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Joyful Aidilfitri

The holy month of Ramadan is coming to an end and Hari Raya Aidilfitri is just around the corner. For those who haven’t done their shopping, let’s see what the shopping malls in town have in store for everyone!

Suria KLCC

Themed “Rekindle The Bonds of Traditions”, Suria KLCC, KL’s premier shopping centre celebrates Hari Raya Aidilfitri with decorations recreating the festival of lights ambience of Malam Tujuh Likur and showcasing the rich cultures of Malay architecture from 14 May until 9 June 2019. The main centrepiece will have a pentagon-shaped porte-cochere inspired by Jahar Palace in Kota Bharu, Kelantan and surrounded by traditional yesteryear-designed shops. A beautiful mini garden with life-sized flowers and colourful painted lamps to create the festival of lights ambience, is set to mesmerise shoppers and visitors alike while traditional Malay fretwork and Islamic geometry patterns give the structures the perfect finishing.

Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia’s premier shopping destination, unveiled its festive celebrations ‘The Beauty of Raya’ inspired by the iconic ketupat, woven through splendid decorations and experiences. The ketupat, a symbol of Malaysian unity and the spirit of Hari Raya, is a beautiful representation of inclusiveness, coming together to share and celebrate Hari Raya together. Feast on diverse buka puasa selections, indulge in seasonal shopping and return to the heritage of weaving ketupat, illuminated by joy and with charity at heart, from now until 13 June.

Sunway Malls


Sunway Malls reunited to celebrate the coming Aidilfitri with a stunning and magnificent flora-inspired campaign called Bunga-Bunga Raya. With the festive season coming to full swing, each Sunway mall is decked out in different species of flowers.

Each mall has their take on this year’s festivities with the unifying theme of celebrating the flowers of Malaysia; Hibiscus, Bougainvillea, Orchids, Geranium, Morning Glory and Jasmine.  Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, each flower has a symbolic meaning such as togetherness, celebration, forgiveness, hope, new beginnings and purity respectively.

Sunway Pyramid

Known as the “celebratory flower” in Malay, the hibiscus will be the central theme for Sunway Pyramid this Raya from now until 9 June. The mall is decorated in floral arrangements where shoppers can immerse in a journey through the unique indoor garden with five different activities, each representing a petal of a bunga raya.

Sunway Velocity Mall

Sunway Velocity Mall is elegantly embellished with bougainvillea flowers, which symbolise celebration, passion, and liveliness. Each new bloom is seen as a sign of fresh beginning as Muslims celebrate the end of Ramadan.  The mall is transformed into suburban wonderland and furnished with a magnificent kampung house that is adorned with a giant colourful bougainvillea flowers to brighten the Raya celebration.

Large traditional Malay Pelita glistening from the ceiling, draped with lights and bougainvillea flowers, brought light to the festive and elevated the mall’s atmosphere.

Sunway Putra Mall

At Sunway Putra Mall, a visit to the mall will leave patrons mesmerised as the Main Concourse is festooned with Orchid blossoms which universally symbolizes love, beauty and forgiveness. Happening from 3 May – 16 June 2019, the mall is transformed into blossoming Orchid garden with larger than life birdcages placed around the fountain features in a garden setting, providing a picturesque backdrop for patrons. Visitors can take a stroll in the garden, feast their eyes on the green landscape, and enjoy the fragrance of flowers and birds chirping along the pathway. A complimentary photo booth area is available throughout the period for public to take as many pictures as they wish.

Sunway Carnival Mall

Celebrating the theme “Bunga-Bunga Raya” this year, Sunway Carnival Mall’s upper ground concourse is decked with gorgeous voluminous geranium flowers and greeneries to enhance the festive mood that resemble ones ‘kampung halaman’. Each Geranium bloom is seen as a sign of new, fresher beginning or hope as our fellow Muslim friends celebrate the Ramadan.

IOI City Mall

This year IOI City Mall features beautiful structures and elements of different countries in celebration of Eid by bringing in “Eid Celebration Around the World”. Its theme says it all, offering culture, art, delicacies by enjoying the simplicities of Ramadhan with families and friends from different cultures and ethnicity of the world. This Eid celebration has begun from 25 April and will last all the way through to 9 June 2019. “Eid Celebration Around the World” will see a host of spectacular activities to catch your attention at every turn throughout the mall.

