Sade Village, a local Sasak’s encampment during Rembitan area, Lombok

Rate this post The Sade Village (S8.83926 E116.29181) is located northward 8km from Kuta beach, in a Rembitan area of Lombok, a debate took around 20 minutes. Sade Village is a many revisit visit by traveller everyday, therefore a encampment beam acquire us and explain a enlightenment along a encampment tour. “The Sasak people live […]

Kuta beach of Lombok island

Rate this post Less than 5km (10 mins journey) from Ashtari Restaurant and Lounge, we visited a circuitously beach – Kuta beach (S8.89492 E116.28319) of south Lombok island (there’s another Kuta beach in Bali that is different). According to Pak Uji, definition ‘Kuta’ is gateway during a south, therefore there’s another gateway in Bali too. […]

Ashtari Restaurant and Lounge during South Lombok Island, Indonesia

Rate this post After a ‘suntan session’ from a 2 beaches – Selong Belanak and Mawun beach, we were starving for food…traveling about 7km of circuitous highway from a beach, we finally reached Ashtari Restaurant and Lounge (S8.88255 E116.26417). While we walked into a grill area, beheld one little signage nailed on a tree…took a […]