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Subway @ Ipoh Greentown

Subway, which is an American fast food restaurant franchise that sells submarine sandwich and salads, had finally arrived in the Ipoh town and starts operating on 24th October 2014. This outlet was situated in Greentown Ipoh and it was the first outlet of Subway in the Perak State. Honestly, I had never paid a visit to any Subway Outlets in other states and had always wished to visit this restaurant. At last, I grab the chance to pay a visit to Subway in Ipoh on this Saturday.
Subway Ipoh1

When I entering Subway, my first impression on Subway was it had no different with other fast food restaurants. There were no menu on the table and if you want to order the dishes, you have to place your order in the counter; the menu were placed high on the wall; some banners showing some current trendy dishes; serving based on the first-come-first-serve basis and customer have to queue to place the order. Not the least, the food served was less healthy.

Subway Ipoh2

Subway Ipoh8

Subway Ipoh6

As soon as I come to place my order, I found that my first impression on Subway was wrong. The way to place an order is totally different with other fast food restaurants. There were several steps that need to go through before the sandwich of my choice is ready to serve, customer are free to mix and match the veggie and sauce for their sandwich and the sandwich is rich with veggies and much healthier than I thought! Now let’s go through the steps in ordering your Sandwich/wrap/salad.

First Step: Choose your item.

Instead of Sandwich, there were other choices, which are wrap or salad. As I never try on any dishes from Subway, I decide to choose the hot seller – Everyday Value 6-inch subs which just cost me for RM6.90. There are several choices for Everyday Value, which includes Seafood Crab, Chicken Slice, Meatball Marinara and Veggie Delite. I choose to have Chicken Slice 6-inch Subs. After choosing the item, it is time to choose the main ingredients.

Second Step: Choose your Bread.

There is variety of gourmet breads that baked freshly every day. I face some difficulty in choosing the bread as I never have a taste on all of them. At last, I choose Parmesan Oregano as the name sounds delicious to me.

Third Step: Any Extra?

After choosing the bread, the worker might ask you if you need any extra for meat and cheese. After that, wait a while as the worker is toasting your bread.

Forth Step: Choose your Veggies

There are variety of veggies that can be choose to be place inside the sandwich, the veggies include lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, pickles, green peppers, red onion, olives and jalapenos. I choose all the veggies except green peppers as I dislike to eat the green peppers in raw.

Fifth Step: Choose Sauce or Dressing

There is few type of sauce available to be chosen. Customer is free to choose/mix and match few types of sauce for the sandwich. I had chosen honey mustard, mayonnaise and chili sauce. At last, my sandwich is ready to serve and time for make payment!

For Subway Everyday Value, customer can get 16oz drink by just add in RM 1. Really is a great saver as I can get a big cup of Ice Lemon tea with just RM 1. There are varieties of soft drinks available to be chosen.

Subway Ipoh4

 There are cookies too, but I did not placed any order for cookies. It looks delicious and for sure I will return and have a try on it.

Subway Ipoh5

 Five Subway Sandwich for us.

Subway Ipoh7

Here is my Sandwich, Parmesan Oregano bread filled with chicken slice, cheese, varieties of veggies and sauce. The Parmesan Oregano bread is fragrant with herbs aroma and not too hard after being toasted. For the veggies,  before this, I never ate jalapenos although jalapenos were usually used in Chinese dishes. I gave the first try by adding Jalapenos into my Sandwich, but the combination is just nice for me. For the sauce that I choose, which are honey mustard, mayonnaise and chili sauce, my elder sister laugh at me at the first glance as she think that my choice was weird. After she try my sandwich, she said that my sandwich taste better than her. So readers, what was your usual choices in Subway? Don’t hesitate to tell me for your choice, I would like to try other combinations for my next time visit.


Subway Ipoh

Address: No. 5, Persiaran Greentown 4, Greentown Business Centre, 30450 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia.

Opening Hours: 10 am – 10 pm daily

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10 Unconventional Souvenirs to Bring Back From Malaysia

Remember the last souvenir you received? Chances are, it’s hidden deep in your closet or collecting dust somewhere. So the next time you’re souvenir hunting, forget the fridge magnets, keychains, t-shirts and little trinkets that your friends won’t know what to do with. Here are some unconventional souvenir ideas to bring back from Malaysia that your friends will love.


1. Textiles – Batik Songket
Batik and songket are traditional Malaysian textiles, each with its own unique designs. Malaysian batik is renowned for its vibrant colours and bold prints. The songket on the other hand, is a brocade of woven silk or cotton interwoven with either silver or golden threads. The intricate designs on the textile make great decorations around the home as tablecloths, pillow cases or even as a statement art piece.

Where to buy:
Central Market or Kraftangan Malaysia


2. Durian Chocolate
Whether you’re a fan of durian or not, durian chocolate is a great gift to introduce friends to the king of fruits. Love it or hate it, it’s sure to bring a great reaction out of them!

