The Westin Langkawi Resort & Spa

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Langkawi binds mixed really lush 5-star resorts that are located via a island. Often we will find a resorts in a some-more remote areas, with a pleasing plcae and private beach. The Westin one of these lush resorts; it is a truly pleasing resort. The review is tighten to Kuah, though still located during a remote partial of a island.

We stayed during a review for a integrate of days, and were astounded by a extraordinary atmosphere, and a huge luxury. The bedrooms were beautiful, a food was tasty and all was taken caring of in a good manner. Staff was really pleasing and showed high use standards. There is a smashing sauna as well, though we can also bear mixed watersport activities (like kayaking and sailing) along a private beach.

The bedrooms had copiousness of space and were good furnished. There was a fanciful shower, with a potion window between a lavatory and a bedroom. Luckily, there is a edging curtain, creation it useful if you’re with friends, acquaintances or colleagues as well. The bedrooms come with a minibar, air-conditioning and if you’re tighten adequate to a open areas we can collect adult on a giveaway Wi-Fi signal.

The pool is magnificent, with copiousness of loll beds and chairs. The grill on a beach has an extended lunch menu, with several tasty dishes. In a dusk hours this is a ideal place for a splash or maybe a tiny snack.

Breakfast was one of a largest we have had during a time in Malaysia. Everything was of high peculiarity and creatively prepared any morning. The coffee was really good, something we like to compensate courtesy to, and even a use was tip notch. The Westin is utterly renouned among business people, that formula in we carrying breakfast on your possess if we don’t arise adult really early. Most of a hotel guest have their breakfast really early, so they can immediately start their bustling days.

It’s a 10-15 notation travel towards Jetty Point, Lagenda Park, Eagle Square and a stores during a Langkawi Fair. You can lease a automobile or moped during Jetty Point, that we can park on a resort’s ground. The Westin itself rents out disdainful cars, like a BMW or Mini Cooper to journey over a island. Langkawi is best explored with a let automobile or moped, and The Westin is a ideal (luxurious) place to stay.








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