Ratatouille La Gourmet in Austin Heights, Johor Bahru

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There are many cafes and restaurants only started to work within a Austin Heights area, that will also another primary plcae for this area. One of a grill we visited was a Ratatouille La Gourmet Austin Heights (N1.56222 E103.77841), another bend for a Ratatouille La Gourmet restaurant from Adda Heights. Operated by a same owners – Mr Brian, though with somewhat opposite judgment review with a Adda Heights outlet.

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The grill has a elementary and neat setting, purify and comfort environment. Let a photos next uncover you…

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Choices of 2 persons, 4 persons or organisation of peoples…even with one of a window seat. 🙂

The grill is suitable for family, friends entertainment and also couples. The soothing song was personification during we watchful for a food…

Each of us had a image of fungus soup and garlic bread nominal from a restaurant, this is also a ‘Ratatouille culture’ given they started from a tiny case in a kopitiam (Hokkien chapter means : food court).

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Starter :
Grilled and Baked symbol mushroom.

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Both were juicy! The strange ambience by a grilled type, and a incense with a cheese baked mushroom, we even can ambience a uninformed tomato from it. We like both!

Here come a categorical courses…
Aglio e olio
Bolognaise (or bolognese)
Chicken thong bleu
BBQ Pork Ribs
Pork Chop

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Aglio e olio
The spaghetti was good prepared with a incense olive oil and garlic.  The spaghetti was not scorch and we all like a springy-ness of it, we like a ambience of a olive oil really much. The plate was only good to my liking.

Served with uninformed minced beef, baked with their homemade tomato sauce. Creamy cheese though won’t stop us to finish it. Another signature from Ratatouille La Gourmet.

Chicken thong bleu
This is a common plate simply accessible in western grill around Johor Bahru area. But a Chef of Ratatouille prepared a duck so proposal and proposal distinct others finished it too dry, each pieces of a duck went good with a cheese!

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BBQ Pork ribs
Well control of a feverishness where a ribs were proposal and yummy! It served with their possess recipe of BBQ salsa and we got to try it yourself!

Grilled pig chop
This was a astounded for a night! The pig clout served with moist, good finished and delicious! It is formidable to have a good pig clout around Johor Bahru area, though this was really scored a top outlines of that evening! Well cooking and good control of a heat, contingency not skip this for a pig clout lover!

The poetic dessert served after a categorical courses…they were same as their Adda Heights outlet, tasty!

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Beside a dishes above, they do offer Roast herb coated lamb rack, Pan parched Norwegian salmon, Mixed grilled platter and many more…all dishes are reasonable price.

The opposite of this opening review with Adda Heights opening is…Adda Heights offer beef though no pork, Austin Heights offer pig though no beef.

It was a overwhelming cooking for all of us! Thanks and appreciated for artistic and glorious Chef from Ratatouille La Gourmet Austin Heights.

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