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Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur International Airport Malaysia

KLIA – Kuala Lumpur International Airport Malaysia Bird Eye View

Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) is without doubt is a travel destination in itself, this is because here you will be able to find all that you need for business, entertainment and even relaxation. With the concept of efficiency, competitiveness and the desire to become the world-class airport hub in mind thus KLIA was conceived.

The airport replaced the previous Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah International Airport located in Subang as the main gateway into the nation. KLIA is an airport that is equipped with the state of the art facilities to provide the passengers with comfort and convenience that they will find at any world class airport of such capacity.

The person that was responsible for the design of KLIA was handled by renowned Japanese architect Kisho Kurokawa. The airport is regarded as one of the most sophisticated as well as modern airports in the Asian Pacific region.

When you visit the airport you can see for yourself how the construction of the building has blended beautifully with the culture of Malaysia creating a truly spectacular architectural wonder. Themes of modernization and advancement can be found all throughout the airport but the theme which is the most important of all – Malaysia’s cultural identity is also not left out.

Kuala Lumpur International Airport KLIA

Kuala Lumpur International Airport KLIA

KLIA is built on one of the world’s largest construction site which is about 10, 000 hectares or equivalent to 25, 000 acres of land which also makes the airport one of the largest sites in the world. The entire project cost about US$3.5 billion and commenced full commercial operations on June 28, 1998. It was completed in a record of four and a half years that had a rotation of workers with round the clock construction force.

With an international workforce of 25, 000 people, KLIA became one of the fastest airports ever built and also the largest number of workers that were involved in a single project. This particular area was chosen to build the airport was due to the large size of the land as it could be used for expansion as required in order to meet any present or future air traffic demands.

Besides holding the previously mentioned records, the airport is also home to the world’s tallest airport traffic control tower, the longest baggage conveyor belt system, the biggest column-less hangar as well as the biggest passenger lounge.

There are also incentives provided by the Malaysian Government in order to attract viable investors to the airport to utilize both the commercial and industrial areas located within the vicinity of the airport for mutual benefits of both parties. Even the airport itself is able to provide a variety of opportunities ranging from a range of industries such as hospitality and recreational services.

Currently in the planning stage is the Free Zone which is comprised of the Free Commercial Zone and a Free Industrial Zone that will allow the companies to bring in, produce or manufacture just about any item without any form of customs duty, excise duty, sales tax or service tax.

KLIA Express Malaysia

KLIA Express – A Great Way To Travel To Kuala Lumpur International Airport

More Info On Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) :-

KLIA Official Site

KLIA Express – KLIA Ekspres is the fastest, environmentally friendly and most convenient way of travelling to and from Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) and Kuala Lumpur city center.

Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT) KLIA – The Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT) is specifically built at KL International Airport to cater to the growing number of passengers for low-cost airlines, especially the passengers of Malaysia’s first ‘no-frills’ airline, Air Asia.

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Chinese New Year Celebrations in Malaysia

Chinese New Year Decorative Lanterns

Chinese New Year Decorative Lanterns

Chinese New Year festival starts on the first day of the lunar calendar year which is also the first day of the new moon and the festival ends on the 15th day, the last day of the full moon which is also known as Chap Goh Mei.

Usually the celebrations are observed on the first few days and as mentioned on the last day while in Malaysia the first two days are considered public holidays.

Usually the preparations for the festivals will start a month in advance where the people will start buying decorations for the house, new clothes as well as foodstuff. Every inch of the house is cleaned and then it will be adorned with colourful decorations especially in red.

The reunion dinner is the most important occasion of the celebrations which is held on the eve of CNY, this is where the family members who are living close by or from far away will return home for the dinner. In adherence to ‘shou sui’ the family members will stay up all night after the reunion dinner, this is a practice that is said to bring one’s parent longevity. In order to pass the time it is not uncommon for the members of the household to gamble.

The Chinese New Year is ushered in at the stroke of midnight with firecrackers and fireworks, however these items are prohibited in Malaysia but some still manage to get their hands on them. Not only do relatives come to pay visit but in Malaysia it is a common practice for people of other races and religions to be invited as well. However to visit a house during CNY it is essential that you bring mandarin oranges which symbolises wealth or it will be considered disrespectful.

