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Borneo Sun Bear Conservation Centre

The Malayan Sun Bear, or Helarctos malayanus, is a bear class that inhabits a pleasant forests of Southeast Asia. Sun bears are found in Bangladesh, Brunei, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, China, Laos, Myanmar and Cambodia however sightings in a furious are rare. The object bears of Borneo (Helarctos malayanus euryspilus) are a sub-species of those on a Asia mainland and Sumatra.

In Malaysia, a object bear is famous as beruang badu that means “honey bear” in Malay due to their affinity for honey. They are omnivores and also ordinarily eat termites, millipedes and a far-reaching accumulation of fruit.


The object bear is a ‘vulnerable’ class as a race is believed to have decreased 30% over a past 30 years. This is caused by a critical deforestation that has taken place via Southeast Asia over past decades that has reduced a object bears’ healthy medium area. Commercial poaching is another vital hazard as their bile is rarely valued in normal Chinese medicine and their paws are deliberate an costly delicacy. They are sadly also threatened by a bootleg pet trade within that cubs are orphaned and sole to outlandish pet lovers. To fight object bears’ risk for extinction, harming object bears or owning their products has been particularly taboo underneath inhabitant wildlife insurance laws though these practices still go on.


The Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre (BSBCC), only adjacent to a Orang Utan Rehabilitation Centre, is placed in Sepilok, Sandakan. It was founded by Wong Siew Te in 2008 to caring for orphaned and bootleg object bears with a wish of rehabilitating them to a wild. It also aims to lift recognition of this little-known bear class and a threats among Malaysian and general visitors. It was non-stop to a open in 2013 and is now home to 37 bears, during a time of writing.


BSBCC improves a gratification of discovered object bears by providing them with vast timberland enclosures. Visitors can see them foraging, climbing trees and building nests in their healthy habitat. Here a bears rise a skills indispensable to tarry in a furious and can be seen during several levels of rehabilitation. The centre also aims to teach a open to forestall a need to rescue bears in a initial place. Visitors can learn about a bears, a rainforest and a threats they face. BSBCC leads investigate on these slightest complicated bears, that helps their bears and educational programmes.

The Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre welcomes donations that all go towards appropriation a rescue and charge efforts. You can also select to adopt a bear!


Admission fees

Non-Malaysian adults compensate RM30 to enter a charge centre. Children aged 12-17 compensate RM15. Malaysian adults compensate RM5, children compensate RM2. These prices bar 6% GST. All deduction go towards object bear conservation.

Opening hours

When visiting a Borneo Sun Bear Conservation Centre, visitors will get to perspective these witty creatures in their strange medium – in alfresco timberland enclosures. Opening times are 9 a.m. to 3.30 p.m. The centre is located 23 km from Sandakan, that is not too distant away. You can get there by a Labuk Road Bus Company vehicles in front of Majlis Perbandaran Sandakan building or by taxi.

Contact details

Phone: +60 89-534491
Email: [email protected]


* BSBCC is located right conflicting Sepilok Orang Utan Rehabiliation Centre!


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