1Utama Shopping Centre

Themed “Sulaman Kasih”, weave yourselves a great time this Hari Raya from 15 May to 9 June at lower ground oval, 1Utama Shopping Centre. Spread the festive and come together with your friends and family to celebrate togetherness at the contemporary “weaving bamboo-themed” decoration. Mark your calendars for a line-up of colorful performances and fun-filled workshops and activities. Go Raya shopping and be rewarded with exclusive gift redemption and so much more to do and see!

Avenue K

Celebrate a light-hearted and  blessed Hari Raya Aidilfitri from 10 May to 9 June 2019 at Avenue K. Inspired by Islamic geometric patterns, the theme ‘Radiance of Eid’ at Avenue K shines brightly in bold geometric-shaped structures adorned by bouquets of beautiful tropical blooms. Marvel at a dazzling centre stage of lights, colour, and patterns framed by a mosaic floor of geometric designs and colourful palm trees that create a truly magnificent work of art.

Da Men Mall

Da Men delights the community and shoppers with an unforgettable festive celebration and unique decorations inspired by the beauty of Malaysian woven bag craft and an exclusive partnership with homegrown comic characters Pocotee Friends. Discover “Indahnya Raya” from 20 May till 9 June, where the alluring charm of traditional woven Bag Anyaman takes centre stage, harmoniously crafted to tell an intriguing story. The addition, adorable and beloved characters Pocotee Friends lend a friendly yet mischievous ambience to the mall. Bring the whole family to enjoy plenty of dance, music and entertaining performances too.

Intermark Mall


Rejoice this Raya with tradition of batik, as Intermark Mall presents a slice of Malaysian textile heritage to shoppers and visitors from 20 May till 9 June 2019. Immerse yourself in an “En’chanting Raya’” with festive décor featuring vibrant batik motifs whilst you shop for seasonal favourites.

*This article provides information only and may be subject to change at any time without notice.




Tourism Malaysia

Live and Let Live at the East Coast Homestays

The Malaysian homestay experience may have some similarities with the bed and breakfast concept in Europe, but there the similarity ends. It’s not only a retreat for those wanting to escape the city, it’s a lesson in life about humanity, patience, and for us, Malaysians, our heritage and traditions. The East Coast of Malaysia is the epitome of the Malay culture and heritage. Homestays in the east coast will definitely give you a glimpse of that traditional world. Let’s check out some of them:

Homestay Desa Murni, Temerloh – Pahang

As the pioneer homestays, the five villages of Desa Murni in Temerloh, Pahang remain a much sought after home away from home even after more than 20 years.

At these villages, immerse yourself in your adopted family’s way of life. Many of them are rubber tapers so get the opportunity to learn how to tap a rubber tree. Mind you, it’s not as easy as it looks. Perhaps you would like to try your hands at catching the patin fish or freshwater silver catfish which this district is famous for. Then, you can learn the Pahang’s most favourite way to cook the fish – ikan patin masak lemak. The yellowish gravy and slightly watery recipe is definitely delicious but an acquired taste at the same time.

While staying at the village, let your adopted family bring you to the Kuala Gandah Elephant Conservation Centre in Lanchang to have a close interaction with the elephants and visit the Deerland Park nearby where you can learn and interact with deers and also other animals such as sun bears, ostriches and snakes.

If you are into eco-adventure, you can choose to go to for a hiking and climbing at the nearby Gunung Senyum and also explore the caves at the foot of the mountain.

Homestay Desa Murni
Lot 1674 Jalan Homestay
Desa Murni Sanggang,
28020 Temerloh, Pahang, Malaysia
Contact Person: Khairul Hakimin bin Sahariman (+609 284 7949 / +6019 – 2243 805)

Homestay Taman Sedia, Cameron Highlands – Pahang

What is great about this homestay is it is located on the highland, which means cool breezy weather all day long and a breath of fresh air. Taman Sedia is the first Malay settlement in Cameron Highlands and is located between the town of Tanah Rata and Brinchang.

Imagine staying at a home with a strawberry farm in the backyard, it will be a dream come true for some of us. And when there is a strawberry farm, there must be strawberry- related activities in the list of things to do at the village, right? Well, for a start, you will have the opportunity to eat strawberry fresh off the tree and then they will teach you how to make strawberry ice cream and strawberry jam.

Besides the strawberry farms, you can also visit various flowers and vegetable farms, a cactus valley, and various tea plantations that can be found all over the highland. Take a break at one of the tea plantations to sip a hot cup of tea while enjoying the beautiful scenery of the tea valley.