Chinese New Year Ang Pow and Mandarin Orange

Ang Pow and Mandarin orange are important part of Chinese New Year celebrations in Malaysia

Another common practice on this particular day is for the married couples to give the children as well as the adults who are not married money that is inserted into red packets or commonly referred to as ‘ang pow’. The giving of the ang pow signifies that the recipient will enjoy a wealthy and fruitful life.

As with other forms of celebrations, CNY is also a time where some of the taboos and beliefs must be adhered to with some being spiritual in nature. A popular example of such beliefs is on the first day of the New Year where no one is allowed to sweep the floor; the reason for such practice is because the act of sweeping is considered to be unlucky as all the fortune would be swept away.

While sweeping the floor may bring you misfortune, it is believed that the lion will not only bring you good fortune but at the same time ward off evil. That is why the lion dance is such a widely popular tradition and it one of the most spectacular sights during this period. In fact it is so popular that you will not only see it during CNY but also during grand occasions such as the opening of businesses.

And of course there is the final day of CNY known as Chap Goh Mei or also regarded as the Chinese Valentine’s Day where you can see maidens throwing mandarin oranges into the rivers to attract potential suitors.

I would like to wish Happy Chinese Year to my Chinese readers and may the new year of the Tiger will bring more wealth, health and prosperity to us all.


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Valentine’s Day – The Day To Celebrate Love

Valentine Day - The Day To Celebrate Love

Everyone knows that Valentine’s Day is celebrated on the 14th of February each year but does anyone know the history behind it? Yes it is about love but not just between couples, it can also be a day to celebrate with your family especially your parents but primarily it is still a day for lovers to show their affections for one another. In fact, during Valentine’s Day that fell on a leap year – women would be able to propose marriage to their lovers.

The day supposedly got its name from a saint, however there are several stories regarding the true identity of this particular person. The most popular version was that he was a priest that lived in the third century AD in Rome. It was believed that during this time Emperor Claudius II had banned marriage as he thought this made the soldiers weak. Saint Valentine thought this was an unfair act, so he decided to break the rules and helped those that wished to get married.

Unfortunately the emperor discovered what the priest was doing and sentenced him to death, while waiting for his sentence to be carried out he met and fell in love with the jailor’s blind daughter. It was believed that his love and belief in God was what cured the girl’s blindness. On 14th February when he was taken to be executed he sent the girl a love letter signed “from your Valentine’.

Another trivia about the history of Valentine’s Day is regarding what is to be believed the first ever Valentine’s message ever written, it was a poem from Charles Duke of Orleans to his wife in the year 1415. The duke was imprisoned in the Tower of London awaiting his execution after he was captured at the Battle of Agincourt.

These men waited until the final minute to acknowledge their love for their respective partners however you do not have to follow in their footsteps. In a way their deaths has made it possible for millions of people around the world to profess their love to one another.

Technology has made it even more possible for people to express the way they feel such as electronic cards that are sent through the email or even the use of text messages. However it seems that the preferred choice for many is still printed cards.

As time progressed not only were cards used to express one’s feelings but gifts were also used, traditionally it was the men that bought the women items such as the cliché heart shaped chocolates and flowers, usually red coloured roses. Again with modern times, this concept has evolved and now the men and women exchange gifts with one another and it can range from just about anything that the respective partner likes not just candy and flower.

Having said that Valentine’s Day should not be the only day that you show your partner how much you love them, that should be done all year round instead you can make this day more special compared to the other days.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all readers of this blog.

Valentines Day - The Day To Celebrate Love

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Travel To Malaysia

Travel To Malaysia – Truly Asia

If you are planning to take a trip to the Asian region then make sure that you include Malaysia in your travel plans. In fact the country is one of the most pleasant and hassle-free countries compared to the other nations in this region. The centuries of vibrant mix between the Malays, Chinese, and Indians well as the indigenous cultures have created a truly unique and exciting experience not to be missed.

