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Top 10 daytrips around Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur is immeasurable – there is only so many to see, do and explore. Take a day outing around a bustling city of Kuala Lumpur to see a singular filigree of chronological birthright sites and complicated architectural structures and to learn a several lively cultures in Malaysia.

Petronas Twin Towers

petronas twin towers by night

Standing during 452 m tall, a Petronas Twin Towers are among a tallest buildings in a world. The twin towers can be seen from roughly anywhere in a city. The many prestigious selling centre in a country, Suria KLCC, is located during a feet of a towers. More about a Petronas Twin Towers

Menara KL Tower

view from lot10 roof top

The KL Tower also binds a record of a own, ranking as a 4th tallest telecommunications towers in a universe during 421 m tall. Dine in a clouds while enjoying a pretentious perspective of a whole city during a revolving grill located during Level Two of a Tower Head.

Lake Gardens FRIM

fun during frim canopy walk

The jungle is not all petrify in Kuala Lumpur; there is a pacific breakwater of 91.6 hectares of parks and gardens for a relaxing day among nature. The KL Lake Gardens incorporate a National Monument, Carcosa Seri Negara, a deer park, a moth park, a bird park, an orchid garden, a hibiscus garden and a Forest Research Institute of Malaysia (FRIM) that is a timberland haven and investigate hospital (has an extraordinary canopy walkway). More about a Lake Gardens and FRIM

Batu Caves

thaipusam crowds during a batu caves

13 km north of Kuala Lumpur stands Batu Caves, a large limestone outcrop home to Hindu deities. Consisting of 3 categorical caves and a series of smaller ones, a pretentious dedicated place for Hindus in Malaysia is situated atop 272 stairs of stairs along that visitors can see and feed a lot of long-tailed macaque monkeys. More about a Batu Caves


putrajaya square

A revisit to Putrajaya contingency not be missed. It is a new collateral city and executive centre of a Malaysian government, located 25 km south of Kuala Lumpur. The indication garden city facilities a pleasing mix of complicated and informative architectural structures of buildings and bridges, sensuous greenery and delicately cultivated botanical gardens.

Istana Negara

istana negara kings house kuala lumpur

The stately King’s Palace or Istana Negara is a chateau for a Yang diPertuan Agong, a King of Malaysia. The area is fenced adult with dual ensure posts during a front of a embankment where members of a Royal Calvary mount guard. Witness a changing of ensure ceremony, identical to that of Buckingham Palace in London. Although a house is not non-stop to a public, visitors can constraint noted photographs of their revisit to a Istana during a front entrance.

Dataran Merdeka

merdeka block kuala lumpur

Situated during a heart of a city is a Independence Square or Dataran Merdeka where a Malayan dwindle was hoisted for a initial time in a country’s story on Aug 31, 1957, signifying a autonomy of a nation from British rule. As a observance of this event, a 100 m high flagpole, that is a world’s tallest, was erected during a really same spot. Every year on a anniversary of a Independence Day, a impetus is hold here where impetus pasts of several uniformed bodies take place in their full regalia.

National Mosque

national mosque kuala lumpur 2

The National Mosque, that is conjectural to be one of a many pleasing mosques in Southeast Asia, stands conflicting a Kuala Lumpur Railway Station. This singly designed mosque embodies a contemporary countenance of normal Islamic art, calligraphy and ornamentation. Its many distinguished facilities are a umbrella-shaped dome, with 18 points representing a 13 states of Malaysia and a 5 pillars of Islam, and a neat shaft that stands 73 m tall.

Central Market

central marketplace kuala lumpur

Central Market, also famous as Pasar Seni, is a well-renowned birthright site that serves as a Centre for Malaysian Culture, Arts and Handicrafts. It houses countless stalls that sell normal products and an Annex Gallery where internal contemporary humanities are exhibited. Colorful Malaysian normal informative and humanities events as good as informative performances also take place during a Central Market’s outside theatre on weekends. More about a Central Market

Petaling Street

petaling travel marketplace chinatown kuala lumpur

Last though not slightest is another renouned traveller attraction, Petaling Street, that is located only a few mins divided from Central Market. Petaling Street is Kuala Lumpur’s really possess Chinatown. With a clearly oriental atmosphere, Chinatown is a executive place for good bargains, delicious food and a shower adult of all things Oriental in a heart of Kuala Lumpur.