For the more adventurous, try hiking to one of the most popular waterfalls in Cameron Highlands, the Robinson Waterfall, or trekking all the way up to the bewitching Mossy Forest.

Homestay Taman Sedia
Kg. Taman Sedia
39000 Tanah Rata, Pahang
Contact Person: Mohd Zulkifli Daud (+6019 -578 2044)

Homestay Teluk Ketapang – Terengganu

Kampung Teluk Ketapang is a small fishing village where visitors can experience the traditional Terengganu way of life.

During your stay, you will have the opportunity to observe how local dishes are prepared and help out in the kitchen, test your skill in making keropok lekor (popular traditional Terengganu’s fish snack), witness a traditional Malay wedding and play traditional games such as congkak, a type of mancala game and the word congkak came from the old Malay word ‘congak’ which refers to the mental calculation practiced in this game.

Don’t miss the opportunity to explore the mangrove swamp river where you will be greeted by various species of wild animals such as colourful birds, monitor lizards, monkeys and even otters.

You can also visit one of the riverside villages to get a closer look on the traditional lifestyle of a Terengganu village, as well as participate in cottage industry tour such as an attap leave roof weaving and coconut sugar making.

Homestay Teluk Ketapang
Balai Raya Kg Teluk Ketapang
Seberang Takir, Terengganu
Contact Person: Md. Azmi (+6013 – 923 4837)

Homestay Seterpa – Kelantan

The silent whisper of ripening paddy fields swaying gently in the wind greets visitors, as they step into Kampung Seterpa. Running barefoot, a small boy pushes his small tricycle across the beaten footpath at the edge of the paddy fields. A rooster crows loudly, breaking the deafening silence.

Located 16 kilometers from Kota Bharu in Kelantan, Kampung Seterpa is the nearest homestay village to the city centre. Kampung Seterpa, derived from the Kelantan dialect ‘serepak’ (meeting place), is a wonderful experience for those wanting a taste of traditional village life.

The villagers are warm and friendly, and immediately put you at ease with their lively chatter. Sip a coconut (or two!) to quench your thirst and take in the beautiful surroundings. Served with traditional pastries, ‘tepung pelita’ and munching on local fruit, jambu air, life here is pleasant and slow paced.

No traffic jams for miles, just the chorus of quacking ducks, chickens and buffalo. Breathe in the fresh, morning air as you watch the sun rise during your stay here. Make a date with the farmers to explore the village with its many interesting activities or even try a hand at paddy farming!

On a windy day, fly the ubiquitous and colourful wau (kite) while running across the paths to the paddy fields. Collect freshwater snails, see the mischievous monkey pick a ripe coconut or dance to the tunes of the ancient ‘dikir barat’.

You’ll definitely enjoy your stay here at Kampung Seterpa, don’t forget to share the memories!

Homestay Kg. Seterpa
Lot 112 Taman Indah, Kg. Seterpa
Jalan Penggawa Matsaat
16150, Kota Bharu, Kelantan.
Contact Person: Dr. Mohamed Saat bin Hj Ismail (09-765 7685 / 019-939 3553)

Homestay Nelayan Pantai Suri – Kelantan

Greeted by a dozen ducks, quacking a cacophonic welcome, is a pleasant surprise as one sets foot on dry land at Pantai Suri Village. Goats and sheep wander aimlessly, chewing on small shrubs. Everything seems peaceful and very laidback.

The journey to the small island of Kampung Pantai Suri is a 20 minutes boat ride. The village sits at the estuary of the Kelantan River near Tumpat, and is near the South China Sea. Get a glimpse of the life of the villagers’, most of whom are fishermen, as they go out to sea early in the morning.

There are no cars here, only motorcycles and bicycles. Most villagers prefer to walk as the homes are situated closely to one another. As you walk, feel the sand under your feet. The coconut trees’ swaying gently in the wind and everyone knows everyone in the village of 450 people.

Try your hand at making the crunchy kuih sepit (love letters), or savour the tasty and mouth-watering local delicacy, kerabu nipah (palm salad) and play congkak with locals.

Watch too, bees’ fly aimlessly, stopping from flower to flower, as ciku trees start to bear fruits. Roosters walk majestically in the village, watching the village ducks wrestling for a morsel or two.

Dried fish is laid out to dry under the hot sun, to make salted fish. Friendly cats warm up to you as you stroll by. A bicycle lies unattended besides the withered bamboo fence. Life is simple, and this is Pantai Suri at its best.