The country is divided into two distinct parts, namely Peninsula Malaysia and East Malaysia. Peninsula Malaysia is basically the long fringe of land that extends down from Asia and is located between the neighbouring countries of Singapore and Thailand. East Malaysia on the other hand is separated from Peninsula Malaysia by the South China Sea and is less populated. However the dense jungle of Sabah and Sarawak supports a variety of flora and fauna. Here you will be able to find the world’s largest flower as well as Mt. Kinabalu, Sabah which is the highest peak in the South East Asian region.

This interesting mix of cultures have also turned Malaysia into a paradise for food lovers as you will be able to try dishes not just from the respective races but also a fusion of flavours, truly a gastronomically experience for all to enjoy. From fine dining at world class restaurants to the local mamak stalls there is definitely something for everybody.

The nation without a doubt is moving towards the future but at the same time Malaysia still embraces its past. Throughout the year, the calendar is marked by various festivals and celebrations from the vast culture that make up this beautiful country. So make sure that you plan your visit well if you want to witness first hand some of the most festive and colourful celebrations ever.

While most of the visitors tend to visit the peninsular, east Malaysia is no slouch when it comes to the travel industry. There are variety of activities each unique to that particular destination, so if you want to truly experience Malaysia as it is then make it a point to visit the whole nation. For example if you want to escape the humidity of the mainland then you can visit the highlands, two of the most popular ones are Genting Highlands and Cameron Highlands. Genting Highlands is not only where you can get fresh and cool air but it is also the only legal casino in Malaysia, while in Cameron Highlands you can see how farming is done on the highlands.

If you are here for the sun and beach then do not worry as Malaysia has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, in fact some of them are located on islands such as Pulau Redang, Pulau Pangkor and many more. For those that want to experience the lifestyles of the traditional Malays then make a stop at the northern Kelantan province where you can witness the culture and enjoy the dishes unique to that area. The point is you will not get bored no matter where you visit in Malaysia.

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Tips for Vegetarian Travellers

How To Travel as a Vegetarian

Being vegetarian has its own benefits. Talk to your vegetarian/vegan friends and they will give you an endless list of reasons why you should be vegetarian. When it comes to travelling, however, vegetarians definitely suffer in comparison. Unless you are a foodie, travelling to a new place might mean you could hate the food and have to go hungry – one of the reasons why some people find travelling stressful.

Most vegetarians end up surviving on soups, fries from Mc Donald’s, ice creams and other beverages especially when they travel to countries which are big meat eaters like a lot of the East Asian countries, USA and Australia. End result – your trip isn’t half as fun as it could have been. If you have chosen to be vegetarian, it most definitely does not mean you need to starve wherever you go; all it needs is some planning and some work on your part.

First, obtain the food habit details of the place you are travelling to. The internet is the answer to most of your problems. You are likely to come across local vegetarian cuisine. As more people turn vegan, many restaurants and hotels are equipping themselves to cater to new needs. Choose a hotel where food to your demands is served. Learn the translation to “vegetarian” and “vegetables” if the place you are heading to does not speak English. Being able to say “No meat” in the vernacular language will help immensely.

If you find that obtaining vegetarian food is going to be difficult, it is always advisable to pack your own food. Some extra particular travellers even carry a small electric cooker, obtain rice or vegetables from the local markets, and cook up their own food wherever they are. Check what local vegetables are available; you might end up cooking something absolutely delicious.

Of course, cereal, toast, fries, fruits, salads, juices, tea, coffee etc are universally available vegetarian foods. If you are happy surviving on these, nothing like it.

Take care to see that you don’t react or make a face if you are served with meat. Do not cringe or tell off someone, or launch into your prepared speech on how bad meat is. When in Rome, live like the Romans, is what they say. Politely refuse the food brought to you and patiently explain your requirement. Not everybody understands vegetarianism, and some cultures consider it extremely rude to refuse food.

You need to help yourself when you are out and about. Plan in advance and make sure you do your research so you enjoy your trip like you should.

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