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Your Quick Guide to Malaysia

article-malaysia-1One of the most culturally diverse nations in South Asia, Malaysia has a lot to offer the plucky globetrotter. However, before you board the plane and jet off for the experience of a lifetime, you’ll need an itinerary.

Touching down in one of the country’s many airports without a plan isn’t a good idea, which is why we’ve decided to make things easier for you and give you a whistle-stop tour of Malaysia’s top attractions. Although not extensive, this list should give you some of the major points of interest among the wealth of options available.

The Petronas Twin Towers

If you’ve got a head for heights and an appreciation of engineering excellence, then Kuala Lumpur’s Petronas Twin Towers are a sight to behold. Formerly the tallest buildings in the world (still the tallest twin buildings), these impressive structures contain 88 floors each and the glass exterior has been designed to reflect Malaysia’s Muslim roots. In terms of scale, there are few attractions in the world, let alone Malaysia, that can compete with the Petronas Twin Towers.

Langkawi Islands

article-malaysia-2Taking in the wonderful sights and sounds of Malaysia’s top tourist destinations is one thing, but if it’s peace and quiet you’re looking for then the Langkawi Islands are a must. Located in the Andaman Sea, this archipelago consists of 99 islands and a stunning array of natural wildlife. By far the largest of the islands is Pulau Langkawi and among its mountainous coastline is a string of beaches offering some of the most relaxing (and picturesque) moments in Malaysia.

Have a Flutter

article-malaysia-3Asia is known for its love of gambling and while cities in Malaysia aren’t quite as keen on casinos as places such as Macau, there’s still a longstanding affinity with the industry. Aside from simply being places to wager money, Malaysian casinos, such as Casino de Genting, have a distinctly entertaining vibe with restaurants, bars and spa facilities in each.

However, you can’t go into one of these venues without trying your hand at some Full Tilt casino games. Obviously you don’t want to spend your cash without knowing what you’re doing, so our advice is to play some free money casino games online before you visit a Malaysian casino. That way, you won’t go completely broke after you’ve anted-up.

Heading into the Forest

article-malaysia-4For a look at what life was like before humans invaded Malaysia, then Taman Negara is a must. Meaning “national park” in Malay, this rain forest is one of the oldest in the world and a haven for some of the most exotic animals you’ll ever see.

Not only that, but the impressive tress help form a maze-like setting as you climb across rope bridges and navigate forest walkways on your way through the park. Although the weather is never predictable, it’s best to visit Taman Negara during the dry season which runs from February to September. If you want to avoid the crowds then resist visiting during peaks time between April and August.

Malaysia is a wonderful country to explore and one that requires several different plans of attack. Indeed, as you can see from our list of suggestions you can indulge in everything from modern feats of engineering to stunning beaches and dense forests. However, regardless of the places you choose to visit, we’re certain you’ll have a fantastic time when you visit Malaysia.


Wonderful Malaysia

Getting Free Wi-Fi in Malaysia

If your trip to Malaysia isn’t supposed to be a solitary voyage of self-discovery, then you probably want to brag a bit on social media with those picturesque landscapes and turquoise waters – or skype with home. Most modern nations today have readily accessible free Wi-Fi hotspots throughout major metropolitan areas, and Malaysia delivers on that experience.

Here are a few tips on where and how to best access free Wi-Fi in Malaysia.



The state governments of Kuala Lumpur and Selangor have made it mandatory for food outlets in their respective municipalities to provide a free Wi-Fi connection to customers. This service extends to eateries such as McDonalds, KFC and most restaurants throughout the nation. Buying a drink will allow you to access their Internet.

Coffee shops


As in most other countries, coffee shops usually offer free Wi-Fi and you will see people with their laptops working or procrastinating while sipping on their drinks. Mega chain coffee shops such as Starbucks, The Coffee Bean Tea Leaf, PappaRich, and Old Town White Coffee are all required to offer Wi-Fi by their parent group.

Smartphone Apps


There are a number of apps assisting you not only to track the nearest Wi-Fi, but also supply you with their passwords. An example is Kirill Kudin’s free iPhone app, which uses your phone’s GPS and network triangulation capabilities to determine nearby Wi-Fi networks. The limitation of this free application is that it only allows you to search for free hotspots within a 1km radius.

Stay safe

Make sure not to input sensitive information when using a public Wi-Fi. Hacking into the network and tracking its traffic is relatively easy. If you need to make payments, then look to see if you can use services such as paysafecard – which can be bought for cash and allow the user to input a code online – than to be handing out your credit card details.