P/S: Get to know more about durian with our beginner’s guide to the king of fruits

Approximately MYR 20-25 for a box of chocolate

Where to buy:
Supermarkets, Airport Duty Free


3. Instant White Coffee
The coffee culture in Malaysia began in the olden kopitiam (coffee shop) days. It was a common sight to have the young and old enjoying a cup of freshly brewed coffee while reading the newspaper or chatting with one another. While kopitiams have evolved, Malaysian coffee has remained a favourite among the locals. Thanks to a special roasting technique involving margarine, Malaysian white coffee has a unique flavour and aroma that is loved by many. Creamy and rich in taste, the instant packs offer a convenience for the perfect cup of coffee at any time. Some of the more popular brands are OLDTOWN, Ah Huat and Aik Cheong.

Approximately MYR 12-15 for a pack of 15

Where to buy:
Supermarkets, OLDTOWN coffee shops


4. Curry Paste, Spices Sauces
Share a taste of Malaysia with those at home. From curry pastes to satay sauces, there are many different types of ready-to-cook sauces for you to bring home. Look out for Brahim’s or Baba’s for the most authentic flavours.

Approximately MYR 4-7 for a pack

Where to buy:


5. MyKuali Penang White Curry Instant Noodles
Ranked seventh in The Ramen Rater’s list of spiciest instant noodles of all time, the MyKuali Penang White Curry instant noodles is as authentic as it gets for instant noodles. What sets this instant noodles apart is the chilli paste and non-dairy creamer that gives the soup a rich and creamy texture. When it was first launched, these noodles were so elusive that people were going into a frenzy trying to get their hands on them. Some would even buy them in bulk from the factory in Penang, to share them with friends back home. Thankfully, they are now easily available at most supermarkets.

Approximately MYR 6.90 for a pack of 4

Where to buy:


6. Gamat Products
A species of sea cucumber, gamat is rich in protein and has medicinal healing values. Processed gamat is available in a pure liquid type, also known as “air gamat” (gamat water) that can be consumed, and a mixed type, known as “minyak gamat” (gamat oil) that is used for external application. It is useful in healing cuts, burns, injuries and even toothaches.

Where to buy:
Gamat products can be found in pharmacies and supermarkets, but the best products can be found in Langkawi, home of the gamat industry in Malaysia.


7. Nutmeg Oil
Nutmeg oil is traditionally used to relieve muscular pains, sprains, cramps, headaches and stomachaches. It is made from the extract of the nutmeg seed. Just apply the oil on affected areas, and you’ll find relief. A popular brand of nutmeg oil is Cheong Kim Chuan which has a shop in Penang where you can find other nutmeg products too.

Where to buy:
Penang is the largest nutmeg producer in Malaysia, but nutmeg oil/balm can also be found in pharmacies nationwide.


8. Boh Tea
You might have seen the spectacle of teh tarik —Malaysia’s local tea—at mamaks, but the British also brought their love for English-styled tea when they colonised Malaysia. Founded in 1929 by J. A. Russell, BOH Plantations is the largest tea producer in Malaysia with tea gardens along the slopes of Cameron Highlands. Besides black tea, they also produce unique flavoured teas such as passion fruit, lime and ginger, mango, earl grey with tangerine and lemon mandarin.

Approximately MYR 5 for 25 teabags

Where to buy:
Supermarkets or Boh Tea plantation in Cameron Highlands


9. Half-Boiled Egg Cooker
Half-boiled eggs remain a breakfast favourite across generations in Malaysia. This useful, nifty gadget makes it easy to make the perfect half-boiled eggs – soft egg whites, with runny yolks. Just put your eggs in, pour hot water up to the indicator line, and wait for the water to slowly drip into the bottom container. No fiddling with timers and stoves early in the morning!

Price: Approximately MYR 10

Where to buy: Supermarkets


10. Adopt a Turtle
Want to give a gift that makes a difference? Adopt a turtle in your friend’s name and help save the turtles in Terengganu. By adopting a turtle, you will be helping WWF in their efforts to protect this national icon to ensure that they are around for generations to come. You’ll receive a cute turtle plush toy, an info card and a certificate that you can give to your friend.

Donations start from MYR 38 monthly

Where to buy:
WWF Malaysia – Adopt A Turtle (

All geared up for shopping? Get more bargains at the 1Malaysia Year End Sale from 15th November 2014 to 4th January 2015.

For more information about Malaysia and what to see and do, visit

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Chee Cheong Fan @ Kedai Makan Leong Heng, Bukit Cina

Chee Cheong Fan is always Chinese favorite foods whenever for breakfast, lunch or dinner. While, at Bukit Cina you can find Melaka very own style Chee Cheong Fan where the aunty selling her Chee Cheong Fan for many years just with a trishaw in-front Kedai Makan Leong Heng, Bukit Cina.

