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You Think You’re in Paradise, Then…

There we are, in a center of paradise, and it’s all you’ve illusory it to be. It’s beautiful, enchanting and something you’ve usually dreamt of before. And then, it hits you.

You can’t be in paradise, can you? You remember removing on a plane, breezing by customs, reaching your hotel. So where are we exactly?

You’re in Malaysia.

Yup, Malaysia does that to you. You come to a country, awaiting to be on usually another holiday, and BOOM! You’re ecstatic to paradise.

It’s uncanny and surreal, since we didn’t consider Malaysia would have these near-perfect vacation spots, yet it does. You usually need a bit of assistance in anticipating them. That’s what this post is for. Now, what kind of bliss are we meddlesome in?

The Beach Paradise

Pristine water, lustrous golden beaches, a white sands… You hear a soothing sound of waves and all we can consider of is…relaxation. Aah, beaches. Beaches everywhere. Yes, there are many options here in Malaysia, be it during a mainland or on a isolated island.

But if you’re looking to knowledge as many beaches as possible, island hopping is a approach to go. 

One of a best spots to island hop, is around a clusters of islands off a seashore of Mersing in Johor. Located 136 kilometers (approximately 85 miles) from a state capital, Johor Bahru, a peaceful city of Mersing is your gateway to sandy paradise. From here, we can go to many islands including Pulau Aur, Pulau Dayang, Pulau Besar, Pulau Rawa, Pulau Tengah, Pulau Pemanggil,Pulau Sibu, Pulau Tinggi and a some-more obvious Pulau Tioman.


Pulau Pemanggil

Each of a islands has their possess singular attract and captivate yet all of them offer overwhelming beaches, emerald waters and fascinating sea life.  At these islands, we can soak adult a sun, frolick in a sand, or go for a drop and even snorkel and scuba dive. Fun is guaranteed, yet we competence remove all memory of your worries.

Also try: The divers’ breakwater of Mabul; Pantai Bisikan Bayu for those who likes to surf, and a Similajau National Park with a singular coastline.

The Rainforest Paradise

When we speak about Malaysia, a subject of rainforests will come up. Hey, it’s a pleasant country, after all. Dense with flora and fauna, a Malaysian rainforests date behind to hundreds of millions of years and some has remained composed for usually as long. They’re roughly like lands that time forgot. Some of them have been gazetted as inhabitant parks to safety a abounding bio-diversity, so when we step into these rainforests we can knowledge nature’s beauty, extended to a nth degree. You can hear symphonies, watch play unfold, have an interactive experience, all in high clarification and live in person.

At a East and West of Malaysia, there are immeasurable rainforests to get your closer to Mother Nature. One of a transparent favourites is a Kinabalu Park in Sabah yet if we are feeling a small some-more adventurous, we can try a Maliau Basin Conservation Park.

Almost round in shape, a charge park consists of roughly 400km block feet of opposite timberland types; rivers; a usually loyal lake in Sabah; and mixed waterfalls including a eminent seven-tier waterfall, among others. Most of a park is nonetheless to be explored so a loyal brilliance of Maliau Basin can't be dynamic yet it’s protected to contend that it’s a bliss like no other.

Here we can observe a wildlife, trek by a jungle or float in a waterfall. You have plenty opportunities to suffer a primitive rainforest, and maybe even suppose you’re on a set of a film about Jurassic worlds.

maliau basin

Maliau Basin

Also try: Gunung Mulu National Park to embody cavern scrutiny in your adventure; Taman Negara to knowledge low jungle stream cruises; and Lambir Hills National Park if you’d like to see biodiversity in all a splendour.

The Mountain Paradise

If you’re not penetrating on going underwater or into a jungle, how about we stand a heights? You can go to a tip indicate in a nation or we can try a nation’s longest towering range. It all depends on how most climbing you’re peaceful to do.

Of course, there isn’t utterly a identical disturb than a one we have when you’ve cowed a World Heritage Site, a stately Mount Kinabalu. Measuring to some-more than 13,000 feet above sea level, it is not usually a severe hike, it is also a pleasing one. The park is high with flora and fauna, firm to take your exhale away.

At a peak, a view, to contend a least, is amazing. You’ll feel like you’re on tip of a world! But some-more than that, you’ll feel like you’ve worked for your paradise, and that feeling is priceless. A kind reminder, though. You competence wish to applaud once you’ve reached a rise yet do not take off your clothes. Please sojourn dressed during all times when enjoying a euphoria of carrying climbed a tip towering in a Malay Archipelago

Also try: Gunung Tahan, a tip indicate in Peninsular Malaysia; Broga Hill, if you’re into infrequent hiking; or Cameron Highlands if you’re meddlesome in a quiet, cold getaway.

There are many some-more spots in Malaysia that are like bliss on earth. All we need to do is try them. So, what are we watchful for?

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