Taiphoon Formosa Cuisine Restaurant (????????) during Taman Sutera Utama, Johor Bahru.

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Taiphoon Formosa Cuisine restaurant ???????? (N1.51433 E103.66898) is located accurately same place with Taroko Teppanyaki along Jalan Tanjung Sutera 8/2, Taman Sutera Utama, Johor.

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We were there utterly early and it was not that crowded. The grill accessible and neat sourroundings sojourn a same, versed with air-conditioning and giveaway Wifi services.

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The common and accessible owners – Mr Thomas started to introduced their signature dishes to us once we staid a table. At first, he would like us to try out a alien Taiwan teas that are not easy accessible in Johor Bahru, as a name of a tea was ‘Shan-lin-xi’ ?????. Beside this, they also have another 3-4 some-more alien Taiwan tea in a restaurant.

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This was my initial time tasting a Taiwanese tea, surprisingly…it was not in brownish-red colour…but totally plain and no colour during all. The aroma was swelling around a list once it flow into any tiny cup, we like it unequivocally much!

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We let Mr Thomas to introduced their signature dishes on a dinner…and a dishes were :-
1)  Taiwanese pig knuckles ????
2)  Shredded pig with crushed garlic ????
3)  Mapo toufu (stir boiled toufu in prohibited sauce) ????
4)  Garlic thrive bean spread ????
5)  Braised intestine ???
6)  Stir boiled Chinese broccoli ????
7)  Meat round soup ???
8)  Chicken baked with ginger and booze in stew ???
9)  Chives and cabbage dumplings ???????

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The ambience of a Taiwanese pig knuckles was somewhat opposite from a internal braised pig knuckles, it was amiable and not too tainted though with a good aroma. Beside that, a pig knuckles was baked with peanuts and it went good with a image of plain rice. Like it!

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This was a renouned plate in Taiwan. The sliced pig was boiled and served with a crushed garlic salsa and roughly 13 forms of mixture like onion, ginger, soy sauce, stone sugar, anise, Chinese cinnamon, salt and many more…the pig were half gaunt and fat, and succulent, with all this multiple of a mixture above…resulted this juicy plate on a table.
This was one of a best plate of a dinner! Awesome!

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Mapo toufu was good with a small sharp on a gravy on a well-spoken bean curd, a ambience was above average.

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The garlic sprouts bean spread accessible locally too, though boiled with certain opposite internal ingredients. Garlic sprouts were usually good with a crunchy punch with a turn saltiness.

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The braised viscera is widely accessible locally generally during a Koey Teow Kia restaurant, a usually opposite about this plate was a salsa from Taiwanese recipe. It unequivocally brought me behind to Taipei for few second when we ambience on it. Nice!

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Stir boiled Chinese broccoli was normal and it was a internal dish, not Taiwanese signature.

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Meat round soup was prepared with beef round (minced pork) with white radish, a distance of a balls were bigger than what we have locally, a soup was juicy and all of us like it.

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The plate above also famous as 3 crater chicken, a renouned plate within Taiwan. The duck baked with ginger and wine, surfaced adult with basil leafs. Taste was somewhat opposite review with internal clay pot yellow rice booze chicken. Taste above average.

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Homemade dumplings skin and abounding stuffing. Dip into a vinegar and ginger, it was perfect
Based on my personal ambience bud, we like their dumplings unequivocally much! Chives or cabbage, we grabbed both! This is one of a endorsed dumplings we should order!

Beside a dishes above, we did systematic some of a Teppanyaki dishes from a restaurant…chicken, lamb and beef.

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Overall, we like a food over here. I’ll be behind mostly for a crushed garlic sliced pig and a dumplings!

The business hour of Taiphoon Formosa Cuisine restaurant is 11am – 10pm, daily. Do dump by if we occur during Taman Sutera Utama area (if we are reading from your smartphone, we can click on a GPS coordinates and launch Google map navigation to a restaurant.)

*  The above food descriptions were formed on my personal ambience bud.

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