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Better Shopping with a Visit Malaysia Visa Prepaid Card

If we adore selling though don’t like carrying around a lot of cash, a new Visit Malaysia Visa Prepaid Card is a viable secure remuneration solution.

The universe agrees: Malaysia is a good place to shop. From bonus sport in a internal markets, to lush selling in some of a world’s biggest malls, it’s a breakwater for shopaholics. Coupled with a 1Malaysia Mega Sale Carnivals that widen for several months, it’s small consternation that Malaysia is crowned fourth best selling city in a world by CNN. Now, we too can emporium compartment we dump with a new Visit Malaysia Visa Prepaid Card, a cashless and secure remuneration resolution for tourists.

A cashless resolution for your convenience

Carrying income competence be a good approach to extent your spending while travelling, though when you’re out and about, a prepaid label might be better. The Visit Malaysia Visa Prepaid Card gives we entrance to your supports but a risk of incidentally losing your selling income — one reduction thing to worry about while you’re on holiday.

The Visa-enabled prepaid label is easy to use, and it’s welcomed during over 29 million Visa usurpation merchants worldwide. Just safeguard there is sufficient funds, and appropriate away. Funds can be installed during any CIMB Bank income deposition appurtenance or during any designated reload agent.

Other features:
• No credit check or bank comment necessary

• Lock in a sell rate during squeeze or reload
• 2-month transport personal collision cover
• PIN insurance for income withdrawal

• Online transaction confidence and change checking facilities
• Enjoy discounts and privileges during participating dining, sell and lifestyle merchants

The starter container can be purchased during RM40 from designated sales channels, and comes with RM500 value of bonus and remission vouchers.

Mega sale, mega bargains

The Visit Malaysia Visa Prepaid Card can be used during a ongoing 1Malaysia Mega Sale Carnival. Catch some mega bargains during a megamalls such as 1Utama, Mid Valley, Sunway Pyramid, and a shopper’s bliss of Bukit Bintang and KLCC.

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Tourism Malaysia

Sade Village, a local Sasak’s encampment during Rembitan area, Lombok

The Sade Village (S8.83926 E116.29181) is located northward 8km from Kuta beach, in a Rembitan area of Lombok, a debate took around 20 minutes. Sade Village is a many revisit visit by traveller everyday, therefore a encampment beam acquire us and explain a enlightenment along a encampment tour.

The Sasak people live especially on a island of Lombok, Indonesia, numbering around 2.6 million (85% of Lombok’s population). They are associated to a Balinese in denunciation and race, nonetheless a Sasak are primarily Muslim while a Balinese are Hindu. Source from here.

 print IMG_3110_zps4ec584bd.jpg

The many ancient Sasak encampment in Lombok is a encampment of Bayan, situated nearby a feet of Mount Rinjani, that is a building of a Wektu Telu. Wektu Telu is a graphic underline of religion, a syncretic faith of Islam intertwined with elements of Hinduism, Buddhism, and ancient normal beliefs, singular to Lombok island.

A tiny minority of Sasaks called a Bodha (estimated population: 8,000) are especially found in a encampment of Bentek and on a slopes of Gunung Rinjani. They are totally inexperienced by Islamic change and ceremony animistic gods, incorporating some Hindu and Buddhist influences in their rituals and eremite vocabulary. This organisation of Sasak, due in partial to a name of their tribe, are famous as Buddhists by a Indonesian government.” Source from here.