Homestay Nelayan Pantai Suri
d/a Persatuan Nelayan Kawasan Tumpat Kompleks Perikanan LKIM Geting
Pengkalan Kubor
16080 Tumpat, Kelantan
Contact Person: Ramly Ibrahim (+6014 – 847 4865)

Tourism Malaysia

Lost “Kuih” of Yesteryear

Growing up, I always looked forward to Hari Raya for a few reasons, one of which was the yummy ‘kuih’ or cookies only available during this festive season. My favourites included cashew cookies, peanut cookies, ‘bahulu’, makmur cookies, batang buruk and putu kacang, to name just a few.


‘Bahulu’ and makmur cookies were an extra favourite because these were made by my great-aunts who made these the traditional way, and each year they had orders by the thousands from their regular customers.

As time went by, most of these cookies are now easily and readily available, but after tasting one or two, the quality of the cookies sold now are a far cry from the traditional ones from yesteryear.

One of the reasons may be due to the fact that the ingredients used have changed and been altered to suit the nature of the business these days where it is required for the cookies to have an extended shelf-life, and of course, cost.

While this is all good, and it helps create some awareness of some of the long-forgotten cookies, we can’t help but yearn and mourn for the loss of the tradition of baking cookies just a few days before Eid, while families come together and gather for the big celebration.


Perhaps in this fast-paced world, we compromise on tradition in favour of speed and convenience. However, of late, there are still a few people who try and uphold the old traditions, and hopefully this practice will catch on and be a ‘trend’ amongst the newer generation who might be interested in reviving and maintaining a bit of their cultural heritage.



10 Tempat Pelancongan Mesra Kanak-Kanak dan Pelajar di Melaka

Melaka mungkin kelihatan seperti laman bersejarah dan syurga makanan, yang mungkin membosankan kepada anak-anak, tetapi terdapat banyak tempat yang mesra kanak-kanak juga. Kami telah mengumpulkan senarai 10 tempat yang paling mesra kanak-kanak di Melaka untuk memastikan anda dan anak-anak anda bersenang-senang di sini.

Rumah Mamee Jonker Street

Sumber Gambar )
Photo Source ) Salah satu tempat yang paling mesra kanak-kanak di Melaka ialah Mamee Jonker House yang terletak di Jonker Street. Lantai bawah terdiri daripada tiga bahagian yang merupakan sudut perniagaan Mamee, Muzium Mamee dan Mamee Cafe. Lantai pertama adalah untuk bengkel tangan. Beberapa aktiviti menarik yang boleh anda lakukan dengan anak-anak anda di sini termasuk makan di Mamee Cafe dan membuat snek mi Mamee Monster anda sendiri. Lokasi: No. 46 & 48, Jalan Hang Jebat (Jonker Street), 75200 Melaka ( Google Maps ) Waktu Pembukaan: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM (Isnin-Khamis), 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM (Jumaat-Ahad) Nombor Telefon: + 606-2867666

Melaka River Cruise

Sumber Gambar )
Photo Source ) Melaka River Cruise adalah salah satu tarikan pelancong utama di Melaka yang mana dapat dilihat oleh keindahan Melaka oleh sungai. Pelayaran ini menawarkan perjalanan bot selama 45 minit di sungai Melaka dan memberikan pelawat ke pemandangan bandaraya eksklusif dalam bot-bot yang selamat dan selesa. Lokasi: Jalan Laksamana, 75000 Melaka. ( Peta Google ) Waktu Pembukaan: 9:00 pagi – 11:30 malam Bayaran masuk:  Tempatan: RM13 (Dewasa), RM6.50 (Kanak-Kanak Tempatan) Warga asing: RM18 (Dewasa), RM10 (Kanak-kanak) Nombor Telefon: + 606-2814322 / + 606-2814323

Muzium Maritim Melaka

Sumber Gambar )
Photo Source ) Sekiranya anda belum berada di kapal Abad ke-16, anda mungkin mengalaminya di Muzium Maritim Melaka yang terletak di seberang Medan Samudera dan berdekatan dengan Stadthuys. Ini adalah replika kapal Portugis yang tenggelam di pantai Melaka ketika dalam perjalanan ke Portugal. Bawa anak-anak anda bersama-sama ke muzium ini dan biarkan mereka bersenang-senang memanjat dek dek replika Flor de la Mar. Lokasi: Jalan Merdeka, Bandar Hilir, 75000 Melaka ( Google Maps ) Waktu Pembukaan: 9:00 pagi – 5:30 petang (Isnin-Jumaat), 9:00 pagi – 9:00 petang (Hujung minggu) Bayaran masuk: RM3 (Dewasa), RM1 (Kanak-kanak & Pelajar) Nombor Telefon: + 606-2830926