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Wonderful Malaysia

Sign up with Uber Malaysia and get RM20 worth of free rides

Ever considered using Uber when taking a taxi in Kuala Lumpur? Of course grabbing a taxi in Malaysia’s capital is cheap, but it can often be quite a hassle. Sometimes the car is old, sometimes the driver drives bad, sometimes the driver doesn’t want to use the meter, sometimes you are offered a ridiculously high fixed price.


Uber is a great and often cheaper alternative. With the easy-to-use Uber app (available on all popular mobile phone platforms) you can order a taxi when you are still chilling in your favorite coffee place.


Together with Uber Malaysia we have a nice offer for all readers of Wonderful Malaysia. All new subscribers that sign up to the Uber taxi service will receive a free RM20 to use on their first two rides with Uber.

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Happy travels!


Tourism Malaysia

Kaede Ikuza Japanese Restaurant at Taman Molek, Johor Bahru.

Normally those fried chicken widely available around Johor Bahru area are…Malay warong fried chicken, Mamak shop fried chicken, Chinese fried chicken, fast food fried chicken and fried chicken serve with nasi lemak is very common. But now I came across this Japanese fried chicken which is just started at Taman Molek, JB…

Kaede Ikuza Japanese Restaurant (N1.52428 E103.78540) is located along Jalan Molek 1/28, next to the Mama Nyonya Food Restaurant.

 photo IMG_4880_zpsveivrybn.jpg

The setting is as simple as the local ‘kopitiam’ style, kitchen just next to the dining area. And yes, the prices also follow the ‘kopitiam’ price.

 photo IMG_4928_zpshawqppi3.jpg

As far as I know, this is the ‘first’ Japanese kopitiam available in Johor Bahru. Most of the Japanese restaurants are well decorated with air-conditioning in Johor Bahru, but this is really something new to the JB market.
The imported fruits from Japan also available from the restaurant, as you can see from the photos below…

 photo IMG_4881_zpsao9x1rxm.jpg

 photo IMG_4883_zpsuepkhb6p.jpg

Most of their main course is serve with the fried rice…
We ordered the Karaage chicken (Japanese fried chicken) set, Toriten set (chicken tempura), tomato omelet set, garlic pork set and Ra-so-men.

 photo IMG_4904_zps6k9kkvrc.jpg

 photo IMG_4903_zpsper8pq9f.jpg

 photo IMG_4911_zpsvymzijoi.jpg

 photo IMG_4898_zpsn0meo6qb.jpg

 photo IMG_4893_zpsuwpkzwoj.jpg

 photo IMG_4919_zpsuiow9ke9.jpg

 photo IMG_4920_zpszc4z4ren.jpg

Beside the main course, we ordered some of their side dish too…
Salads, Spicy cucumber and Combination tempura.

 photo IMG_4907_zpsdaiypqzx.jpg

 photo IMG_4910_zpsjqytc1v6.jpg

 photo IMG_4917_zpsppgpt7r6.jpg

All foods were tasty!
I like the ‘boneless Karaage chicken’ very much! Maybe because we already familiar with the fried chicken taste surrounding us, and this was really new and nice! The spicy cucumber got my attention too, the Japanese recipe of the sauce was unique, we all like it!

All the foods serve in this restaurant are having reasonable price, about RM10-20, that means we can enjoy the Japanese food by the Japanese chef with the street food price! No kidding!

The restaurant was operating by 90% of the Japanese, and the kitchen too. This is another new to Johor Bahru, because most of the Japanese restaurants within JB only the chef or the owner are ‘Nihonjin’…other are local or foreign workers…I was impressed. We visited on the first day operation of the restaurant, and it was full of Japanese. Great!

The photos of the Chefs (or so called the spirits of the kitchen) on duty!

 photo IMG_4885_zpsoacl3a5e.jpg

 photo IMG_4889_zps3lvcc3xd.jpg

 photo IMG_4926_zpslpjhznod.jpg

 photo IMG_4921_zpsclwatffw.jpg

And I met a group of cute little boys in the restaurant too…

 photo IMG_4929_zpslm6ieftr.jpg

I will be back again for the Karaage chicken, and also like to explore more of the ‘authentic’ Japanese food from this ‘Japanese kopitiam’.

Drop by if you happen in Taman Molek!

Tourism Malaysia

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