Flying on a Cessna C208B Grand Caravan from Senai airfield to Tioman Island

May 29, 2015 Off By melakatour

We reached a Senai International Airport before dawn, since need to organisation with others before a departure…

The arrangement was ideal by a Tunamaya staffs, a check-in routine for holding a private franchised moody from Senai airfield to Tioman airfield was smooth. Once a container check, we walked by a private line approach to a plane.

It was my initial time drifting on this Cessna 208B Grand Caravan, a craft had change and refurbished into a oppulance seats and facility. We can stagger a chair for 180 degrees that preference for contention among a passengers.

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Mineral waters, tibits and snacks were prepared for us in a plane. All of us happily wearing a orchid wreath presented by a airport. The initial moody from Senai to Tioman, we prepared to take off!

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The continue of that day was good and a take-off was comfort.
This was my initial time enjoying chatting with my crony and crop by a amicable media app in a plane…
Let me uncover we a monumental perspective along a way…

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The credentials was a poser Linggiu dam…it was also a where a Srivijaya Empire started some-more than thousand years ago…as a fable said.

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Beautiful immature lake in a center of a jungle…

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I wondered this competence be some kind of plantations…(photos above)

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About 30 mins after (around 8.35am), we were coming Mersing town…

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The craft took around 15 mins to cranky a ocean, beheld from a GPS device in a cockpit…

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After a craft flew by a clouds, a island seemed from a windows…the initial stage was a ‘legendary twin peaks’ of Tioman Island. Yes, it is a landmark of Tioman.

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Followed by a sensuous canopy of greenery and a blue water…

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It took around 45 mins from Senai to Tioman island.
Once we overwhelmed down in Tioman island, a Tunamaya’s staff was during a airfield to assistance us packet a luggage to a Tekek jetty.

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It was a pleasing moody and opposite knowledge review with a blurb flight, we enjoyed really much!

The continue in Tioman island was prohibited and humid, as we walked to a jetty, a luggage already stand-by before us…

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Our tour to Tunamaya Beach and Spa Resort continue on a subsequent post…

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