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New array of dishes and breakfast menu from Mama Nyonya FOOD Restaurant, Tmn Molek

Mama Nyonya FOOD Restaurant (N1.52416 E103.78535) has a new array of dishes accessible started from this December 2014 onwards! Beside a new menu, they also offer Nyonya character breakfast today, we can perspective by some of a dishes below…

The grill new business hour also altered from 7.30am – 5pm (weekday) and 11am – 8pm (Fri and Sat). That means a breakfast is accessible on weekday usually and a cooking usually during a weekend.

About 9 of us visited a grill on one of a dusk to try out a new dishes. Let me uncover we one-by-one…

*  Fish in brownish-red sauce
*  Itik Sioh (duck)
*  Fish beak soup
*  Portuguese character steam sotong (squids)
*  Battered eggplants in sauce
*  Itik Tim (duck)
*  Ikan sambal garing (Fried mackerel fish with Nyonya sambal)

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Fish in brownish-red sauce
– One of a special ambience that we can solemnly compute a sweet, sour, slight tainted and spicy-ness of a fish in your mouth. The authentic reduction of Nyonya mixture were good and we all like it!

Itik Sioh (duck)
– This was a initial time tasting this authentic Nyonya Itik Sioh out of Malacca town. The gravy was luscious and unequivocally went good with plain rice. The steep was proposal and succulent.

Fish beak soup
– The fish beak soup served with pickled veggie, fungus and chicken. Tasty and enjoyed a soup. The fish beak was prepared from tender by a restaurant, and it was fresh.

Portuguese character steam sotong (squids)
– Another Portuguese plate that we attempted out of Malacca town. The mixture were unique, sharp and sour, supposing a opposite ambience from internal Johor Bahru town. The squids were steamed to perfection.

Battered eggplants in sauce
–  One of a ‘very special’ plate we had! Eggplant prepared with bean paste, it was crispy on a skin and luscious inside. Unforgettable! All of us like it unequivocally much!

Itik Tim (duck)
– Another Nyonya signature dish, baked with authentic Nyonya recipe as home plate during a aged era, we were advantageous adequate to ambience it today. Appreciated.

Ikan sambal garing (Fried mackerel fish with Nyonya sambal)
–  The boiled mackerel fish was opposite from those accessible in a nasi lemak stall, it was unequivocally crispy and incense on a skin and wet inside. The sambal served with a fishes was a best combination!

They served a plain rice in a antique basket (correct me if I’m wrong) with a feel of abounding Nyonya touch.

 print IMG_4209_zps11476286.jpg

All a dishes adequate to palliate a Nyonya enticement for a evening. Satisfied cooking in a comfort environment, not to forget a accessible owners (boss and lady boss) that remind me of a Nyonya culture.

Beside a new dishes, they also offer a Nyonya character breakfast in a morning session.

Breakfast menu :-

 print IMG_3698_zps12808c0e.jpg

  print IMG_3702_zps4df5e9bf.jpg

  print IMG_3704_zps3f5ccb0c.jpg

 print IMG_3706_zpsddd10740.jpg

  print IMG_3710_zps41db6454.jpg

They also offer nasi lemak and other noodles that we didn’t take a photos.
Among all, we like a Nyonya mee-suah and Nyonya Lontong unequivocally much! This 2 dishes are unequivocally singular within Johor Bahru area.

As all of us rated, Mama Nyonya FOOD Restaurant is one of a value revisit grill in Johor Bahru.

* The above comments are formed on particular ambience bud, not associated to any blurb purpose.

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