorted kuih, drinks

Don’t skip out on:
Popiah Basah Shaihful (Spring rolls)


There’s no signboard for this popiah stall, though it’s really not tough to find. Situated during a finish of a street, you’ll usually have to demeanour for a reserve that stretches towards a shoplots. The popiah is done fresh, labelled during usually RM0.70 per piece.

Popia Pak Ya ‘Power’ (Deep boiled open rolls)


If we cite a boiled version, this stall’s popiahs packs a punch during usually RM1 each. The crispy hardness will leave we wanting more.

Pulut Udang


A gluey rice hurl pressed with a reduction of coconut patches and sharp prawn sambal, wrapped in banana leaves, a pulut udang is usually RM0.70 each. Limited batch is permitted daily, so don’t skip out.


3. Pasar Ramadan Kelana Jaya
Location :
Jalan SS 6/1, Kelana Jaya, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
(same quarrel as Kompleks Tabung Haji Kelana Jaya)

The Kelana Jaya param is a exam of self-control, with a everlasting quarrel of stalls tantalizing your senses. Treat yourself to tantalizing snacks, feast on classical kampung cuisine, or indulge in some appetizing desserts. The good preference of food here, joined with permitted parking around a community creates this param one of a favourites.

Clockwise from tip left: Ikan bakar patin, kepak ayam madu, assorted cakes, nasi lemak

Don’t skip out on:
Azmera Samosa


The triangular samosas are also famous as a mini murtabak. They’re boiled to soundness with a inexhaustible volume of filling, maintaining a frail even after a prolonged wait. It’s RM0.80 any or RM3 for 4 pieces.

Satar Awie Kuala Besut


Satar, a normal Terengganu cuisine, is gaining recognition in a Klang Valley. Made from mackerels, Awie’s satar is a must-try.


4. Pasar Ramadan USJ 4
Location :
Jalan USJ 4/5, 47600 Subang Jaya, Selangor

A internal favourite of a Subang Jaya residents, this param stretches along a travel in a residential area of USJ 4. The preference of food here is really diverse, from internal favourites to general food such as baked potatoes and pasta.



Clockwise from tip left: Lemang, cempedak goreng and keropok lekor, nasi kukus, baked potatoes

Don’t skip out on:
Raja Karipap Antarabangsa


The crispy samosas and curry puffs make a good mangle to mangle quick with. It’s RM1 any for a curry puffs and RM4 for 5 pieces of samosas. They’re both permitted in duck or beef fillings.

Murtabak Langkawi


To penetrate your teeth into these tasty murtabaks, you’ll have to start queuing early or face beating when they run out by 6.30pm. Available in duck and beef, it’s RM3.50 per square or RM10 for three.


5. Pasar Ramadan Bangsar Baru
Location :
Jalan Maarof, Bangsar Baru, 59100 Kuala Lumpur
(beside Bangsar Food Court, nearby Bangsar Village we II)

The common param in Bangsar is a smallest of a lot, creation it a ideal place to dump by fast to prove your cravings. Parking is aplenty, with roadside and selling mall parking permitted within walking distance.



Clockwise from tip left: Putu piring, ikan bakar Portugis, assorted kuih, assorted jelly

Don’t skip out on:
BigBites Quiches Pies


Dig into some robust pies and quiches. Baked uninformed daily, a pies are a good change from a internal param fare. Prices start from RM4 per pie.


Sarawak Cafe’s Murtabak Jala


A turn to the

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MH17 Malaysia Airlines : From Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur Crashes

CNN was reported a Malaysia Airlines moody from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur has crashed in eastern Ukraine. The Star Online also posted a standing in their amicable network with : A Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 craft has reportedly crashed in Ukraine nearby Russian border. The craft was drifting from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur with 280 passengers and 15 crew, reports said.

While Malaysia Airlies also posted standing refurbish on their amicable network by 11.51pm
Malaysia Airlines has mislaid hit of moody MH17 handling from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur on 17 Jul 2014. The final famous position was over Ukrainian airspace.

[Unconfirmed] Few cinema where believed is MH17 disadvantage was widespread over amicable network.


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What Makes Gold Number One?

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Orange Pekoe


Orange Pekoe is a renouned guesthouse within a Bukit Bintang area in a core of Kuala Lumpur. The guesthouse was creatively named The Nest, though motionless on a name change after other guesthouses (of reduction quality) motionless to use a same name. The guesthouse is located during a really good mark in a core of KL, during walking stretch of several sights. The Bukit Bintang area is generally renouned due to a vast volume of selling malls. The really renouned selling core Pavilion KL is during no some-more than a 5 notation travel from a guesthouse.

The guesthouse is flattering basic, though they have suspicion entirely about what a bill traveler wants. You have giveaway Wi-Fi, a common fridge, coffee- and tea comforts and a vast offer of brochures and information flyers on all a attractions and sightings within a city.

The bedrooms are really nice. They all come with air-conditioning, and many a bedrooms have their possess showering and toilet. A few bedrooms share these facilities, though a cost for a night’s stay is also many lower. When we leave we can simply leave a room pivotal during a accepting desk, so we won’t remove it.

Breakfast during Orange Pekoe is flattering basic. Actually it isn’t that special, we are improved off going to one of a many selling centers after 10am, given there are many improved spots to have breakfast at. If we wish a elementary sandwich, or usually a snack, go revisit The Loaf during a front opening Pavilion KL. If we suffer a good crater of coffee, Espressament Illy is a good coffee place during a left side of a Pavilion KL categorical entrance. In many selling malls we will find dozens of good restaurants, where they mostly have a lunch menu as well.

Orange Pekoe is located nearby a renouned nightlife area famous as Changkat Bukit Bintang. When we cranky a travel from a guesthouse, we will find several good western restaurants and bars along a categorical road, Jalan Changkat Bukit Bintang. Several meters divided from a guesthouse we will find a few good Mamak restaurants. Our favorite Mamak grill is Bahdushah. It is located during Jalan Nagasari, that is right opposite from a Parkroyal Serviced Suites and a Istana Hotel.

From a guesthouse we will get to a monorail hire Raja Chulan within a 5 minutes’ walk. You can simply take a monorail to KL Sentral from here, that will also lead we to a sight going to a airport, or a metro that will lead we to other attractions (such as Chinatown, KLCC and even a Batu Caves). From a guesthouse we can travel to a behind opening of Pavilion KL within 5 minutes, where a walking hovel (elevated and covered) between Bukit Bintang and KLCC begins. This approach it is usually a 10-15 notation travel to a Petronas Twin Towers, and to a renouned selling mall Suria KLCC. Near a prior mentioned Changkat Bukit Bintang lies Jalan Alor, a renouned foodstreet with many internal hawkers. In this area we will also find several selling centers (like a renouned IT/gadget mall Plaza Low Yat, Sungei Wang and Berjaya Times Square).








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Cuisine in Melaka


This blogspot is being created to compliment our main Tourism Melaka website at

We hope to write our comments and views on the development of the tourism sector in Melaka so that old cultural jewels can be retained and new ones generated to attract more visitors to our Melakan shores.

For us to continue our journey, we like to invite visitors to pen their comments and views so that we can create a sustainable and vibrant tourism sector in Melaka.


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