Nonetheless, notwithstanding differences in eremite beliefs, a Sasak live in peace among themselves.

 print IMG_3109_zps83dc09da.jpg

There were houses, rice stable (lumbung) and rite gymnasium (beruga) in a village. All a roof are lonesome by elephant plant (alang-alang), providing poise in prohibited continue and regard during night. The wall are mostly done by bamboo and a engaging partial is a building and some half wall is done by a reduction of clay and buffalo feces.Well, it was not scent during all. Beside that, it also works as a butterfly repellent.

 print IMG_3079_zpsf18e95f5.jpg

 print IMG_3077_zps6b743101.jpg

The Sasak’s residence fundamentally divided into 3 event : sleeping area, vital room and kitchen. Men are limited during a initial event to strengthen a women in a house, since if a male wish to marry a woman, he has to ‘kidnap’ a women (but with a permission). The tradition has been continue until today…

 print IMG_3087_zps4cef2f3c.jpg

  print IMG_3088_zps86c67845.jpg

Men in a encampment mostly are farmer, while a women stay during home weaving, creation handicrafts and souvenirs for a visitors and tourists.

 print IMG_3097_zps9030ca35.jpg

 print IMG_3106_zpsb757c4fa.jpg

The modernization seems unable to change a village, and they still confirmed a flawlessness that also upheld by a internal encampment and their strange denunciation – The Sasak language.

 print IMG_3107_zps03fbc784.jpg

The opening of their residence is designed not aloft than adult, so each guest come in have to reduce down their conduct while flitting through, it’s a approach to honour a host.

 print IMG_3103_zps8cdb965c.jpg

We enjoyed a debate really most and learn a lot from a enlightenment of inland Sasak villagers, they were accessible too…

 print IMG_3105_zps85f38172.jpg

 print IMG_3096_zps71b175e8.jpg

After visiting a Sade village, it was roughly cooking time…and we streamer to Senggiri beach for seafood dinner…

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Tourism Malaysia

Kuta beach of Lombok island

Less than 5km (10 mins journey) from Ashtari Restaurant and Lounge, we visited a circuitously beach – Kuta beach (S8.89492 E116.28319) of south Lombok island (there’s another Kuta beach in Bali that is different).
According to Pak Uji, definition ‘Kuta’ is gateway during a south, therefore there’s another gateway in Bali too.

But we arrived during Kuta beach in bad timing, it was pale and low tide…

 print IMG_3043_zps70e5c723.jpg

 print IMG_3055_zps341fb3df.jpg

Despite a weather, all of us usually simply fire surrounding to confident a cameras…:)

The beach is full of volcano rocks, and a vital opposite from a others beaches we visited was a sands…it’s not indeed ‘sands’, there were arrangement of turn little stones! This was unequivocally special!

 print IMG_3046_zpse3ff3b4c.jpg

Along a Kuta bay, a area is full of hotels and resorts, there’s also many activities area like cafe, grill and shops. we trust a night activities hear contingency be function too, though I’m nonetheless to knowledge it.

 print IMG_3049_zps2976bb0c.jpg

Beside holding photos of a beach, one of a debate partner – Noelle who was enjoying personification with a children around and holding good photos.

 print IMG_3060_zpse62a6234.jpg

 print IMG_3061_zpseeda5515.jpg

 print IMG_3062_zps64d83319.jpg

Noticed there were children and women walking along a beach offered souvenirs and palm weaved cloths…I didn’t ask for a price…

 print IMG_3070_zps49c0e383.jpg

 print IMG_3072_zps31fd65c2.jpg

Before we leave a beach, we found this inlet beauty station alone on a volcano rock…it’s a usually superb stone along a beach…

 print Untitled_HDR3_zps225de654.jpg

 print IMG_3071_zpsb770c3ba.jpg

There was zero much, we left a beach after 30 mins and continue a debate to a subsequent destination…

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Tourism Malaysia

Ashtari Restaurant and Lounge during South Lombok Island, Indonesia

After a ‘suntan session’ from a 2 beaches – Selong Belanak and Mawun beach, we were starving for food…traveling about 7km of circuitous highway from a beach, we finally reached Ashtari Restaurant and Lounge (S8.88255 E116.26417).