Melaka Funland

Sumber Gambar )
Photo Source ) Melaka Funland menawarkan aktiviti menarik yang sesuai untuk membawa anak-anak dan ikatan keluarga anda untuk percutian hujung minggu anda. Ia juga merupakan tempat yang dapat memberi inspirasi kepada anak-anak anda untuk belajar melalui pelbagai tema dan aktiviti yang ditawarkan oleh tempat ini. Kawasan tema termasuk Fantasy Aquarium, Zoo Maya, Hunt Treasure, Lantai Interaktif, Seni Magic 3D, Penggali Kanak-kanak dan Maze Cermin Mirror. Lokasi: 95, Jalan Parameswara, 75000 Melaka ( Google Maps ) Waktu Pembukaan: 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM (Isnin-Khamis), 10:00 AM – 9:00 PM (Jumaat-Ahad) Bayaran masuk:  Tempatan: RM25 (Dewasa), RM20 (Kanak-kanak), RM15 (OKU) Asing: RM30 (Dewasa), RM25 (Kanak-kanak), RM20 (OKU) Nombor Telefon: + 606-2813133

Pirate Adventure Park

Sumber Gambar )
Photo Source ) Pengembaraan Pirate terletak di tengah kota Melaka dan berada di belakang pusat membeli-belah Dataran Pahlawan. Di sini, anak anda akan mempunyai peluang untuk bertukar menjadi lanun untuk hari di mana mereka akan melalui enam tahap perjalanan yang mencabar untuk mencari harta karun. Enam tahap termasuk pertempuran untuk pantai dan kapal anda, menavigasi hutan yang gelap dan lembab, menggosok harta karun yang akan anda lalui oleh setiap penjara, memukul di bawah landasan, serangan sotong, dan akhirnya meraikan pengembaraan hebat anda di kedai cenderamata . Lokasi: Jalan Parameswara, Bandar Hilir, Melaka. ( Peta Google ) Waktu Pembukaan: 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM Bayaran masuk:  Tempatan: RM23 (Dewasa), RM17 (Kanak-kanak), RM17 (Warga Emas) Warga asing: RM28 (Dewasa), RM23 (Kanak-kanak), RM28 (Warga Emas) Nombor Telefon: + 6012-2669374

The Shore Oceanarium

Sumber Gambar )
Photo Source ) The Shore Oceanarium terletak di dalam The Shore Mall sama seperti skala yang lebih kecil daripada The Aquaria di KLCC .. Ia adalah tempat yang menyeronokkan dan pendidikan untuk membawa anak-anak anda dan ia juga menyeronokkan untuk orang dewasa. Acara menarik di lautan ini termasuk Pool Touch Interaktif, Quest Jungle, Ocean Journey & 3D Ocean Theatre, River Story, dan Kampung Penyu. Lokasi:  Jalan Persisiran Bunga Raya, Kampung Bunga Paya Pantai, 75100 Melaka ( Google Maps ) Waktu Pembukaan:  10:30 pagi – 9:00 malam Bayaran Masuk:  RM33 (Dewasa), RM23.50 (Kanak-kanak & Warga Emas) Nombor Telefon:  + 06-2829966

Melaka Wonderland

Sumber Gambar )
Photo Source ) Melaka Wonderland adalah satu tarikan terkenal bagi pelancong tempatan dan luar negara. Ia adalah pengalaman taman air lengkap yang sesuai untuk keluarga, anak-anak, anak-anak dan pencari keseronokan. Walaupun ia bukan taman air berskala besar, ia mempunyai cukup banyak air untuk menjaga anda dan anak-anak anda dilayan. Tempat-tempat tarikan air teratas termasuk Tornado Chaser, Kamikaze Racer, 1 Big Wave Pool, dan Adventure Island. Lokasi:  Lot PT17178, Lebuh Ayer Keroh, Hang Tuah Jaya, 75450 Ayer Keroh, Melaka ( Google Maps ) Waktu Pembukaan:  11:00 AM – 7:00 PM Bayaran masuk:  Tempatan: RM36 (Dewasa), RM29 (Kanak-kanak), RM22.50 (Warga Emas / OKU) Warga asing: RM47 (Dewasa), RM40.50 (Kanak-kanak), RM25 (Warga Emas / OKU) Nombor Telefon:  + 606-2313333

