Tai Zhi Wei Formosa Noodle House ??????? during Taman Sutera Utama, Skudai

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This Tai Zhi Wei Formosa Noodle House ??????? (N1.51609 E103.67048) is located during a dilemma emporium lot section of Jalan Sutera Tanjung 8/3, Taman Sutera Utama, Skudai – Johor Bahru. The dilemma lot is a ‘foot reflexology centre’ and this cafeteria is only situated beside it. The area is good ventilated though it can be comfortable infrequently during a prohibited wet continue of Malaysia.

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The owners of a cafeteria was accessible and he introduced some of their authentic Taiwanese dishes for us…

*  Taiwanese scallion pancake – ???
*  Braised pig rice – ??? (recommended)
*  Taiwanese beef noodle – ???????
*  Chicken clout rice – ???
*  Taiwanese minced pig homemade noodles – ????? (recommended)
*  Pot plaque – ?? (recommended)
*  Rainbow dumplings – ???? (recommended)

Really appreciated for a recommendation, we like some of a dishes unequivocally much! But some were mediocre…

The Taiwanese scallion pancake – ??? was served somewhat dry and a scallion was too little, though a salsa was nice.

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The braised pig rice ??? was one of a favorite! The pig were braised to perfection! It was tender, tender and tasty! we adore it!
Must try if we are pig lover!

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The beef noodle ??????? was ambience average, though a homemade noodle was good and springy. Strongly endorsed on a noodle.

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The chicken clout rice ??? served with vegetables. If a duck clout offer in some-more wet afterwards it will be perfect…

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The ambience of a minced pig homemade noodle ????? was ‘authentic’ and delicious! It served a identical ambience that we had in Taipei, oh…this noodle unequivocally done me missed my days in Taipei…

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The pot plaque – ?? (or Chinese vessel boiled dumplings) was served in luscious and tasty! It was not too dried, we all like it! Another recommended!

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Rainbow dumplings ???? was Perfect! Each of blimp skin was not synthetic caricature though it was from a healthy resources…natural, seaweed, yam, pandan and others. The fillings were perfumed and fresh, some with minced pig and some with chives or anniversary vegetables.
Each of them had opposite ambience where we can suffer a tasty dumplings one-by-one slowly…
Recommended and contingency try!
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Overall, a dishes were nice and tasty. Some of them need some composition to fit a open taste, or it only my personal opinions. But a bottom line is…the cost is unequivocally reasonable! You might say, it’s inexpensive and good! Go and try it out yourself with all these affordable Taiwanese Cuisines during Tai Zhi Wei ???, Taman Sutera Utama.

Beside a foods, we would like to prominence a lemon juice. The lemon they use was not a internal normal lemon, a ambience was super refreshing! It’s a good approach to cold we down underneath a prohibited weather.

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