 print IMG_2984_zpsee3c3767.jpg

While we walked into a grill area, beheld one little signage nailed on a tree…took a closer look, it settled “Yoga Platform”. Oh my goodness! Great! The Yoga activities within a nature! But we didn’t conduct to take a shot on a height since it was not prepared yet…

 print IMG_2986_zps3133ddf9.jpg

The grill is situated on a tiny hill, everybody of us enjoying a transport from a opening adult to a restaurant…

 print IMG_2987_zpse46c3d14.jpg

The initial overwhelming perspective captivated all of us was a patio that unaware a Kuta city and a beach. It was a fantastic view!

 print IMG_2990_zps1959352c.jpg

Let me uncover we around a restaurant…
By walking into a categorical dining area, a place is full of bean bags…new judgment of a restaurant.

 print IMG_3008_zps3ff30abd.jpg

 print IMG_3010_zps05d9cf07.jpg

Beside a bean bags area in a core of a restaurant, there are others opposite pattern of dining tables and chairs surrounded…

 print IMG_3004_zpsec131270.jpg

 print IMG_3006_zpsc68448c9.jpg

 print IMG_3012_zps00a98a08.jpg

 print IMG_3009_zpsae453ddf.jpg

With a sitting areas above, we trust a patio is a renouned area. And yes! We chose a patio too!

 print IMG_3002_zps69a71ec1.jpg

 print IMG_2991_zps8d28f6f5.jpg

 print IMG_3016_zps6d00fb63.jpg

The patio area has a ideal monumental perspective of a pleasing surrounding.

The accessible owners is Mr Priss, who innate in Paris.

 print IMG_2995_zpse88ae9e4.jpg

Mr Priss was an engineer and a engineer who had few hobbies in cooking and music. He was a executive of a grill and bar in Paris, and also owners of a restaurants in France. Before he came to Indonesia, he did a pattern and pattern for a Arabian Palace in Dubai and Saudi Arabia. Mr Priss and his mother unexpected consider of change their life character and motionless to started a grill in Bali called La Plage in Legian area, a grill continued to operated for 5 years. Beside a grill in Bali, he also managed to designed and assembled 5 villas in Bali island of Indonesia. Now, Mr Priss became one of a partners of Ashtari Restaurant and he been using it now for a year.

Before a food offer on table, everybody was bustling holding print around a restaurant…some only enraptured by a monumental view of Ashrati Restaurant…her name is Karen.

 print IMG_3014_zps1a97b96b.jpg

At first, we had some starter…

 print IMG_3017_zps2fc5e908.jpg

Then followed by a categorical courses…
Most of us motionless to try out their internal dishes, so we had a seafood Nasi Goreng Kampung and other debate friends systematic a internal seafood mee goreng, some tasted a beef burger…

 print IMG_3025_zps1044ef33.jpg

 print IMG_3023_zps76fdf6b2.jpg

 print IMG_3022_zps608f7938.jpg

Beside a categorical courses above, it’s strongly endorsed we systematic a additional internal sambal (chili) for those who can take sharp chili, it was prohibited and marvelous! We all like it unequivocally much!

 print IMG_3027_zps1d686004.jpg

The dishes were unequivocally astounded us with a internal and strange taste! Provided with a opposite recipe that we had it in a country, and a apportionment was large adequate to confident a hunger, delicious!

Dessert came after a meals, we attempted a pancakes with Nutella and banana…oh man! Nice and not overly sweet.

 print IMG_3030_zps7deebeb3.jpg

The grill is also a ideal cold out place for a ice cold drink while examination a sunset…

 print IMG_3021_zps92b0bda7.jpg

After we finished a smashing meals, everybody was relax on a bean bags and enjoyed their drinks…

 print IMG_3034_zpse664ec7f.jpg

 print IMG_3035_zps8dac690f.jpg

Because of a schedule, we can't laying on a bean bags for too long…too bad…
We started a tour to a subsequent destination…

* Strongly endorsed restaurant, contingency revisit during slightest once if we are transport to Lombok island.

 print IMG_3031_zps86dad6f7.jpg

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