Taman Mini Malaysia

Sumber Gambar )
Photo Source ) Mini Malaysia & Taman Budaya ASEAN akan menarik perhatian anda dengan replika menarik mereka dari rumah tradisional Malaysia dan ASEAN. Ia terletak di Ayer Keroh dan ia mempamerkan rumah-rumah yang mewakili 13 negeri di Malaysia. Ia adalah tempat yang bagus untuk keluarga, dan anak-anak akan mendapat peluang untuk belajar bagaimana untuk bermain permainan Melayu tradisional seperti congkak dan banyak lagi. Lokasi:  Lebuh Ayer Keroh, 75450 Ayer Keroh, Melaka ( Google Maps ) Waktu Pembukaan:  9:00 pagi – 5:00 petang Bayaran Masuk:  RM18 (Dewasa), RM10 (Anak), RM12 (Pelajar) Nombor Telefon:  + 606-2349988

Zoo Melaka

Sumber Gambar )
Photo Source ) Zoo Melaka terletak di Ayer Keroh dan mempunyai lebih daripada 1200 spesies 200 spesies. Jangan lupa membawa anak-anak anda bersama dan nikmati haiwan dalam kehidupan sebenar. Bagi mereka yang mempunyai bayi atau kanak-kanak kecil, stesen boleh didapati untuk sewa hanya RM10 untuk sepanjang hari. Lokasi:  Jalan Hang Tuah Jaya, Ayer Keroh, 75450 Melaka ( Google Maps ) Waktu Pembukaan:  9:00 pagi – 6:00 petang (Isnin-Sun); 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM, 8:00 PM – 11:00 PM (Jumaat & Sabtu) Bayaran masuk:  Tempatan: RM17.80 (Dewasa), RM7.10 (Kanak-kanak & Warga Emas) Warga asing: RM23.70 (Dewasa), RM17.80 (Kanak-kanak) Nombor Telefon:  + 606-2325859

Muzium Seni Magic

Sumber Gambar )
Photo Source ) Muzium Seni Magic Melaka terletak dengan strategik berhampiran Bayou Lagoon Park Resort dan hanya kira-kira 10 – 20 minit dari tempat tarikan pelancong di Melaka seperti Jonker Street dan banyak lagi. Apabila anda berada di sini, anda akan mengalami lukisan 3D unik dan hebat di mana pelawat boleh berada di tempat kejadian dan menangkap beberapa gambar yang tidak dapat dilupakan sama ada dengan air terjun yang hebat, gurita yang ganjil, beruang kutub tidur, atau lebih. Muzium 3D ini mempunyai beberapa tema seni utama yang termasuk Dunia Bawah Laut, Mesir, Pengembaraan, Dunia Ais dan pasti akan menghiburkan anda dan orang tersayang anda. Lokasi: G13, G15, G16, Bayou Square, Jalan Wakaf Utama, 75450 Bukit Katil Melaka ( Google Maps ) Waktu Pembukaan:  10:00 AM – 7:00 PM (Isnin-Jumaat), 9:00 pagi – 9:00 petang (Sabtu & Minggu) Bayaran masuk:  Tempatan: RM22 (Dewasa), RM18 (Kanak-kanak) Warga asing: RM28 (Dewasa), RM22 (Kanak-kanak) Nombor Telefon:  + 606-2311604

Berikut merupakan beberapa pilihan homestay Melaka untuk keluarga kecil sehingga keluarga besar dan ramai serta anda yang sedang merancang program rombongan pelajar bagi sekolah;

Homestay Taman Pokok Mangga No. 1

Homestay Melaka Taman Pokok Mangga 1 terletak di Taman Pokok Mangga, Melaka. Untuk yang tidak pasti di mana Taman Taman Pokok Mangga, ianya terletak di Malim – Pokok Mangga dan dekat dengan Plaza Pandan Malim, Dewan Balairong dan Politeknik Kota Melaka . Selain itu, ianya cuma 10 minit dengan kereta ke bandar Melaka dan pelbagai tempat menarik untuk dilawati yang lain termasuklah A Famosa, Bangunan Merah, Muzium Kapal, Klebang dan macam-macam lagi! Boleh memuatkan sehingga 9 orang tetamu, Homestay Melaka Taman Pokok Mangga 1 adalah antara homestay popular ditempah pengunjung yang melawat Melaka. Ruang laman yang luas dan ada Gazebo.

