Our dishes during Tunamaya Beach and Spa Resort, Tioman Island

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Meals we had for a 3 days 2 nights during Tunamaya Beach and Spa Resort, Tioman island. The dishes were distant into breakfast, lunch and dinner, let me share some photos with you…

Snacks and desserts…

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The uninformed seafood BBQ usually accessible on dinner, and a seafood was uninformed and excellent!

 print IMG_4188_zps710d5b5a.jpg

*  The photos above usually partially of a sum food in a restaurant.

Among all a seafood, a BBQ squids were superb! The repeat sequence from a list seems uninterrupted that evening!

All a food served by a review were good, some normal and some were unequivocally nice! Satisfied! Beside that, a snacks and kuihs offer during a afternoon tea breaks were tantalizing too! Too bad we didn’t take any photos of it.

The grill was carrying opposite feeling during a daytime and evening, it was gentle during a daytime and friendly in a evening.

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