The dusk photography event in Tunamaya Beach and Spa Resort

May 29, 2015 Off By melakatour

Supposed to a crater of coffee and suffer a approximate scenery…but a object remind me of a sunset! Quickly finish my coffee,  squeeze a tripod and camera, run towards a jetty! Just wish to constraint a good nightfall of Tioman island…

 print IMG_4054_zps0a11d57c.jpg

There were 2 gentlemen already during a jetty watchful to constraint a nightfall too…

 print IMG_4056_zps8dcf1856.jpg

Once a tripod environment up, we attempted to prisoner a surrounding and waited for a right timing…

 print IMG_4059_zps70c489a0.jpg

But…it was a unhappy nightfall of that dusk since of a weather…can’t censure a mom inlet even….

 print IMG_4062_zpsb9f9fac9.jpg

Waited for 20 minutes, a sky didn’t spin orange or gold, usually be means to prisoner a blue moment…haiz…

 print IMG_4072_zpsea731d33.jpg

Too bad, we had to spin around and snap whatever we can during a blue moment…

 print IMG_4075_zps5720eba8.jpg

The photos spin out to be utterly satisfied. This was unexpected!

By walking behind to a grill of a resort, we attempted another prolonged bearing for 10 sec to constraint a review enclosed a fabulous Twin Peak as a backdrop. Well, we like a photo!

 print IMG_4079_zps0ea34147.jpg

By looking during a Twin Peak that moment, we felt some mysteries behind and know a reason peoples in a island call – Mythical Twin Peak.

I assimilated a celebration during a grill after a above print taken…

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