Homestay besar 3 bilik (2 berhawa dingin). Selesa untuk 9 – 11 orang. Ruang tamu & parkir besar, Astro, dapur dan meja makan. Sesuai untuk keluarga.

Alamat:  No 1, Jalan Taman Pokok Mangga 23, Taman Pokok Mangga, 75250 Melaka Harga :  Dari RM 180 – RM 250 semalam Bilangan Tetamu  : 9 – 11 orang termasuk kanak-kanak Telefon & Whatsapp:013-2987378

Homestay Taman Pokok Mangga No. 3

Homestay Melaka Taman Pokok Mangga No 3 terletak di Taman Pokok Mangga, Melaka dan bersebelahan dengan Homestay Melaka Taman Pokok Mangga No 1 . Untuk yang tidak pasti di mana Taman Taman Pokok Mangga, ianya terletak di Malim – Pokok Mangga dan dekat dengan Plaza Pandan Malim, Dewan Balairong dan Politeknik Kota Melaka. Selain itu, ianya cuma 10 minit dengan kereta ke bandar Melaka dan pelbagai tempat menarik untuk dilawati yang lain termasuklah A Famosa, Bangunan Merah, Muzium Kapal, Klebang dan macam-macam lagi! Boleh memuatkan sehingga 9 orang tetamu, Homestay Melaka Taman Pokok Mangga 3 juga adalah antara homestay popular ditempah pengunjung yang melawat Melaka. Homestay besar 3 bilik (2 berhawa dingin). Selesa untuk 9 – 11 orang. Ruang tamu & parkir besar, Astro, dapur dan meja makan. Sesuai untuk keluarga.

Kalau combinekan antara Homestay Melaka Taman Pokok Mangga No 1 dan Homestay Melaka Taman Pokok Mangga No 3 membolehkan keluarga yang lebih besar menginap seramai 18 – 22 orang termasuk kanak-kanak.

Alamat:  No 1, Jalan Taman Pokok Mangga 23, Taman Pokok Mangga, 75250 Melaka Harga :  Dari RM 160 – RM 220 semalam Bilangan Tetamu  : 9 -11 orang termasuk kanak-kanak Telefon & Whatsapp: 013-2987378

Homestay Melaka Taman Limbongan Permai

Homestay Melaka Limbongan Permai terletak di Taman Limbongan Permai, Limbonga. Untuk yang tidak pasti di mana Taman Limbongan Permai, ianya terletak di Tengkera – Limbongan dan dekat dengan Mee Hassan (Mee Bodo dan Kuih Keria Limbongan. Selain itu, ianya cuma 10 minit dengan kereta ke bandar Melaka dan pelbagai tempat menarik untuk dilawati yang lain termasuklah A Famosa, Bangunan Merah, Musium Kapal, Klebang dan macam-macam lagi! Boleh memuatkan sehingga 9 orang tetamu, Homestay Melaka Taman Pokok Mangga 3 juga adalah antara homestay popular ditempah pengunjung yang melawat Melaka.

Homestay besar 3 bilik semua berhawa dingin. Sangat selesa untuk 9 – 11 orang. Ruang tamu & parkir besar, Digital TV Freeview, dapur dan meja makan. Sesuai untuk keluarga.

Alamat:  No 2, Jalan LP 8, Taman Limbongan Permai, 75200 Melaka Harga :  Dari RM 200 – RM 280 semalam Bilangan Tetamu  : 9 -11 orang termasuk kanak-kanak Telefon & Whatsapp: 013-2987378

Homestay Masam2Manis Melaka

Homestay Melaka Masam2Manis mempunyai 2 buah rumah banglo semi-D bersebelahan bercirikan rumah melaka yang terletak di Taman Pandan Jaya, Melaka. Untuk yang tidak pasti di mana Pandan Jaya, ianya terletak di Lorong Pandan dan dekat dengan Mee Hassan (Mee Bodo dan Kuih Keria Limbongan. Selain itu, ianya cuma 10 minit dengan kereta ke bandar Melaka dan pelbagai tempat menarik untuk dilawati yang lain termasuklah A Famosa, Bangunan Merah, Musium Kapal, Klebang dan macam-macam lagi!

Homestay besar 4 bilik berhawa dingin. Selesa untuk 9 – 14 orang. Ruang tamu & parkir besar, Astro, dapur dan meja makan. Sesuai untuk keluarga besar.

Kalau combinekan tempahan untuk 2 buah rumah membolehkan keluarga yang lebih besar menginap seramai 18 – 28 orang dewasa termasuk kanak-kanak.