You can option for take away or dine here inside Kedai Makan Leong Heng, they will served your Chee Cheong Fan into the coffee shop after your ordered. But, you have to wait for little time since there will many people’s will come over here for take away.

A very simple Melaka style Chee Cheong Fan, some sesame, yam cake. But, it is a perfect mixed, simply delicious for breakfast even for lunch! Local will pour some Chili sauce and Soya sauce as they provided and mixed it together, perfect.

Kedai Makan Leong Heng (Opposite Capitol Satay Celup)
Address : 36, Lorong Bukit Cina, 75100 Melaka
Business Hour : 9am – Finish
GPS Coordinates : N2.195331, E102.252498

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Char Siew Rice @ Bunga Raya

Wanted to have little heavy yet delicious Char Siew Rice for breakfast at early morning? Char Siew Rice at Medan Makan Boon Leong, Bunga Raya is the best choice for local, even tourist.

There are few stalls is selling the Char Siew Rice at Medan Makan Boon Leong, Bunga Raya, but personally prefer for the stall at the left side and it was my favorites since I was kid.

Melaka Char Siew Rice normally will come with curry sauce, siew york, some fried eggs and sambal. The curry sauce an the sambal is an addition to make the Char Siew Rice even taste more goods. Personally prefer their sambal, not too spicy and it’s simply delicious when eat together with the rice.

Char Siew Rice @ Medan Makan Boon Leong, Bunga Raya
Business time : 9.30am – Finish
Address : Bunga Raya, 75250 Melaka
GPS Coordinates : N2.198184, E102.251281

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3 days 2 nights exclusive trip to Tunamaya Beach and Spa Resort in Tioman Island

Tioman island is one of the beautiful and nature island which is closer to Johor state at the east side of Pennisular Malaysia. This is one of the island which I won’t get boring despite how many times I visit, beside the crystal clear water, the island also has many jungle trekking and hiking trails.

I was invited for the 3 days 2 nights trip to Tunamaya Beach and Spa Resort (N2.72072 E104.15162) on last month November 2014, it was a all-in exclusive package and total relax trip offered by the resort. We were the privileged few to experience the new package which officially launch on 20th December 2014. The package included the 45 minutes private chartered flight (Cessna 208B Grand Caravan) from Sultan Ismail International Airport Senai to Tekek Airport Tioman Island, that made us excited because it was a inaugural flight from Senai to Tioman. (90 minutes flight from Subang to Tioman island)

 photo Cessna_zps6ad6c8e0.jpg

Our itinerary for the 3 days 2 nights trip for Tunamaya Beach and Spa Resort, Tioman Island.
Day 1
*  Depart from Senai Airport to Tekek Airport Tioman by private chartered plane.
*  30 minutes ferry ride from Tekek to Tunamaya Beach and Spa Resort.
*  Check-into Tunamaya resort and breakfast at the restaurant.
*  Free and easy around the resort.
*  Dinner at the restaurant

Day 2
*  Breakfast
*  Jungle trekking activity
*  Lunch
*  Free and easy
*  Tekek town duty free shopping
*  Dinner at resort in conjunction with the first annual dinner and dance of Tunamaya Resort
*  Party time

Day 3
Check out and bye to Tunamaya Beach and Spa Resort
*  Ferry ride to Tekek town, private chartered plane ride from Tioman island back to Senai airport.

 photo Tunamaya_zps98eca5e7.jpg

The trip was excellent, all of us enjoyed very much!
The resort was clean with lush of greenery surrounded, employees were really helpful and friendly, all the basic facilities available within the resort and a ‘bearable’ speed of wireless internet service accessible around the reception area. Mr Paul Cheah, the Resort Manager of Tunamaya said, please feel free to enjoy the facilities and relax in the fantasy island, don’t always check or look into the smart phone and Ipad…that’s the reason of the ‘bearable’ speed of internet access in the resort. Well, we AGREE!

 photo IMG_4100_zpsb7b93604.jpg

We had a chat with the friendly resort owner – Mr Gan after the dinner. Understand that Tunamaya was built from scratch 2 years ago, the partners of resort chose the piece of land because of the mystical ‘Twin peaks’ as a backdrop of the resort.
As the ‘Tunamaya’ was named by the reason of one of the partner owned another ‘Tunabay’ resort in Perhentian island, and the followed by the word ‘Maya’ means mystical in the national language of Malaysia.

 photo IMG_4133_zps2f5f73dc.jpg

The Exclusive package is included the private chartered plane from Senai or Subang to Tioman island, all meals and coffee break, activities within the resort and Spa therapy. Please check on their Facebook page (below) for the latest promotion.

 photo Scene1_zpsc3a6d83c.jpg

It is a hassle free, relax vacation compare with other rushing tour. Relax yourself and choose each activity within the island as you wish, rather than rushing from places to places with limited time from early morning and exhausted-ly back to hotel in the late evening, some of my friends wisely said…

I will definitely visit Tunamaya again!

*  All the detail itinerary will be update soon! Stay tune!