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Shades of NAKKEERAN Concert

January 21, 2012 during 12:00 pm

There will be a provide for all Tamil strain fans come 28th Jan 2012 during Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (klpac) during Sentul Park. Nakkeeran is a Malaysian singer, strain composer and songwriter who now lives nearby London. This gifted thespian has been singing Tamil songs from a really immature age. He recently gained celebrity after his opening in a radio talent query called ‘Vaanavil Paadal Thiran Potti’, organized by Vaanavil channel of ASTRO. He fast became a domicile name after reaching a finals in a talent uncover and is still remembered for his performances by many even today.

Shades of NAKKEERAN Concert will be function during klpac on 28th Jan 2012

Nakkeeran expelled his initial singular called ‘Thirumanam’ (Wedding) in 2008 and his entrance manuscript in 2010 was called ‘Shades of Nakkeeran’. Fans can now locate his famous hits such as Chellame (Dearest), Kanave (Dreams), Elunthidu (Rise Up) and other new songs specifically created for this concert. This dual hour unison will also embody a fan accommodate and hail event after a concert. Tickets are labelled during RM 30 / RM 40 / RM 50. There is also a graduation where for each 5 tickets purchased, one sheet will be free. 50% of a concert’s increase will be offering to dual comparison Tamil schools that is in apocalyptic need of financial assistance. Concert is scheduled during 6.30 pm and will be hold during Pentas 1, klpac during Sentul Park. For some-more information, greatfully call 03 4047 9000 or record on to a website here.

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Tourism Malaysia

Tamilselvi Doesn’t Speak Tamil

January 13, 2012 during 3:00 pm

Ada udang, ada garam
Banyak orang, banyak ragam

The Malay motto above fundamentally means that in this charming world, there are many forms of people with many forms of behaviour. There are those who feel unapproachable of their mom tongue and will not demur to promulgate in it as most as they can. There are also others who, yet they are familiar in their mom tongue, opt to NOT inverse in it no matter what a conditions is due to their possess reasons or beliefs.

Tamilselvi Doesn’t Speak Tamil will be on during Indicine, klpac from 14th to 15th Jan 2012

Tamilselvi, a Tamil prepared Tamil, is one such person. Though she can pronounce her mom tongue, she positively refuses to pronounce a word of Tamil and wants zero to do with it! If we know someone who is like Tamilselvi and mostly consternation because they do it, afterwards come and locate ‘Tamilselvi Doesn’t Speak Tamil‘, a stand-up comedy presented by The Actors Studio. This event is not usually about Tamil; it is also about a Malayalams, Telugus, Punjabis, Hindis… about all INDIANS in general. It will exhibit SOME secrets about Indians. It looks during a opinion of some Indians towards their mom tongue, their adore for a English denunciation and for some die tough Indians, their hatred towards those who pronounce usually English.

Tamilselvi Doesn’t Speak Tamil‘ is a stand-up comedy that pokes fun during some Indians. It is written, destined and constructed by an English entertainment activist, Morgan. The uncover is scheduled to perform on a 14th 15th Jan 2012 during these times – 12.00 pm, 4.00 pm and 8.00 pm. It will be hold during Indicine, klpac @ Sentul Park and tickets are labelled during RM 28 for adults and RM 18 for students, comparison adults and disabled. For some-more information, greatfully call 03 2142 2009 / 2143 2009 or 03 4047 9000.

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Monster Series II: duoduo, a small monster

January 11, 2012 during 5:30 pm

Monster Series II: duoduo, a small monster‘ is a story about a child named Dong Dong. Being a usually child, Dong Dong became a centre of courtesy for his relatives and as a result, he became a spoilt child. All he indispensable to do to get whatever it is that he wanted to was to snap his fingers.

Things start to change when his mom gave birth to his baby sister. Suddenly, everyone’s courtesy seemed to be destined during a baby. Dong Dong solemnly finds himself descending out of foster and feeling lonely. Will he select to resent his baby sister for holding divided his share of a attention, or will he grow out of it and step adult to a plea of being a amatory and protecting large hermit to his sister?

Dong Dong is not feeling happy since everyone’s courtesy is now on his baby sister

This children’s play is presented to by The Actors Studio Academy @ klpac and Noise Performance House. It is destined by Jason Ong and will see some-more than 5 ADA Drama Awards winners holding partial in a drama. This play will start display from 13th compartment 15th Jan 2012 during Pentas 2, Ground Floor, The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre in Sentul Park. Performance schedules are as below:

13th Jan 2012 during 8.30 pm
14th Jan 2012 during 3.00 pm AND 8.30 pm
15th Jan 2012 during 11.00 am AND 3.00 pm

Tickets are labelled during RM 25 for adults and RM 15 for students and children next 12 years of age, TAS Card Members, a infirm and comparison citizens. The opening will be conducted in Mandarin with English surtitles. For some-more information, greatfully call klpac during 03 4047 9000 or The Actors Studio during Lot 10 during 03 2142 2009 / 2143 2009.

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