Alamat: No 3, Jalan Pandan Jaya 1/17, Taman Pandan Jaya, Lorong Pandan, 75250 Melaka Harga :  Dari RM 350 – RM 400 semalam bagi sebuah rumah Bilangan Tetamu  : 9 -14 orang dewasa termasuk kanak-kanak (sebuah rumah) 18 – 28 orang dewasa termasuk kanak-kanak (2 buah rumah) Telefon & Whatsapp: 013-2987378

INDAH Kembara Homestay Melaka

Nak buat gathering ramai-ramai yang sangat dekat dengan kota dan tempah pelancongan ? Kami cadangkan anda cuba menginap di INDAH Kembara Homestay Melaka yang terletak di Taman Limbongan Jaya. Jika nak tau dimana, ia terletak di tengah-tengah diantara Bandar Melaka dan Klebang. Ia juga sangat dekat pusat pelancongan dan lokasi makanan viral. Selain mempunyai swimming pool, homestay ini juga menawarkan BBQ, Bilik Seminar dan tempak letak kerata yang luas termasuk untuk bas. Jadi homestay ini sangat sesuai jika anda ingin mengadakan hari keluarga, kem motivasi, rombongan atau percutian hujung minggu bersama keluarga.

INDAH Kembarah Homestay Melaka mempunyai banyak jenis penginapan berhawa dingin antaranya 4 unit Homestay 3 Bilik, 6 unit Homestay 2 Bilik dan 2 unit Studio. mempunyai 2 buah asrama setiap satunya berkapasiti 16 – 18 orang berhawa dingin.

Kolam renang kanak-kanak pun ada

Jika anda bersama keluarga yang besar anda boleh mengambil beberapa unit homestay dengan kadar harga yang istimewa.

Jika anda membawa rombongan yang besar, janganlah risau kerana INDAH Kembara Homestay Melaka boleh menampung kapasiti penginapan sehingga 3 buah bas (120 orang).

Berikut adalah penginapan yang disediakan di INDAH Kembara Homestay Melaka;
Homestay Studio
Homestay Deluxe 2 Bilik
Homesaty Premier 3 Bilik
2 unit asrama berkapasiti 16 – 20 orang
Alamat:  No 46, Jalan LJ1, Taman Limbongan Jaya, 75200 Klebang Melaka. Telefon & Whatsapp: 019-8807388 Laman Web:

Bilangan Tetamu  :

Boleh di ‘ combine’ kan unit-unit homestay ini.

Homestay Studio : 4 -6 orang termasuk kanak-kanak (ada 2 unit)

Homestay Deluxe 2 Bilik: 5 – 6 orang termasuk kanak-kanak (ada 6 unit)

Homestay Premier 3 Bilik: 7 – 9 orang termasuk kanak-kanak (ada 4 unit)

Homestay Super Premier 5 Bilik: 13 – 15 orang termasuk kanak-kanak (ada 2 unit)

Asrama: 16 -20 orang (ada 2 unit)

Tourism Malaysia

Bohey Dulang – A Piece of Heaven

The breathtaking wonders of the waters of Sabah in undeniable. And now, you can add Bohey Dulang to your bucket list!


The island is one of the eight islands within the Tun Sakaran Marine Park, and what stands out here is the 300m peak which offers the most amazing view!


Bohey Dulang is a mountainous island formed by the remnants of an ancient volcano, and is separated from Bodgaya, the biggest island, by a shallow channel. The crater forming Bohey Dulang itself is now flooded with seawater creating a majestic, beautiful 25m-deep lagoon, with a long stretch of coral reef along the southern rim of the crater.

To get there, one will have to make way to Semporna, and from there, take a 20-minute boat ride to the island.

Things to do:

Besides snorkeling and diving, other things to do here include:

The hike WILL be rather challenging but be prepared to be properly rewarded by a host of flora and fauna along the trail to the peak. Breathtaking views of the sparkling blue waters and lush greenery will definitely make it worth your while!

If you are a bird lover, the area is a paradise for birdwatchers where species including black-naped fruit doves, owls, hornbills, partridges and babblers roam the area freely.

Bajau Laut (Sea Gypsies) settlements
The area and its surroundings are also known for its population of Sea Gypsies, and visitors are always welcomed.

Giant Clam and Marine Invertebrate Hatchery

If you like, you could also visit the Tun Sakaran Marine Research Unit’s Giant Clam and Marine Invertebrate Hatchery, where rare giant clams are bred.