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Wonderful Malaysia

Sri Mahamariamman Temple, Kuala Lumpur

It competence not have occurred to we that a residence of ceremony could be both informative and attention-grabbing during a same time. The Sri Mahamariamman church in Kuala Lumpur is one of a many renouned temples among worshippers and visitors alike. The Sri Mahamariamman church was built in year 1873 by K. Thamboosamy Pillai though was usually non-stop to a open in a 1920s. After withstanding time and elements, a strange structure was transposed with a stream building in 1968. Today, with some-more than a century of history, a Sri Mahamariamman church is a oldest as good as a richest Hindu church in Kuala Lumpur, a collateral city of Malaysia.

sri mahamariamman church kuala lumpur 1

So how does a Sri Mahamariamman church bother your interest? The many conspicuous underline of a church is a structure that is identical to a figure of a tellurian physique with a conduct positioned towards a west and a feet indicating east. The feet are symbolized by a 75-feet high gopuram (monumental tower) hire 5 tiers high. There is an considerable gateway during any tier, any ornate with 228 Hindu deities that are sculpted in a styles of south India. The arch deity, Sri MahaMariamman, is commissioned during a middle sanctum that is a usually opening that faces to a east.

sri mahamariamman church kuala lumpur 2

sri mahamariamman church kuala lumpur 5

The categorical request gymnasium in a church flashy by murals and frescos is another focal indicate for you. The plcae of 3 shrines in a categorical church is roofed by an elaborate detailed dome. In addition, there are 4 smaller shrines dedicated to Lord Ganesha and his brother, Lord Muruga, located around a categorical request hall.

sri mahamariamman church kuala lumpur 3

You could mark a hulk splinter chariot that is also a vital underline during a Hindu festival of Thaipusam. The chariot is brought out from a church when Thaipusam approaches. You competence compensate a revisit to a church on that holy day to see for yourself how a chariot is used to lift a statues of Lord Muruga and his consorts (Valli and Teivayanni) adult to Batu Caves in diminutive hours of a morning. Prayers are charity before to a prolonged possession where devotees insert outrageous carriers (kavadi) to their bodies by hooks and transport a unstable altars with lances trenchant their skins. Other devotees will lift containers containing divert as charity to Lord Muruga. Thaipusam is one festival that never fails to attract extraordinary onlookers who are penetrating to learn and observe Hindu cultures. Another renouned festival that puts a Sri Mahamariamman church in a core of courtesy is Deepavali, a festival of Light.

sri mahamariamman church kuala lumpur 6

sri mahamariamman church kuala lumpur 7

The Sri Mahamariamman church boasts several perplexing design that if we are a photography enthusiast, we could spend a whole day here find capturing shots of several angles and perspectives.

sri mahamariamman church kuala lumpur 4

Nearby attractions

Popular attractions circuitously a Indian church are of march a colourful Petaling Street (Night Day) market, Central Market, Merdeka Square and a equally pleasing Guan Di Chinese Temple (located along a same road, only 40 meters from Sri Mahamariamman).

Opening hours

The church is open daily from 6am until 8.30pm (Friday until 9.30pm, Saturday until 9pm). During special festivals opening hours infrequently differ.

sri mahamariamman church kuala lumpur 8

Entrance fees

Entrance to a church is giveaway of charge. A little price of a few ringgit is charged for storing your boots during a protected place when we are visiting a inside of a temple. Visitors are not authorised in with their boots on.

Contact sum residence Sri Mahamariamman Temple

Jalan Tun H. S. Lee (Jalan Bandar)
50050 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: + 604 263 4941

How to get to a Sri Mahamariamman Temple

The church is located within Chinatown, nearby Petaling Street. If we are entrance by metro, only exit during a Pasar Seni LRT station. From there we have to travel about 50 meters along Jalan Sultan, and afterwards spin left into Jalan Tun H. S. Lee. You will see Sri Mahamariamman on your left side after 50 meters. Jalan Tun H. S. Lee runs together to Petaling Street. Alternatively, we could also take a taxis or a train to your destination, any cab motorist will know a plcae of a temple.

Video Sri Mahamariamman Temple

Map of a Sri Mahamariamman Temple


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Wonderful Malaysia

KL Tower BASE Jump 2012

The world’s many impassioned sporting eventuality – a KL Tower BASE Jump 2012 – is behind in Malaysia this Sep 27th – 30th, during Menara Kuala Lumpur! For those of we who are still unknown with this event, it is a usually central BASE Jump eventuality in a world. BASE jumping is a competition of regulating a parachute to burst from bound objects. B(uilding) A(ntenna) S(pan) E(arth) is an acronym that stands for a 4 categories of objects from that one can jump. The initial BASE Jump in Malaysia was on a 3rd Oct 1999 during Menara Kuala Lumpur.

More than 100 general BASE jumpers will be showcasing stirring acts for a visitors of Menara Kuala Lumpur. Professionals from 20 countries collected for a eventuality to play themselves into a sky before parachuting down to earth during a event. Come and watch these daredevils take a dive from a tip of KL Tower. Let’s usually wish they don’t forget a chute. This eventuality has turn a ‘must attend’ sports accommodate for a tip names in a universe of B.A.S.E (Building, Antenna, Span and Earth) Jumping and Skydiving.

Once again, Menara Kuala Lumpur is charity disdainful tickets to a Open Deck in and with a jump. we adore all about this competition as it is fun knowledge not to be missed to watch a jumpers ready themselves for their burst off a tip of one of a tallest towers in a world. Visit a Menara KL Tower website for some-more information.

kl building bottom burst 2012

Contact details

Menara Kuala Lumpur
No. 2 Jalan Punchak Off Jalan P.Ramlee
50250 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603 2020 5444
Fax: +603 2098 7001
Email: [email protected]

How to get to Menara KL

Getting to Menara KL is easy, as a building is located right in a center of Kuala Lumpur City Center. From many hotels in this area it is usually a brief travel to get to a bottom of Bukit Nanas, on that Menara KL is built. Menara KL is located nearby dual LRT stations; Dang Wangi LRT Station and Bukit Nanas Monorail Station. The pathway adult to Bukit Nanas is located along Jalan Sultan Ismail. To get to a Tower entrance, we will have to do a brief though high stand so we are substantially improved off by holding a cab from your hotel to a attraction. On a approach behind we can buy a bound cost cab sheet from a cab counter.

Video BASE jumping from Menara KL

Map of Menara KL


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Merdeka Day

What is there to do in Malaysia during Merdeka Day? What is a place to be in Kuala Lumpur?

The 31st of Aug is a date that bears a good stress to all Malaysians. During a month of August, a Malaysian dwindle famous locally as a ‘Jalur Gemilang’ which, loosely translated, means Stripes of Glory, can be seen literally everywhere be it on a lamppost, on tip of a car, fluttering in a hands of nationalistic Malaysian children and so forth. This anniversary arise in a nation’s adore for a nation is attributed utterly apparently to a autonomy of Malaysia and a 31st of Aug is fondly referred to by all Malaysians as Hari Merdeka; a day a country’s initial Prime Minister, Tunku Abdul Rahman, commemorated a autonomy of a Federation of Malaya approach behind in 1957. More than half a century on, it is customarily healthy for such a poignant date to still be remembered and this time of a year is also a pleasure to locals and tourists comparison as Hari Merdeka prompts a gratifying suggestion that decorates a nation with smashing displays of enlightenment and tradition in a form of several open events and celebrations orderly all opposite a country.

malaysian automobile with flag

Malaysia is famous for a many festivities that come with a multicultural multitude and Malaysians are not a kind to bashful divided from celebration. Hence, Merdeka, like any other inhabitant holiday or gratifying season, is a colorful and gratifying time whereby a streets will be strewn with all sorts of patriotically prone events generally in some-more executive areas such as categorical townships and of march a collateral itself, Kuala Lumpur. The buildup to Merdeka Day is customarily really visual, with decorations, mostly involving a Malaysian flag, gracing a exteriors and really expected a interiors of roughly each building in a country. The flashiest and many elaborate decorations in and with Merdeka can be found within a country’s many selling malls and this fundamentally relates to many festivities distinguished in Malaysia. Quite simply, a attainment of Hari Merdeka is one of those times that adds a visible aptitude to a already engaging bland backdrop of a colorful country.

merdeka block independance dwindle malaysia

Like roughly anywhere in a world, a children of Malaysia are nurtured to be patriotically prone from a belligerent adult and when Merdeka comes around, these efforts naturally feature and this is nonetheless another materialisation understandable from a normal Malaysian street. Weeks before a day arrives, copiousness of activities will take place for a Malaysian immature that operation from cranky nation events to performances such as concerts or competitions orderly analogous to a thesis of Malaysia’s independence. These activities are customarily orderly in open that would concede a internal community, passersby and tourists comparison to all soak adult a nationalistic atmosphere channeled by a era of tomorrow.

merdeka block malaysia

It is customarily wise that a prominence of Merdeka takes place on a day of a stipulation itself. On a 31st of August, all Malaysian states will classify a internal Merdeka Parade. Among those who attend in this march are supervision services such as a military, a military force, naval army and so forth. It is also really common to see propagandize children participating; another pointer of how a nation’s younger era takes honour in a autonomy of a country. From an audience’s indicate of view, a eyeglasses to demeanour out for in these parades would be a pleasing floats that are a contingency each time Merdeka comes around. The categorical events of these inhabitant parades customarily take place during night whereby a array of on-stage performances are orderly to finish a poignant day on a high note. It is hackneyed for internal celebrities to attend in these events annually. Every year, several states take turns in organizing a inhabitant march that would customarily manage a assemblage of a country’s Prime Minister and a Sultan among many other high form attendees. On a ubiquitous note however, a flagship march is apparently a one that takes place in a capital, Kuala Lumpur as a plcae where this takes place, Merdeka Square, is a really plcae a word ‘Merdeka’ was chanted 7 times by Tunku Abdul Rahman himself in 1957, signifying a new commencement for a Federation of Malaya; a new commencement that led to Malaysia as we know it today.

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